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BEAST - Bannerlord Early Access Skirmish Tournament

BEAST is the first Bannerlord Skirmish tournament in Europe.

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Welcome to a new iteration of my Bannerlord newspaper project.

Due to no tournament being announced, I am pausing team and player interviews to catch some ‘Voices from the Community’ for questions which I deemed pressing or interesting. Please note that each player was asked separately without the input of the other interviewees.
I focused on the lack of any hosted tournaments in the recent three months and since there does not seem any big tournament coming any soon, there is not that much to talk about. Questions were compiled with the release of testing custom servers and battle in mind. I chose random people from the community, partially also people which have not given that much attention as of now.
Happy reading!

Who do you think would win the medal of BEAST 7? HINQ or DM?
Gotha: Right now Destiny Masters. Obviously it's not fair with multiple players which suffer from the Russian aggression in Eastern Europe.
Hairless: Destiny Masters.
Authari: Destiny Masters.
Jufasto: At this time I think final doesn't matter. Unfortunately too much time passed, the hype died.
Popowicz: HINQ would win as they put so much effort into this tournament and I believe they were prepared better than anyone else especially Destiny Masters who did nothing to get to the finals.
Tom54p: I think Destiny Masters would win the gold medal, it would have been a very close match but i feel like DM would still get number 1 place ; i don't think any of them are interested in the final though and i would say rightfully so for a number of reasons.
Silver: Before the war I'd say HINQ but now I have no clue. Nobody played for a while so its a mystery to me.
STIX: Destiny Masters.

Is there a need for a new BEAST tournament or any other format like it?
Gotha: I think so. Multiple people across all divsions complained multiple times about how the admin staff handles certain situations. It's about time to get a new structure into this old system. It worked okayish so far, but it's time for some wind of change.
Hairless: Yes!
Authari: People are hungry for a new tournament, that's for sure. Although, I thought the admins were done with BEAST and wanted to host a tournament under another name if the game mode is going to be switched from Skirmish to another
Tom54p: There is a need for a new, maybe smaller tournament, even with a different format than BEAST. I would say the community could gather a reasonable amount of teams although probably less than BEAST 7.
Silver: If nobody steps up (and seems like nobody will) then there will be a new BEAST. I guess a lot of people would be interested since only div A teams get the drama each season.
STIX: We would like BEAST to continue, we quite enjoy it. Other formats like it are also good. For instance, clans that are primarily or additionally focused on roleplay type tournaments have other events that have a lot of people attending. There are also captains mode tournaments. The more the merrier is our opinion. But BEAST should remain as the primary skirmish tournament.

With the introduction of Battle mode and the upcoming “battle patch” 1.7.2 – and do you think the time of Skirmish is over?
NIN3: I am skeptical that Battle will succeed or kill skirmish for a competitive mode. Although I made some balance adjustments, the whole mode was designed with much bigger numbers of players in mind, than is competitively viable.
On the other hand, it definitely works for smaller battles and can use all the skirmish maps + battle maps. The dynamic of fights in Battle is very different and since there can only be one per round, much more dramatic. But the stories Battle tells are usually very straight forward and don't have many twists and turns in them, unlike skirmish. I guess we will have to see

Gotha: Skirmish is defenitly a bad gamemode with the current design decisions related to the respawn system. As long as these issues persists we should give Battle a chance.
Hairless: No.
Authari: Yes, Skirmish needs to go
Popowicz: Skirmish is over in my eyes
Jufasto: I prefer skirmish over battle mode because class system isn't suitable for battle mode. We need to select our own gear in battle.
Silver: I don't quite get the concept of this battle. TW made the multiple lives mode - competitive and single life mode - casual. Let's see what they did the Battle balance next patch because current one is garbage for competitive. Otherwise I don't see skirmish die before custom servers arrive.
Tom54p: Personally i wouldn't say skirmish is over because there are many people who still prefer it over battle. I would like to see battle become the main mode for competitive tournaments though.
STIX: Skirmish is far from beaten. Battle mode is very fun, but when it comes to tournament play, skirmish is best. We can discuss it in length but just thinking about budgeting, flag tactics, respawning, regrouping and the freedom and creativity that comes from having multiple spawns put skirmish ahead of battle in terms of competitive play (battle would end up focusing on only the most expensive units since its one spawn per round).

Should the new tournament feature “Battle” as game mode? If so, should we go for 8v8 again or higher?
NIN3: I think BEAST should stay skirmish as it is, also BEABT would be a horrible name. It would be great to see a Battle tournament happening though, just to prove / disprove your first question. If so something like an 8v8 would freshen up the meta a little bit, could be interesting to see. But I think all this isnt really viable until the player numbers increase. Which I can definitely see happening with competitive matchmaking, the new maps and custom servers coming.
Hairless: No - try 8v8 Skirmish!
Authari: Definitely. I'd say 8v8 for Battle.
Gotha: I think we should wait for the next patch and see check how the new maps are and how everything is balanced in Battle. 8v8 sounds good, but I am not sure about something like 10v10 +.
Maybe it makes sense to give Battle a shot in some kind of Draftcup.

Tom54p: Yes, the new tournament should feature battle mode but i actually do not think 8v8 is possible only because most of the teams currently don't seem to have enough active players. I can see 8v8 becoming standard in future but in this very moment i would say a 6v6 battle tournament could be a good experiment.
Popowicz: My personal choise would be Battle as its more skill wised and skirmish so far didnt change much from the game release so if we have an option to change the formula we should go for battle and i think 9v9 or 8v8.
Silver: Everything depends on TW. If they ever want competitive and MP be popular - they must host a tournament and show their vision. So far they just let their MP die for no reason. Right now it seems like battle will be back with custom servers and 8v8 returns.
Jufasto: 8v8 or 12v12 is more chaotic but fun, I'd rather 6v6 in competitive.
STIX: New tournament should continue to be skirmish. The difference between them is clear, skirmish is superior in terms of competitive play, in our opinion.

Which of the new custom servers is your favorite? Deutschritter Battlegrounds, GK NA Battle or EU Battle RdC?
NIN3: Deutschritter Battlegrounds. I am excited to see who will host the first bigger Battle events and how they go!
Tom54p: DR Battlegrounds by far, gotha's statistic work is really cool. Also i could see them introduce good community made maps in a future not so long from here.
STIX: Deutschritter Battlegrounds is currently our favorite. The skirmish maps are very well designed and the large maps like Town Outskirts and Trade Post are great for full servers. The other servers feature only the Osrac map, as the small map and do not have the skirmish maps. The other battle maps that they do have are too huge that if there are not many players playing (if the server isn't near or full), those huge maps become boring walking simulators (until you get couched by a cav).

Who do you think is going to win the ongoing 2v2 tournament?
NIN3: Watch out for Ritter and Günther, they might be underdogs but they are also very dangerous dogs. Gibby and Arni have a long track record of performing well in these kinds of tournaments. But in the end I am pretty sure Hairless and Pace have the biggest chance.
Hairless: Greatest Demon Lords.
Gotha: Obviously Team Furor.
Popowicz: 2v2 well, either Arni, Hairless or Varadin with their partners.
Silver: Dunno whos the sweaties duo rn, perhaps arnis team.
STIX: I had to look at the teams to try to figure it out. But 2v2 is different compared to group fighting that we are accustomed to in tournaments, so we might be surprised by the results. If we go purely by performance (that I have witnessed) and notoriety we would put Team Varadin or Team Hairless at the top. But Obelix has posted his training 2v2 wins with some of the teams, including Varadin's team, so the results might surprise us.
Jufasto: koso and lidor or gibby's team.
Authari: me, myself, my holiness, my greatness and a filthy British peasant who I pay with digestive biscuits to serve me

Is there a need for another duel tournament though? If so, who should host?
NIN3: Well if there is a need for it, I am sure someone will come forward and host it. I don't really have an opinion on this to be honest.
Hairless. Duel trash.
Tom54p: I think duels in bannerlord are boring af, ergo i don't think there is any need to host a duel tournament.
Authari: I see why not
Gotha: Not sure if we need another duel tournament. I think the game didn't receive that many changes recently. Someone who is trustworthy and not trying to start drama over and over again which simply proofs there incapability of being in charge of anything at all.
Silver: Idk, if people are interested why not. Host can be whatever person with okayish reputation
Jufasto: Duels are boring, real excitement are clan matches for me

As to my own opinion regarding a new tournament, those people which discredited the BEAST staff should step up and show they are capable of hosting. I'm not not judging, it's just a fact of observation that the staff got called delegitimate, Administrators stepping down after a difficult decision is not helping either with that. I have already been approached by some people, I wish to quote that: "stop being bard and damn host" and "do your duty to the community". I don't plan on commenting on this, but it shows that there is a desire for a tournament, reinforced by two polls on the HINQ Matchmaking as well and I am very interested in seeing how the upcoming Weekend Cup goes.

That is all for now. Stay tuned for my next iteration of the Bannerlord Newspapers!
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We need even more totalitarian admin staff and rule for them to access discord and watch stream of every signed up player at least in div A or next tournament will be clown fiesta
We need even more totalitarian admin staff and rule for them to access discord and watch stream of every signed up player at least in div A or next tournament will be clown fiesta
I agree. In the summer if there is interest I will host another BDC tournament and we will have rules regarding spectating. However, I see this being doable for tournaments like BDC or Weekend Cup, but for BEAST that's a lot of dedication from the admin staff.
I am surprised to see the interest in the Battle mode as a competitive venue. Like Tom says "6v6 battle tournament could be a good experiment" to see and figure out which one is better.
Feel free to discuss, and by the way, I'm always hungry for feedback, suggestions and ideas as well!
BDL, Bannerlord Draft League. could bring some fresh wind. Would be absurd to host tho
(Id prolly co-host if someone wants to, just hmu)
It'd be more fun if it was a group chat, odd to see responses directly contrast each other but no argument.
I mean, I was looking into hosting one of these tables, that was cut short by some captains not having time and then, well, then Putin attacked Ukraine so... there is that.
But I might look into giving this another shot.
I think waiting on the new Battle update and then giving a small 8v8 or 6v6 batttle tourney a shot would be fun.
Another Draft Tournament would solve concerns about some clans not being able to field enough players. Would also allow attempts with 8v8.

I think I would prefer another skirmish format until Battle gets its update.

(Implement rules for replacing players and crashes and it should be good)
Another Draft Tournament would solve concerns about some clans not being able to field enough players. Would also allow attempts with 8v8.

I think I would prefer another skirmish format until Battle gets its update.

(Implement rules for replacing players and crashes and it should be good)
Can be fixed by rejoining the game on a custom server ez.
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