Village needs..... too many ****ing Cows (Draught Animals), Too many tools too, put a cap on it!

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I don't know if this is scaling by level or something (doesn't really matter) but the village wanted 33 cows, that's' too many cows! I cannot drop everything else in the game and go to 10+ town collecting that many cows. Towns sell like 0-3 cows, it's a redickyouless request! I know some villages have them too but its very regional and the quest pops up everywhere. Also they say Draught animals, why can't they take mules and sumpter horses too? They can pull stuff too.

The tool quest isn't as bad but it's still a bit greedy sometimes. At least with tools you can ascertain what towns should have more.

Really it needs too be changed to comply with the flow and state of the game. There aren't gonna be more then 12 cows in a reasonable radius, don't let them ask for more.


Cow Herding is something for the peasants. Send a companion.
BTW: I rarely do that quest. Specially when the village pays with meat. It's not funny to get suddenly overburden because 200+ units of meat drop from nowhere into the inventory while running from some enemy...
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