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Medieval Battles & Sieges
The main purpose of this mod is to make more realistic sieges. Medieval poliorcetics were very rich and variated, therefore the linear Native's sieges have always frustrated me. All the more as the realism of those sieges could be enhanced by simply adding 2 or 3 three new features. Besides, I have always been compelled to adapt my military architecture models to Native's gameplay. I had enough, and now I want to adapt the gameplay to the reality of medieval architecture, or at least to make less annoying compromises between it and the reality.

The other main feature is to include several factions at 2 different periods: a pre-gunpowder one (late 13th century) and another with gunpowder (second half 15th century).

Planned factions, first period :


Planned factions, second period :


Your opinions and suggestions concerning the factions are welcome.

Features :
  • Hundreds of historically accurate weapons, armors and horses
  • Arquebuses
  • Historically accurate architecture
  • Functionnal, deployable and destructible siege engines including cannons (1)
  • Projectile impact system and destructible walls (2)
  • The possibility to repulse the siege ladders with attackers on (3)
  • Destructible portcullis
  • Functionnal drawbridges
  • Coffers with limited munitions
  • Deployable pavises
  • Boiling liquids for the defenders
  • Projectiles to throw or drop on the attackers (stones, heads...) (4)
  • Stooping animation (5)
  • Crouching animation
  • Drowning
  • Throwing any weapon
  • Decapitations and throwing heads
  • Brandished lance combat style (6)
  • Shieldbash
  • Warcries along with gestures (Montjoie, Allah u Akbar, Santiago, etc. with sword in the air, etc.)
  • A lord class (7)
  • A bishop/cadi class (8 )
  • A musician class with instruments (trumpets, drums)
  • Moralizing standards
  • Camels
  • Donkeys
  • AI killable civilians
  • New sounds (9)
  • Animated flags
  • New map style (10)
  • New textures for faces (11)
  • New blood effects

Details :

1: Sieges engines:
- Trebuchet
- Onager
- Mangonel
- Balista
- Pierrière
- Battering ram
- Covered battering ram
- Siege tower
- Deployable siege bridge
- Veuglaire
- Bombard
- Big Bombard

2: As making destructible props is too difficult and would cause aesthetic problems, I invented a simple but funny impact system described in this drawing:

When the projectile hit a collision body, it causes damages in a certain perimeter (in red). Therefore, the players who are in this perimeter are injured or killed (1).
It would give importance to the width of the walls. For example, this archer is in security behind his deep arrow slit:

Of course, the extent of the damage perimeter would depend of the siege engine. A trebuchet or a bombard would have a far bigger perimeter than a pierrière.
Otherwise, for a nice render, a dust cloud and some flying debris are sufficient. But the problem is the different types of materials. I mean, it would be weird if there are stone debris when a wood structure or a guy ( :lol:) is hit.

Destructible walls system:

Each different colored part is destructible. Given their arrangement (see the cross-section), they will be destroyed in the order. When the part 2 is destroyed, ruined part 3 appears, and so on. The more the wall is high, the more it has different parts and thus the more it is long to destroy (this would act medieval French fortifications superiority out). But I have to find a solution for the merlons (1). Indeed, currently if part 2 is destroyed before them, they would ridiculously stay in the air. I am thinking about extending their collision body to the ground and making it prominent, so that they would always be the first part to be destroyed. Of course, some physics would prevent this problem, and even open us to very interesting and funny features such as sapping, but this is out of my skills.
Anyway, this system is the best and most reasonnable I have imagined yet. Besides, it is probably the best compromise between gameplay and aesthetics.
Bretèches, hoardings and bartizans will be destructible too. But no tower will be entirely destructible (only their bartizans, bretèches, hoardings and merlons if they aren't roofed will be).

3: It would depend of the number of attackers on the ladder and the number of defenders. If the attackers is alone, facing 5 defenders who push the ladder where he is, he would have no chance to avoid the fall (and, therefore, perhaps death). But I'd like it to be rather difficult for the defenders, othewise defending castles would be too easy.


5: It is ridiculous that an attacker is in security at the bottom of the walls. Unfortunately it is the case in Warband. A stooping animation would enable the defenders to kill the attackers who are just near the walls.


I think it is easy to code thanks to the javelin throwing animation.

7: This class would be usable by only one player at the same time, and has only one life in sieges. The lord (or count, amir, etc. it depends of the factions) could encourage his teamates by warcries or things like that. Concretely, it could make the teamates less vulnerable for a short time or something like that.

8: More or less the same as the Lord class, but with more religious (religious words with a Quran or a Cross in the hands, things like that).

: New sounds will of course consist of new sound effects (swords clash, death cries, etc.) but I have also an idea for the ambient: invisible objects which emit a sound. It could be wind at the top of towers, weird noises in dungeons, waves sound on the beach...

10: To my eyes, maps have always been the weak point of Mount & Blade. Most of the time, they look unrealistic and their scene borders are simply awful. Therefore I think this is one of the main things I have to change, totally. I would like to make totally new landscapes, realistic and reflecting the regions where the scenes will take places. It is possible that each scene has its own scene borders. Concretely, there will be:
- new flora
- new scene borders
- new textures
- new skyboxes
- horizons
- the invisible objects which make a sound
- and why not some weather effects (rain, thunderstorm).
Concerning the big town scenes, this is what I plan to make (in this case for Constantinople):

11: The fact that there is no North African/Middle Eastern and Black African looking faces in Native is particularly annoying. Iboltax has made some good textures for that, but unfortunately his head model doesn't fit the helmets made with the vanilla head model.

Screenhots :




















Soldiers and stuffs:











Any help, critics and suggestions are welcome. I am good at modelling, but rather bad at texturing and a total noob at coding. So texturers and coders are particularly welcome. Also, as the community has already produced a lot of interesting OSP animations, scripts, etc. one of the easiest way to help me for the moment is looking for OSP stuffs that would do the job for the planed features that I exposed.
Otherwise, I seriously need architectural drawings, especially elevations and cross-sections. An elevation is a view of a building seen from one side, a flat representation of one façade, like that:
A cross section represents a vertical plane cut through the building, like that:
Thanks to God, in France we had the famous architect and historian Viollet le Duc, who demised an incredible amount of work concerning the Middle Ages, including hundreds of architectural drawings. But for other countries' monuments, it is more difficult for me. I hope you could help me with that.

Signatures :

Credits :
- Rathos
- Life_Erikson
- Sonyer
- Igorbb
- FantasyWarrior
- kuauik
- Sayd Uthmân
- Cruger
- Kovas
- Walzou
- Openshaw
- Lucke189
- Dejawolf
- Narf
- BlancMiles
- Orchid


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Planed siege scenes :
(the presence of a "*" means that there are already props made for the scene, and bold means that the scene is 100% sure)


First period : late 13th century. 
Second period : second half 15th century.

Factions details :

First period

Each faction will have 8 classes. All Western European factions, including Arab Granada, will have similar classes: a footman, archer, crossbowman, knight, special unit, king, religious agent and a musician class. But according to the faction, these classes will be more or less effective. For example, a Castillan archer will be far less effective than an English one. Concerning Eastern Factions (Mamluks and Byzantines) things will be slightly different.

Notes: "m" means mounted by defaut, "h.d." (horse disponible) means that the unit can have a horse but not by defaut and sucks at mounted combat (so it is rather for displacements).


  • Footman
  • Archer
  • Crossbowman
  • Knight (m)
  • Templar Knight (m)
  • King (m)
  • Bishop
  • Musican (h.d.)


  • Footman
  • Archer
  • Crossbowman (h.d.)
  • Knight (m)
  • Maghrebi horseman (m)
  • Sultan (m)
  • Ulama (m)
  • Musician (h.d)

Castilla y Leon

  • Footman
  • Archer
  • Crossbowman
  • Knight (m)
  • Knight of Santiago (m)
  • Mudejar horseman (m)
  • King (m)
  • Bishop
  • Musician (h.d.)


  • Footman
  • Longbowman
  • Crossbowman
  • Knight (m)
  • (not defined)
  • King (m)
  • Bishop
  • Musician (h.d.)


  • Footman
  • Archer
  • Crossbowman
  • Kataphractos (m)
  • Latinikon (m)
  • Emperor (m)
  • Orthodox Bishop
  • Musician (h.d.)

Holy Roman Empire

  • Footman
  • Archer
  • Crossbowman
  • Knight (m)
  • Teutonic Knight (m)
  • Emperor (m)
  • Warlord Bishop (m)
  • Musician (h.d.)

Mamluk Sultanate

  • Footman
  • Archer
  • Horse archer (m)
  • Ghulam (m)
  • Sultan (m)
  • Ulama
  • Musician (h.d.)

Second period
(coming soon)


Ah, finally, a mod that spells detail more so than any other mod. Siege has been one of my most favourite game types in Warband.

I wonder if you're currently hiring any modellers for this project.


I have never been a big multiplayer fan, but that is gonna change when this mod comes out.


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I was following that de près in the forum francais ,began to be sad cause it seemed dead.but infact it's not , even seeming more serious than
a lot of others works .After all bryan won't annoy you there  :mrgreen: (je peus aidez c'et poure kan)
Anyway You can be sure to count me as "supporter" ,even that I am not a well multi-player.


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Thanks guys.

@ Johao, you mean if I am looking for modellers or if I have already hired modellers in my team ?

@ Tcherski, this is vicious, poor bryan :razz:

@ Wu-long, this mod is only multiplayer :wink:


Pardon me for not getting my post right.  :oops:

I'm a modeller and texturer interested in your mod. I was wondering if you're recruiting any team members that are in need of that expertise.


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Johao said:
Pardon me for not getting my post right.  :oops:

I'm a modeller and texturer interested in your mod. I was wondering if you're recruiting any team members that are in need of that expertise.
hey if you are looking for a team the falll of rome mod needs more people


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@ Johao, you are welcome :smile: The mod represents a considerable amount of work, therefore the bigger the team is, the better.

I am above all looking for texturers and coders.



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Thanks :smile:

I edited the second post, with the planed siege scenes. I'll soon add the details of the factions.


hudson57 said:
Johao said:
Pardon me for not getting my post right.  :oops:

I'm a modeller and texturer interested in your mod. I was wondering if you're recruiting any team members that are in need of that expertise.
hey if you are looking for a team the falll of rome mod needs more people

Sorry, hudson, but I'm not a fan of the Roman empire.  :wink:

Still, I wonder if there would be an 'invasion' mode of siege warfare, hundreds of bots climbing up ladders or breaking down doors while a small group of defenders try to keep them away from an allied lord bot, which can be a nice co-op alternative and frankly, more dynamic towards other invasion mods with the new siege elements. But frankly speaking, that would be a feat of an accomplishment to code the spawns and placements considering the ingenuity of the A.I in warband..
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