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Calradia's campaign map benefits from a detailed ambient occlusion map:
By comparison mine is quite bland:
If I turn off my rock paint layer and disable the specular on my default paint layer my mountain has no underlying occlusion map:
As can be seen from my normals in the same area, the mountains need ambient occlusion similar to Calradia's:
However loading my 16K ambient occlusion map into the detail albedo slot for the vista textures has no effect:
During the tools test @gkx said: I looked at the code, it looks like you need to give a detail albedo (in Vista Textures) too, you can give plain_white for no effect.
However, as you can see in the next screenshot loading a plain_black texture into that slot has no effect:
This clearly demonstrates that the detail albedo slot in the scene editor's vista textures has been disabled for modders, presumably by a bug as we need to load decent AO maps to avoid shadow artefacts appearing in game on the campaign map and to provide better environments.
I don't know how long this slot has been disabled as I have previously loaded a plain_white texture in this slot and only recently built appropriate ambient occlusion maps for use in my campaign map. However, early on vista textures didn't show properly without a plain_white detail albedo.
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@Dejan @MArdA TaleWorlds I'm on 1.8.0 and can now see shading from the Detail Albedo slot. It may have been hidden previously by my Layer Detail Distance setting. The shading is weaker than Calradia's even after increasing the contrast on my Ambient Occlusion map by 100%. For some presumably legacy reason the texture needs to be inverted (north south flipped). However, as you can see from the following screenshot, it is Albedo shading and not true occlusion - Calradia uses true occlusion (see the first screenshot in my previous post).


As you can see from the next screenshot, I can add occlusion to my outermesh, but not to my campaign map.

I can also make the outermesh occlusion much stronger than the weak shading currently provided to the campaign may by the Detail Albedo slot.
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