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I have -100 relationship with a lot of them because I executed a lot of lords while they were a part of that lord's faction. I'm now their lord.

However they won't allow me to take any quests so I can't raise my relationship with them again, ironically due to having a low relationship.

There should be a few options for this.

1. A speech check. Convince them to let the past go. "We were at war. You were my enemy and you were supplying nearby cities I needed to capture. So of course I would raid you. Now I'm your lord and it's my responsibility to protect and nurture this village. So forget your grievances and look toward a brighter future."

2. Depose them. You're the lord now so you should be able to replace who's in charge. Heck, I'll execute them if they don't co-operate. I need troops and they're preventing me from getting them. Perhaps nominating another villager or even having a companion take over for a while.

3. Enable the "hostile action" menu for settlements you own. Maybe not raiding but forcing them to give you troops and supplies should definitely be an option. If they won't co-operate freely then I'll rule with an iron fist and force them to co-operate.

I feel these extra options would fit well within the game and allow you to both roleplay more and also prevent this troop lock where you can only hire one rubbish recruit at a time.
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