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BL Scening Village Production Assets Missing?

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So I've taken it upon myself to start editing the Villages of the game so that their appearance on the main map scene actually matches their production. IMO it is very tedious to have to rely on the tooltip to know what a village actually produces. However it appears there are certain Production Assets missing yet (that or I don't know where they are hiding/name is):

1. Fur
2. Silk
3. Hog
4. Silver Mine
5. Flax (technically separate, but just reuses Wheat from what I can tell)

I know the game is EA, but it's a bit discouraging that assets that should exist currently don't. I understand not updating the villages, since their production types are always changing. But these assets should have been created long ago. I don't fancy myself an artist, but is it ultimately up to the community to create these models?

Also what's up with the main map being having all black terrain?
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