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Brief Overview

After even more months of polishing and tweaking, the Vikingr devlopment team is proud to present Vikingr 0.98 for the Warband community. By further enhancing mainly the gaelic and english faction as well as the game mechanics themselves, we have come yet a step closer to the original plans that Vikingr was released with about one year ago, to recreate the struggles of the northern european peoples of the viking age.

Note that Vikingr is installed as a stand-alone version that does not require Steam. The installer contains the necessary files for it to be placed outside the Module folder, so it can be set up anywhere on your hard drive, but you may need to enter your warband-key after first installation. In case you only have a 5x5 steam key you could take a look at this thread.

Downloads for Vikingr 0.98

Download full Vikingr 0.98

[size=24pt]Mirror: ModDB download (includes update)

Currently the following full installer do not contain the update for 0.98, so make sure to apply it as described in this post: Update changelog and instructions

Install full 0.98, filesmelt download

Mirror: Game Front download

Mirror: Rapidshare download

Mirror: Nexus download

To start you merely need to click the automatically created Vikingr-shortcut on your desktop. The installer will create two shortcuts, with the main one using a special program to randomize the loadscreen. If you have problems with this, simply use the other shortcut.

If you have problems with connecting to the server. It will say "unable to connect to server", this might help:
STARik said:
\Documents\Mount&Blade Warband\rgl_config.txt, open it, find "use_secure_connection =" make sure it equals 0, see if it helps (also you might want to change render_buffer_size = to the half of your video card memory, for example mine has 1gb so its set to 512)


Again many helpful and worthy contributions have been added by various people, and  I hope the following list includes them all:

Contributions for 0.98

  • Gaelic sword scabbard by GothicKnight

Thanks to mtarini for OpenBRF, allowing us to properly edit the games resources properly in the first place,
as well as cmpxchg8b, for his creation of the warband script enhancer that made so many script changes possible.

pre 0.84 mod team:
Rath0s: (Leader, Modeler, Texturer and item/troops scripts).
Davee: (Coding, Sounds and Mapper)
Eirikur/Turanien: (Modeler, Texturer and Mappper)
Ginthus: (Modeler and Texturer).
NaglFaar: (Mapper and horn code)

Viking model pack by dejawolf
Narf's Rus Armour Pack by Narf of Picklestink
Polished Buildings by Gutekfiutek
Polished Landscapes by Gutekfiutek
MoreHorses by wanderer
Rock And Mountain Pack by Goosemaner
Face Improvement Project by Iboltax

Scripts and Module System Advice:
Terrific scripting tutorials and code samples, multiplayer network messages original idea: Yoshiboy
General scripting advice: Highlander
Tutorials and advice: Caba`drin

Decapitations, Drowning script, Raid gamemode and more by Davee

Admin Mod originally by Selnix
Class limit system originally by Jerkuh
Horn blowing mechanic by Slawomir
Standard buff / healing by Davee
Leader death buff by Barabas
Advanced combat damage system by Barabas and Moeckerkalfie
    (Dehorsing, weapon drop, spear break, spinstab nerf, realistic damage window)
New coloured chat by Barabas

cifre: Polearm idle pose, crouching, taunts and shield taunt, overhead thrust
Thomas Caravard: crouch walking, stab animation
Slawomir: horn blowing

Graphical Content:
Kuauik: Norman tunics, Rus tunics, original Rus mail shirts, Viking woolen tunics
James: Vikingr Standard Model
faradon: (old) Norman Helmets
Yamabusi: monk outfit
Jur/Broken shield: ice sheet models
Raegenhere: Maces, Rus kite shields
FrisianDude: Gaelic Scian dagger
Einjar: Scene borders
Thomas Caravard: Meadhall
Skvor: tunic textures with propper wrinkles, norman shield paintings
Barabas: Reworked Shaders, Helmet refits, Short Swords, Gaelic Tunics, Gaelic shields.
poor smiley/Starik: Hair texture, many important tweaks, improvements and more...
Zimke Zlovoljni: Black english tunic, rus mail shirt
Gothic Knight: Long gaelic axe, viking short sword, gaelic sword scabbard

2D graphics:
Skvor: interface
Kretty: load screen
poor smiley/Starik: map load screen, Vikingr font

Aeon: Sound Round-ing
skvor: hit button sound

Historical Advice:
Waedulf Fyrninga
Éadríc Fyrninga
Ualraig & Cian Fir Araig

Anyone missing an entry is encouraged to PM me so we can complete this list as it should be.

[size=16pt]Main changes for 0.98

Class System:

  • Cavalry system overhauled (read more in the Vikingr Guide thread)
    • Changed riding animations 
    • Infantry spears unable to use on horseback     
    • New lances with historical proto-couch/throwing spear toggle mode      
    • Impacts with infantry do far more damage, but may stagger or even throw off the rider     
    • Slightly increased health for horses, increased bump damage     
    • Horses take more damage from bumping when wounded 
    • Allied infantry may supply the riders with throwing spears
  • English and viking factions renamed and re-equipped
  • Leaders have to pay more for their horses, and carry less heavy equipment by default

Script & Mechanics:

  • Minimum range script
    • Internal structure cleaned and refined 
    • More lenient version available as default server option     
    • Increased penalty for spear-spinning

  • New scoreboard setup (can be reset in the Vikingr Options)
    • Player score is hidden
    • The list is no longer sorted by score, but by class
    • At the end of a map in battle mode, a victor is declared

  • New chat with different colors for friend/enemy, dead/alive and for the leader.
  • Added "training mode" for non-lethal combat
  • Removed disfunctional player ratio health for gates in siege
  • Different weapons deal different amounts of damage to gates
  • Bows and crossbows can no longer be sheathed after use 
  • Any spears longer than the short one are now unable to block 
  • Kicking fixes the attacker in his position slightly longer 
  • In more close fitting mail coifs a special script takes care of clipping large beards
  • Upon death all weapons are dropped and can be looted

  • New optional server settings and admin commands

      • Battle mode
        • In the first round of a map, both teams will start delayed, allowing more time to load and select factions, classes and items
        • "Victory margin" declares winning team once one team won a set amount of rounds more than the other
        • An optional money boost can be granted to the inferior team once the other team is one round short of winning by victor margin (only available once a map)
      • Admin options
        • Extended the infamous admin-weapon arsenal
        • Added "Admin mute" option to silence insolent turds


    • Helmet selection overhauled, polished, optimized and far expanded
    • Added new Norman kite shield designs (patterns by skvor)
    • Gaelic simple tunic overhauled by skvor
    • viking rusty byrnie replaced
    • Scabbards added for all swords
    • [...]
    • Polishing, polishing, polishing

    Other Content:

    • New menu backgrounds and loadscreens by skvor

    • New scene props:
      • Modular tree parts
      • New wooden walls (trelleborg design)

    • New maps:
      • "Flooded Forest" by Helias de Runeville
      • "Wanburna" by Ealdgyth Fyrninga
      • "Cyrichyll" by Eadric Fyrninga
      • "Se Gierdweg" by Léodfrith
      • "La viele bracin" by Hengwulf
      • "Abingawurð" by Hengwulf
      • "Skuggadalr" by Grimor
      • "Meadhall" by Helias de Runevillep
      • "Glade" by Helias de Runeville


    • Engle
      • Scytta: Archer/Skirmisher
      • Gárberend: Basic Infantry
      • Swurdberend: Heavy Infantry
      • Wísa: Leader

    • Vikingar
      • Skyti: Archer
      • Liði: Basic Infantry
      • Vörðr: Heavy Infantry
      • Höfðingi: Leader
    • Normanz
      • Archers: Archer
      • Pedaile : Infantry
      • Chevalers: Cavalry
      • Ber: Leader
    • Rus
      • Strelec: Archer
      • Druzhinnik: Infantry
      • Boyarin: Cavalry
      • Voyevoeda: Leader
    • Goídil
      • Ceithernach: Light Infantry
      • Gallgoídel: Heavy Infantry
      • Toísech: Leader

    Current Team
    Moeckerkalfie: Scripts, Models, Textures
    Barabas: Scripts, Models
    Skvor: Textures, Artwork
    Thomas Caravard: Animations, Models

    Pre-0.84 Team

    Rath0s :sad:Leader, Modeler, Texturer and item/troops scripts).
    Ginthus: (Modeler and Texturer).
    Davee: (Coding, Sounds and Mapper)
    Eirikur/Turanien: (Modeler, Texturer and Mappper)
    NaglFaar: (Mapper and horn code)


    Raid game mode. The attackers have to bring torches, burn target houses and then pick up the loot.
    Longboat battle, where two ships meet to fight.
    Lots of new equipment.
    Beautiful maps and sounds that will get you into the right atmosphere.
    Troop limiter, to get rid of archer and cav spam, keeping it balanced.
    Decapitation, you will be able to chop off heads!
    Banner that heal and motivate you teammates.
    Spears that break on impact.
    Warriors that fall of their horse.
    Disarm your opponents by riding them over, get them of their horse or punch them!
    Horns that you can blow by pressing "H".
    You can crouch by pressing "C".
    You can taunt by pressing "Q" and for shield bash taunting by pressing the block button + "Q".
    Berserkers can get into a rage by pressing "P", giving them a temporary damage reduction, suffering the rest when they get out of their rage.
    Optional script based range checks for polearms and axes.
    Optional limit on attacker lives in siege mode


*Dramatically flings himself on the floor and rolls around whilst grasping his Mjölnir and axe, and possibly exhibiting some of the symptoms of a seizure.*
*...I really was just putting a new edge on my axe*

Wow! I had expected it soon, but not this soon!

Go, and be merry!


I literally came.

But now, I have the first suggestion! Make Norman throwing spears, when in thrown mode, 500 times more devastating for the shields. It's impossible to fight with something like that sticking out of it, so it will be realistic if automatically thrown away (which is already done when shield is broken). And I mean really, you need to be able to one-hit every shield with that throwing lance.


Grandmaster Knight
This is why Víkingr is the best mod by miles.

By the way, for those of you who have it added as a non-Steam game: make sure you edit your shortcut so that it uses "\Vikingr\VikingrLoadscreenShuffle.exe". You don't want to miss on the random loading screens!

(Not sure why the installation created a no-shuffle shortcut on my desktop. Why would I not want to see all the loading screens? :razz:)


Just spent the last half-an-hour throwing lances at trees at high speed... I'm in love. Congrats and well done!


Sergeant Knight
Now is the time where you can taste Norman Steel.

Also, you can see in the picture the great Norman cavalry charging into battle, Thanks for putting that picture up.
Hello peoples!
Very very big thanks for work and updating of mod!!! my Congratulations!

I dont saw 0.98, but....
Strelec: Archer
Druzhinnik: Infantry
Boyar Son: Cavalry
Voyevoeda: Leader
!! =( this mistake! on Viking age only as "Boyarin" (Boyar Son-English version, not Slavic-"Boyarskiy syin") or "Konniy druzhinnik", or may also "Vitayz" (read only russian version, please, with Google-translator, because in English version about "Vityaz" not have important information)
Ви́тязь — древнерусский воин, богатырь.
По одной этимологии, слово «витязь» происходит от древненорвежского «vikingr» В славянских языках скандинавский суффикс «-ing» переходил в «-езь» («князь», «колодезь», «пенязь» и т. д.), так что восточные славяне произносили слово «vikingr» как «витязь».[1] Выдвигались различные гипотезы об происхождении нерегулярного интервокального -t- из *-k-. (but in Russia never called pirate as "Vityaz"; +version that vikings known as varyags in Slavic)
По другой, А. Брюкнер, К. Махек и Х. Шустер-Шевц по хронологическим и фонетическим причинам считают слово исконно-славянским. Последний исследователь выводит слово, как древнее обозначение «конного воина (horseman, из слав. *vitь «добыча, трофей», ст.-слав. възвить «польза, выгода, прибыль, барыш»[2].
2. ↑ Шустер-Шевц Х. Древнейший слой славянских социально-экономических и общественно-институциональных терминов и их судьба в сербо-лужицком языке // Этимология 1984. М.: Наука, 1986. С. 232.

about Boyar Son: in Viking age so-were called only sons of boyars in everyday life (for example, as son of duke/knyaz), but not military class of warriors (in viking age)!
As military class Boyars sons were named in first with 13 age (1259 year) in Novgorod First Chronicle.
it is clear that in popularly they are so known earlier 1259 year, but hardly with the Viking Age (probably from the 12th century as the earliest).

Voyevoeda: Leader
on Rus-Slavic simple "Voevoda" without "y" (before "-ev-") and "e" before "d".


Grandmaster Knight
Normant, Nordmenn...I already can imagine people who want to play as vikings playing as normans and people wanting to play normans playing as vikings  :mrgreen:

Great job guys, each upgrade of this mod is a blast!
F.F.C._fritz said:
Normant, Nordmenn...I already can imagine people who want to play as vikings playing as normans and people wanting to play normans playing as vikings  :mrgreen:
There can be text patch. I hope patch removed invisible cavalry spears.


Grandmaster Knight
I love how you cut out the killcount. That's a GREAT and simple idea for teamwork. And the new helmets and Also, the new animation for horsemen are fantastic!
Vikingr swords. Thats really ridiculous, most simple Rus warrior have Huscarl and Hersir swords while Vikingr who made them not. Thats most epic fail, since its widely known that Rus faction bought swords from whole Scandinavia. Also tiny single-edged swordsknifes is very bad. I think normal swords(not short) must be 80-90cm+ and no less. Especially when Axes became very good. Its axe damage boost or something ?


Knight at Arms
A great improvement, dear Mocca & Bassa! Thank you for this exccellent work!

I wanted to add that I also really enjoy the short black out that one can get when hit by a horse (and also when hit by a mace on the head, I think).
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