Voting System and other Realms Issues

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Ok I think this needs to be seriously addressed and looked into for change in a future update. This voting system for fiefs is absolutely HORRENDOUS or choosing to reelect a fief owner is just so bad. You can spend so much time getting good relations with the ruler of a faction or its members in order to get more land or revoke it from other members and all of your efforts will be in vain. This game NEEDS a intrigue side to the game one which is consistent for gaining allies within a faction so you and said allies can become more powerful overtime within a specific faction. The RP side of the game is removed when people do things that don't make sense. For example going to war and winning or just participating in countless battles for a faction or taking land in general it seems has no reward for the player or AI the player likes. The game needs an intrigue system with scheming and loyalty to selfish pursuits other than just the faction deciding who gets what or what is fair after some members barely contribute anything compared to the player engaging enemies countless times. ALSO needs to be a system to become the LEADER of currently existing factions either through intrigue and blackmail OR a civil war in which loyalists to a faction obviously stay loyal or rebel supporters fight in because they like the new possible candidate better. Or even vassals of existing realms forming totally new realms in rebellion. Another thing is a system to get rid of the Northern/Western/Southern Empire factions THROUGH unifying imperial lands and destroying other imperial factions. Like why is it that I can play as a vassal for the southern empire EVENTUALLY see the whole reconquering of the north and west and YET the northern and western factions still exist AND my current factions name DOESN'T CHANGE from "Southern Empire" to "Empire of Calradia" for example XD. It just seems really stupid you can't form alliances with other existing nations as well either through hiring them to fight in wars as mercenaries or straight up being an ally. There ultimately needs to be one big update which totally changes these mechanics with treaties and their depth other than just gold tribute, voting, creation of or taking power in currently existing or new realms, alliances, families and succession laws etc etc. This can all be reworked to create a much more livable and believable world which ENHANCES the immersion players experience by participating in schemes/intrigue, civil wars, alliances, or dynastic marriages/relations/bonds. I seriously hope the community addresses these problems and developers see this post and CHANGE how these systems work for a much more enjoyable and immersive experience.
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