Village charity relationship penalty

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I'm playing Warband on Litdum's Diplomacy.
When I am not a lord, the owner of a village gets upset because I helped his tenants hence I lose relationship with the owner.

Does this depend on my status (unaffiliated/mercenary/lord/king), the personality(upstanding, sadistic etc.) of the lord I deal with or my relationship with him (e.g. if he's devoted to me he shouldn't care whether I do quests for his village or not)?

I'd really like to gain relationship points from both villages and lords, so I can have full support of the realm when I become a monarch.
Any thoughts?
It is governed by lords' personality although some mods may not have this feature at all because it was removed by their authors.


The lords who will want to recruit in the future will appreciate your help for the village. The heartless bastards that resent the help you gave to the village are the ones who will stab you in the back so its a good think that they regard you as an enemy.
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