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Viking Conquest Realism

This is a gameplay overhaul mod based on Viking Conquest v2.028 (but should work with every official patch).
Requires M&B Warband and VC properly installed. Should work on every Warband VC update versions.

The mod is done to play the Sandbox mode (playtested, no errors). Should also work as usually for the Storyline mode.

Short Description

Strategical Changes: Quasi template is the historical situation for the Anglo-Saxon realms. This between 867 and 871 AD, as the 'Great Heathen Army' invaded the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms. In game the Norse factions are a bigger threat now, compared to vanilla at least. That means, Norse factions are to a lesser degree weak, as i experienced them in VC vanilla.
Inspiration for me is here also for this genre, B. Cornwell's novels, his Uhtred series: http://www.bernardcornwell.net/series/the-last-kingdom-series/

General Balancing Changes: Several statistics are changed such as weapon and armour availability, damages and prices. Increasing the realism of the game, or my idea of that for VC.

Some main changes as following.

Strategical Properties
# East-Engla, the last bigger settlement is Dunwic with its two villages, Cyning Eadmund is the last remaining noble. All other East-Engla settlements are controlled by Danmark.
# Faction relations mirror the above described situation, no random war/truce/piece set up anymore (edit: limited realisation / according scripts would need still more modification).
# Casus belli "alarmed ... declares war ... to curb power of ..." is disabled (edit: limited realisation / according scripts would need still more modification).
# Low tier Norse troops, as the more war-like people, are slightly stronger than their aquivalents.
# Norse characters (its lords), as the more war-like people, are slightly stronger than their aquivalents (emphasized compared to vanilla).
# Peasant class units are nerfed slightly (proficiencies).

Statistics / Items
# Low tier axes, spears, daggers are spread to low tier units (peasant class). Means fe., one will find farmers with small axes.
# Standard weaponry such as axes and spears, but also slings, are nerfed, bows slightly as well (it was not the age of the archer).
# Long axes are much more expensive.
# Swords partially buffed, means, more balanced (cut and pierce) than before. In effect, swords are what they were, the most desired weapon.
# Several quasi low tier weapons have no "balanced" and "heavy" appearance anymore. In effect, rusty and cracked ones are more often the case.
# Some weapon prices changed accordingly.
# "Old" helms have no higher availability anymore than its normal (unharmed) condition. In effect, rusty and cracked helms are more often the case.
# Horses double as expensive, as horses, especially for battle, were pretty rare and thus very valuable. Plus a possible exploit as mounted fighter is delayed.
# No ancle boots. So loot will not consist anymore of dozens of boots, besides that i think, this type of boot didn't exist (edit: some ancle boots slipped through, but rare appearance).
# As for textiles, there would be more realism changes necessary (fe. availability and prices), but would be also an endless job (not done).



0. Download the mod. Extract it your desktop or elsewhere, you get the folder: Viking Conquest Realism.
1. Copy and paiste the original Viking Conquest folder within the original directory.
2. Rename that folder to: Viking Conquest Realism
3. Overwrite that folder with the extracted folder Viking Conquest Realism.
According files are overwritten? You are done.
Start the game as usually and choose the new module "Viking Conquest Realism".
If properly installed, then the launcher has the addition "Realism" in red letters.
And on the main menu (after the game loaded), it appears "1.0 Modified".


Recommended mods (just the ones which i use/d):

- Reworked Environment, by Mark7 (splendid textures, i'm using but not the world map files): https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,335987.0.html
- Shield texture, by bavarian peasant (used effect, a small change, but doesn't hurt): https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,357036.0.html
- Dark Age, by ha3481 (here i use his music tracks, excellent atmosphere enhancing, within a customised music folder and according .txt file): https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,359288.0.html
- Perhaps also see the tutorial thread by Kopfsammler for your very own music customisation (it's pretty easy, really, thus recommended) here: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,336984.0.html



All who are responsible for the M&B Warband and Viking Conquest game assets.
Taleworlds VC forum, here especially the help by kalarhan and kraggrim.
Modsys source files 2.028, Morgh's tool.


(zipped ~ 1.8 MB)

Mirror 1 at: sendspace.com dead link

Mirror 2 at: uploadfiles.io dead link

Mirror 3 at: tinyupload.com dead link, too (i suppose at least)

Mirror 4 at: workupload.com (newly added, June 2022)

Permission: Private use free. Usage in other mods, free as well. Just drop the usual credit where or when credit is due.

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Thread edited: 7th June 2017, some descriptions slightly changed.
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Forgotten to mention: The modfolder consists of the several .txt files which are created with the modsys processing.
The music.txt file is not included, as i think, many use their own customised music folder and .txt file.

Mod compatibility: All music and all pure texture (.dds) mods.
Sounds cool. I like emphasizing foot sloggers. Have to try it when my current play through is done.

Thanks for sharing DaVincix.
Great mod my friend!  :smile:

Should I suggest some realistic armors because the vanilla ones seem rather plain they are like they came from a "fantasy world novel" or something.
Blood Eagle mod has some great stuff, it simulates the difference body types through the clothing and armour.>>> https://www.nexusmods.com/mbwarband/mods/6139/?
Is it possible to implement a Viking Sword and the Dane Axe from this mod>>> https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,264791.0.html

... just in case somebody stumbles over this mod ...

Today, more or less randomly, i updated Warband and VC via Steam to its latest patch versions.

Then i reinstalled the mod and fired up a new Sandbox campaign. I can confirm the mod still works, no errors.
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