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Urgrevling said:
I understand. It's still better to do things properly though, and some advice can go a long way for that.  :smile:
I don't think I can promise much help, I'm very lazy and tend not to see things to completion. I could do some proof-reading or give tips if you get stuck though, just let me know if you need a hand.
That would be great. Sorry for my reaction, but you've got o understand what you dismantled in ten minutes I spent ten hours this week working on! At least they weren't for nothing, now I've learned something and I appreciate that a lot. Thanks for taking your time to help me.

Another example: took me all of five seconds to find the vocative of Gothic "soldiers" for my "Infantry!" command in-game: "gadrauhteis".

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It should also always be remembered that the written language usually represents an earlier stage of the spoken language.

PS. The meaning of "Erilaz" is very much contested. I don't think it should be assumed to have the same meaning as the modern "Earl" or Old Norse "Jarl", though it's more than likely that these titles are etymologically related.