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[EDIT] I am so sorry about all the images. Photobucket decided to revoke all external sharing, so all the images are dead. It makes me sad too, but I'm not going to hunt down and reupload every picture. The mod is dead, so there wouldn't be much point.

Mossflower Country and the surrounding lands and islands are in a time of terrible upheaval and violence! The bands of corsairs that frequent the Western shores have grown in number and their inland incursions have become bold and reckless. The Mountain Fortress of Salamandastron, guarded by the mighty Badger Lord and his fighting hares of the Long Patrol, stands strong against the searat onslaught, protecting the Eastern lands from violence and war. However, with the unification of the Juska Tribes under the leadership of Zann Uthraka Ton, the weight of Vermin attacks may be too much to bear. As a response, the usually peaceful mice of Redwall Abbey have joined the fray, transforming green-robed novices into determined fighters. Goodbeasts and Vermin alike are forced to take up arms in the struggle that threatens to engulf the land.

Troop Trees:
Leveret Hare --> Salamandastron Recruit --> Fighting Hare -->  Hare Lance Corporal --> Hare Sergeant
(Knife, Stick)      (Practice Sword, Dagger)    (S-Sword,Javelin)  (Lance, Saber, Buckler)  (Sergeant's Lance, Badgerforged Saber, Buckler)
                                                                              \                                \
                                                                              \                  Long Patrol Galloper --> Long Patrol Corporal --> Long Patrol Master Sergeant
                                                                                \              (Sling, Saber)                (Pike, Longsword)          (Sergeant's Pike, Badgerforged Longsword)
                                                                    Hare Skirmisher -->      Hare Archer -->              Hare Sharpshooter 
                                                                    (S-Sword, Short Bow)  (S-Sword, Strong Bow)  (Sword, Longbow)

Leveret Doe --> Haremaid --> Fighting Doe --> Swordmaid -->                      Doe Duelist
(knife, stick)      (Pr Sword)      (Rapier)            (imod_good Rapier, buckler) (Elegant Rapier, Buckler)

Apprentice Modeling:
(These images will be updated as items are completed by the Apprentice team)


Redwall Abbey

Saint Ninians

This will change dramatically as we add more factions.

Mandible – team leader, modeler, texturer
Diaymo/Marsleader- 2D Artist
Jezze - Coder
Jimmy3LT - rigger (also hare modeler)
Lord Drake – writer & apprentice modeler
Demonwolf - modeler
Crazy Viking – writer
Ragarr_OotL (Ragarr and Gerard) - Artwork


[URL=http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,141589.0.html][IMG]http://i50.tinypic.com/15gdw1h.png[img width=409 height=200][/IMG]



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Redwall: Vermin Resurgence is a rebirth of the Redwall Mod under new leadership.

Planned Features:
This is a mod based on Brian Jaques' Redwall novels, a world in which small woodland animals battle each other for freedom, justice and power. My hope is that it will be a convincing world full of recognizable locations from the books and similar character archetypes.
New Map
Map will be replaced with a map of Mossflower
New Creatures
This mod will include the full replacement of humans with animals. Final version should include mice, squirrels, moles, hedgehogs, otters, shrews, hares, badgers, rats, weasels, stoats, ferrets, foxes, wildcats, lizards and toads.
First release will include Mice, Rats, Weasels and Hares.
Four major factions (for now) with complex troop trees. Most of these factions will eventually consist of multiple species fighting together. The system will be that each faction will have a base troop type with the rest of their army made up of secondary troops. So for the Juska, their base troop is made up of weasel warriors. Their secondary troops, however, are made up of ferrets, stoats, rats and foxes. These secondary creatures will have short, non-branching troop trees.
Dynamic Quests and Companion interaction.
The quests will depend on the player species, level, honor rating, companion relationships and army composition, ensuring that the quests will be exciting and dynamic. Companions will have quests attached to them and keeping them happy will be more important than ever.
New abilities available for certain creatures. Weasel Assassins, Mousethieves, Stoat Press Gangs, Foragers, Trackers, Trainers, Medics, Seers... Your army will include many exciting specialists.
New Options for Sieges
Infiltration, sabotage, poison, multiple angles of attack... Will you assault the fortress head-on, or take a picked body of troops along on a stealth mission first? The choices are yours.


Q: Can we include my favorite character? A: No. This story takes in the future after all of the past Redwall heroes and villains have died. You will certainly find connections to the past, but this is a new story for a new age.

Q: Is this for Warband? A: Yes. Yes it is. Thanks for asking. Now never do it again.

Q: Can I help?  A: I don't know, can you? If so, then YES! Please do. We need skilled coders, modelers and texturers as much as any other mod. We have a surprisingly large “Research and idea generators, so unless you have some particularly brilliant suggestions, we probably don't need a lot more of them.

Q: And the ever popular: When will this be released? A:No one  knows. I will try to facilitate several playable Beta releases as new content is created and implemented but this project will very likely take several years.

Help is needed and appreciated. So far, 90% of the content has been made by me and this will obviously take very long if it remains this way. If you have no skills, why not use this mod as a chance to gain some?
There are several small issues that need technical expertise. From what I have gathered, these things are not difficult or time consuming if you are experienced with them. If you feel that you can donate a little of your time to fix any of these problems, that would be wonderful.

Rigger: The tails on these models insist on following the feet and end up looking terribly stretched and ugly. This is a quick rigging fix for a rigger, and if someone would very kindly rig a single model for me, I can probably use openbrf's autorigging function to apply it to the rest until we can find a permanent solution.
Skeletons: We will be using 60%, 75%, 100%, 110%, 125% and 140% skeletons for the different creatures in the mod. We have the 75% skeleton (and the 100%, obviously) but if someone with skeleton experience could kindly share some of these other ones with us, that would be simply delightful.


Colonel Sandrunn
Captain Quantrill
Captain Montrigal
Sgt. Pereg
Sgt. Thornberry
Sgt. Flitrunn
Capt. Sandgal
Colonel Caster
Brigadier Bode
Bladmaster Aero
Lieutenant Tallashaw
Lieutenant Turpinn
General Doge
Colonel Coldkettle
Lieutenant Thorishire
Brigadier Beau
Colonel Clancy
Captain Quickpaw
Colonel Sarin
Sgt. Fleetfoot
Sgt. Marigold
Lieutenant Bilby
Sgt. Woodscuttle
Captain Woodfarrow

Riggard the fox
Raggerion the fox
Malovius Thorntail the monitor lizard
Kazil the weasel
Rigrib the rat
Spiral the weasel
Bariss the stoat
Daccla the ferret
Raccla the weasel
Rakrib the rat
Reddy the fox
Blig the stoat
Triggy the stoat
Greentail the weasel
Bluebane the rat
Scorge the rat
Caj the weasel
Scridger the weasel
Badtooth the weasel
Mudpaw the ferret
Skinpaw the weasel
Scridgy the rat
Raz the ferret
Thunder the fox
Riggy the ferret

CORSAIRS(non Searats)
Halftooth the stoat
Bludriggan the fox
Mortivver the weasel
Blazzin the ferret
Kaska the ferret
Nosering the ferret
Pelleg the stoat
Patchtail the weasel

Markus the mouse
Lady Vayn Squirrelqueen
Elmjak the squirrel
Beechfur the Squirrel
Birchpaw the squirrel
'Squire Cooke' Barkpaw the squirrel
Serra the otter
Spring the otter
Ferwyn the squirrel
Skipper Riggs
Dagspike the hedgehog
Aquaro the otter
Thundrye the otter
Beachfur the otter
Clerro Seahound the otter
Baron Barnabas Ironspikes the Rabblehog chieftain
Searrow the otter
Logalog Kiltur  the shrew
Rigger the shrew
Ropetail the shrew
Foremole Birr
Burgy the mole
Soilbur the mole



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Brilliant so far. I'd offer some of my modeling skills but I'm facing another block of military training in the next three weeks. I'll be happy to offer assistance to any of your team members regarding questions about modeling/texturing, although I'm pretty sure you have that covered. Regardless, great progress, and best of luck.


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Mandible, overall I love how this is going but the character are kinda dark, I thought they were supposed to be brownish just a thought.


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I'm just saying I think there kinda dark, maybe its my phone (which I am currently using) cause I can't really see the details clearly


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Just to put you at ease, there are several kinds of rats. Searats are black rats, horderats are brown rats, and I imagine greatrats will be grey. So you'll get plenty of colour variation.

Also your phone probably isn't the best place to test the colour...

And, I am overjoyed to present Jimmy3LT as a rigger! Thanks for you help! Now maybe we can get some tails looking NOT terrible.


Yay new place, btw so i understand by what u mean, where your gonna upload the simpler version first with just the 4 creatures, but you said its in mossflower, do u mean for the first version its just gonna be in mossflower, or the area around mossflower, including salamandastron and the sorrounding area north south east and west, also on the other thread i offered to voices ill try and get them to u some time but sorry my comps just died and i only recently revived it by sticking the graphics cards in the microwave, i dont know how long it will last. also AWESOME WORK!!!! :lol:

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Great to see the Redwall Mod has become more organized in structure and how things will get done from now on.  Question though, what happened to the work/connection between Ares007 and the things included from the old topic?  There seems to be an entire new spirit and volunteer force behind this mod compared to the old one, and so I was just wondering what the connection, and differences are, as well as the similarities.

It is nice to see how far the original project has come in terms of support and popularity among the community.  Looking forward to the future.


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I'm looking forward to it. If you still have those technical issues you can ask me, I'll love to help if i see some time.


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@Naismith, this is basically the same mod as the last one, but Ares007, the old team leader, has lost interest. As the new team leader, I want to keep the thread organized by frequently updating the first page, so I made a new thread. Also, I felt that we needed a fresh start since we're moving off in a new direction.

@ Dr. Sane: I am using "Mossflower Country" to signify all of the lands in the main continent. I believe some of the books have referred to the whole area as such, and I don't think there's another name for it. "Mossflower Woods" refers more specifically to the forests around Redwall Abbey.


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If I had the time to watch the full video tutorial set on modeling with Wings3d, I would happily make you some weapons.

Love the new thread Mandible, keep up the good work.

Lord Drake

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Artyem said:
If I had the time to watch the full video tutorial set on modeling with Wings3d, I would happily make you some weapons.

Love the new thread Mandible, keep up the good work.
I've watched a couple of 'em, but I personally don't think the results are worth showing.