Need More Info Visual glitch under soles of boots when holding a foot above a candle on a table in a vladian tavern

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Yes, I used mods.


Dear Taleworlds,

today, I must woefully report a hideous visual glitch in what certainly is one of the most-performed sequences of actions by players within the game of Bannerlord.

Upon reading this report's title, you may have incredulously thought "That cannot be! We could not have missed this on testing!", or "How on Earth would this not yet be listed in the known issues, it's basically impossible to miss!", but to provide irrefutable proof, I shall provide you with screenshots as evidence immediately.

Even though it should be immediately spotted, I slightly emphasized the glitch on this image for viewing ease.

The glitch can be easily and reliably reproduced by these very simple steps:
  1. You must wear boots. Barefoot doesn't seem to work. (But what sane person stands on a table within a vlandian tavern to hold their feet above a candle without appropriate footwear anyways?) So far successfully tested with Highland Boots and Reinforced Suede Boots. Unfortunately this Lady's extensive shoe storage is in another fief, so testing with various footwear was so far very limited.
  2. You shall enter a vladian tavern and seek out a table with a candle standing upon it.
  3. You must jump onto the table and position yourself at an appropriate distance from the candle and face it.
  4. You must press 'kick' to appropriately lift your leg
  5. You must press 'Escape' at the precisely right moment, when the sole of your boot is:
    - exactly above the candle flame
    - at an appropriate minimum height above the candle flame so that it is lit.
    - held at neither too horizontal nor too vertial an angle.
  6. You must enter photo mode and change the camera angle as to see the soles of the boots, which are held at the correct angle, exactly above the candle, while you're standing on the table of a vlandian tavern.
Graphical options, such as shadows, shadow filtering, ambient occlusion or similar seem to have no effect on the appearance of the glitch whatsoever.

Upon repeated reproduction, various fascinating glitch patterns can be seen on the soles of the boots above the flame.

While the pictures so far depict the character holding the soles of her boots above a candle on a table within a vladian tavern with her knees slightly bent, you can reproduce the glitch also when holding your booted feets above a candle on a table in a vlandian tavern while extending your leg fully, but due to the larger distance to the candle flame the resulting glitch pattern seems to appear smaller.

Computer Specs:
Windows 10 Professional x64
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 670 4GB (Asus GTX 760 DirectCU II 4GB)
GPU Driver Version: 461.09
CPU: Intel Core i5-3570
RAM: 16 GB DDR3-1600
Motherboard: MSI Z77 MPower
Storage Device (HDD/SSD): SSD

I am certain you recognize the utmost importance of fixing this utterly gamebreaking glitch immediately and will do so with highest priority, and keep the community updated on its status, as this thread is totally not primarily meant as comic relief to make whoever reads it facepalm.

Yours truly,

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MArdA TaleWorlds

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Forwarded to the QA team for further investigation. We will reach out again if we need more information. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!

MArdA TaleWorlds

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Can you send us your engine_config.txt? You can find it under Configs folder located in Documents. You can upload it to Please write your username and this threads URL in the description box so that we can find it.


Your wish is my command.

engine_config.txt sent via uploader as instructed with thread URL and username. For good measure since it ain't too long, its full contents are also in the Spoiler tag below.

number_of_ragdolls = 3
max_simultaneous_sound_event_count = 3
invert_mouse = 0
foliage_quality = 4
decal_quality = 4
texture_filtering = 2
graphics_adapter = 0
first_time = 0
brightness_calibrated = 2
texture_budget = 3
texture_quality = 2
show_framerate = 0
max_framerate = 200
cheat_mode = 0
water_quality = 2
display_width = 2560
display_height = 1440
display_mode = 1
selected_monitor = 0
force_vsync = 1
enable_cloth_simulation = 1
enable_flora_sway = 1
shader_quality = 2
postfx_dof = 0
postfx_sssss = 1
postfx_ssr = 1
postfx_bloom = 1
postfx_sunshafts = 1
postfx_streaks = 0
postfx_hexagon_vignette = 0
postfx_vignette = 0
postfx_grain = 0
postfx_lens_flares = 0
postfx_chromatic_aberration = 0
postfx_motion_blur = 0
tesselation = 1
particle_quality = 2
particle_detail = 2
terrain_quality = 2
shadowmap_type = 2
shadowmap_filtering = 1
shadowmap_resolution = 3
disable_sound = 0
sound_device = 0
sound_output = 0
enable_dynamic_resolution_scale = 0
dynamic_resolution_fps_target = 60
lighting_quality = 2
antialiasing_technique = 0
dlss_technique = 0
environment_detail = 4
character_detail = 2
safely_exited = 1
enable_controller_vibration = 1
weapon_trail_amount = 1.0000
display_refresh_rate = 59.0000
master_volume = 1.0000
music_volume = 1.0000
sound_volume = 1.0000
mouse_sensitivity_coefficient = 0.5000
gamma = 2.2000
sharpen_amount = 0.0000
control_mouse_movement_y_scale = 1.5434
control_mouse_movement_max_accumulation = 40.0000
control_mouse_movement_accumulation_decay_speed = 100.0000
brightness = 0.0000
brightness_min = 0.0240
brightness_max = 0.9970
exposure_compensation = 0.2338
resolution_scale = 100.0000
antialiasing_technique = 0
occlusion_technique = 0

MArdA TaleWorlds

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The QA team informed me that they were unable to reproduce this issue in the most recent version of the game. Can you try to reproduce this issue again in the latest version of the game?


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The QA team informed me that they were unable to reproduce this issue in the most recent version of the game. Can you try to reproduce this issue again in the latest version of the game?
It might be a problem with the meshes on some models. Personally I have experienced the Item.decorated_imperial_boots glitch explicitly, but I didn't think anything of it at the time. Now I've read this thread and opened that same item in the editor's resource browser which shows this kind of glitch in the model itself. There are quite a few inconsistencies in the 3d models regarding armour (meshes, vertices, weight painting, clipping, skinning, etc...), which should be checked by the modellers before publishing and eventually checked by your Q&A team.


A big hug, I hope all goes well for you 💪 😁.
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