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I managed to figure out that "Door to the garden" is an actual passage option just like the tavern and arena. So when you go into edit mode, the passages for the town center into different places is 0,4 for tavern, 0,5 for arena, and so on. Well the garden scene passage is 0,10. The problem is, at least in native, no garden scenes actually exist. If you have ever courted in Warband, you probably know that attempting to visit a lady when their guardian doesn't like you results in you needing to be smuggled to a garden to meet up with them. However, if you go ahead with that, you are transported to the normal castle scene in full armor and the lady is just standing in the king's chair and everything is normal. I thought it would be cool to create a entirely new set of scenes (1 for each town) that was actually a garden where you could walk around, or talk to the lady.

To start off I created a singular "town_#_garden_scene" and just copied it 21 more times one for each town, and I managed to add a new game menu option on the town screen so right below visiting the marketplace, you can "Take a stroll through the gardens". So my scenes are set up and my passageways are good to go, but I can't seem to get the game to connect my new scenes to the game menu option. So right now, If I choose to stroll through my garden, it takes me to a randomly generated battle scene. I am certain this is because I am creating a whole new set of scenes for existing towns which is entirely different from adding scenes for a new town that already has templates for the other 22.

Also, I already added a new slot for town_garden, right next the slots for the other town scene types, but I am a little uncertain what other boxes I need to check before my new garden scenes can actually show up. Does anyone have any ideas on what I might be missing? I should add that this is definitely not an emergency and I am still scouring the module system for answers, but any help is most welcome!
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