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Greetings, low-born orcs! After a long time in limbo, the ported version of Vikingr is finally here:
New players can now enjoy Vikingr and we are no longer dependant upon WSE functions. All community efforts have been integrated into this version, and by popular demand, the old taunts have been reintroduced.​



Mirror: - corrupted


- Vikingr ported to post-VC Warband by Slawomir.

- Updated Banner Pack and Old East Slavic Fix integrated.

- Old taunts (from the 1066 flash game) reintroduced.

Note: Friendly horse-bumps no longer work, and you can't use special characters in-game due to new Warband restrictions (will tell you that you're banned on servers).

Installation instructions:
Unpack the contents of the RAR-file into your Modules folder.

Missing features and bugs:
- Friendly horse-bumps do not work.
- Special characters in names are no longer allowed.
- Leader class chat colour doesn't show.
- Beards may clip with some mail coifs.
- Other inconsistencies with the beard/hair/coif scripts.
- Admin messages no longer work.
- Warband music replaced the mod-specific music.
- One of the Rus taunts have accidentally been overridden.

Red = No solution
Yellow = Status unknown
Green = Can be fixed


I love you!!! :grin: It would be good if you hadn't sent this 1 hour before my event, but it's still awesome!
Will there be a permanent Vikingr server, too?
And also, will you make server files public, so that I could set my event server on the new version?

Dansk viking

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Hildileikr is back up again, no guarantees how long; that'd depend on activity.

You can host servers using the VC dedicated server files. Simply copy the Vikingr module into its Module folder, and run it as you would any other mod's server.


Awesome, thanks for the information! I will do my best to get my event server moved to the new version ASAP. I will also be able to support Hidileikr financially if it's necessary. See you on the server!  :smile:


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Hurray!  Nostalgia hit me when I heared the old taunts again. There are some bugs though.

- You get a moustache on every helmet you wear and even afterwards.
- Normal Warband Music is playing, I don't know if that is on purpose.
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