Vyrn becomes LSP! (Source Code + Assets)

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Greetings Modders,

Recently, I had to make a tough decision by giving Vyrn up. And now, I have decided to release Vyrn as LSP for public usage. This is a 6-7 months of work, which means the module is nowhere close to being finalized. It is non-optimized, unpolished and buggy all around. While saying that, you can and will still be able to find lots of usable stuff in it, that you could work and improve on.

Advanced AI (Watch here.), protoypes for dual-wielding, flying and a dragon. You can find out what I have done in our Moddb page. The base is there.

Hopefully it helps you create your own dream projects.

You are allowed to use EVERYTHING inside this drive folder including the codes, assets and animations. You're not allowed to use any of the codes, assets and animations commercially. Meanwhile, I need to mention that not everything here is done by me, therefore be sure to check out my credits list I was going to mention on release. Please be kind enough to credit the owners for their work. You can find the list Here.

For my work (Scenes + coding + most of the 3D + animations), I expect to be credited. :smile:

Some Extra Notes

For BRF files starting with Vyrn, they mostly contain stuff that belong to myself aka "Efe Karacar". But, inside you will also find some OSP stuff changed by myself, so be informed. (Some crappy 3D art, you will notice.)

I hope I didn't miss anyone that deserves mentioning for this project. You know who you are, so let me know.

Thanks for everything, Forge. :smile:
~Efe Karacar of Dreamy Folk


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Thank you very much, but if I'm not mistaken in that Drive folder there is only the Module System files  :???:


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Sad to see this end, but thank you for publishing the files, might be able to use some things.


I did. Plenty of stuff I used for my Native modded game. For the mods I make, not yet, due to time period constraints, mostly. Thanks, btw.


Just a headsup similar to the one I gave Ramaraunt.

The OSP section of the forge is limited to code packs that are comprehensive - i.e. not entire mods that encompass several systems. Furthermore, the original post should go beyond a feature list and ideally detail the implementation.

That, of course, doesn't mean that I dont appreciate you going OSP :smile:
This pack is obviously meant for advanced modders, hence I didn't bother explaining to less advanced modders. While saying, it is not so hard to understand for anyone who can write a few triggers. Also, the size of content in this requires me to prepare pages of PDF explaining everything.

You have many OSP mods in same category. What is the difference between this and Crusaders OSP? Leaving it here just makes it harder for people to find, which doesn't contribute to community as it should.

I don't understand ignoring it all just because I did't get to explain everything. Should be enough I donate so much already. It is all there.



Crusader was added as a resource OSP, because they have a number of downloads for their various resources rather than just a dump of their entire module.
If there are full mods, especially in the code section, just point me in the direction and I will make sure to evaluate their suitability for the OSP area.

Anywho, the reason for not adding entire mods to the coding section of the forge is relatively simple. They are already listed elsewhere and adding them to the OSP subsection does not fit the theme or purpose of that area. The intention here is to present easily accessible resources and information - regardless of whether they are simple or advanced.

That is not to say that you have to explain every little detail, but it does mean that overlapping systems are unsuitable.

In other words, if you wish to highlight a particular feature, you can do so by sharing the code sections and their location within the ModSys. For larger features it is also fine to simply share an otherwise native MS or ModMerger bits alongside some rudimentary information (what does the feature do, where are things located and possibly some advice on modification).

Good examples:

Please also take into account that we would have to add all OSP mods to the subsection of the Forge, if we were to change this policy. That would mean unnecessary clutter and burden for the forum, its users and its moderation. I would however be happy to sticky a well maintained list of OSP mods in the resource subsection.


As noted in the discord, you will have to define the "Limits" of the source pack in the OP. For further guidance see: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,374313.0.html
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