Viking Conquest Mods for the latest versions (2.054-2.059)

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There are no mods for VC that involve creating villages or castles. You can create a refuge in VC, but it is not an economic center, instead it is a place to store troops and offer certain services useful to the player. Villages/castles/towns are abstracted representations of the economy of tens of thousands of people living in scattered settlements throughout the surrounding area, so it’s a little hard to conceive of new ones being built freely. I have discussed a possible system for “reviving” ruins in certain locations of the map, but it hasn’t gone past initial idea stage.

At any rate, if you were interested in modding in town building as a player option, I believe the Age of Arthur mod has released its source code and includes town building.

Unfortunately there is no translation into Portuguese, I do not understand why Tales World and the mod creators do not translate their games correctly, they want to translate into languages like Chinese, Polish, French and other irrelevant languages instead of translating into more relevant languages like Portuguese. Portuguese is the third most spoken European language in the Western world, second only to Spanish and English. Oh my God, who in the world speaks French? Hardly anyone, not even French citizens themselves are speaking French, many Arabs and Africans in France.

I would very much like to make an appeal to the developers to stop doing this kind of clowning and not to translate the game into Portuguese and to stop trolling with these translations from French, Polish, Chinese and so on... Turkish is even acceptable since the game was created in Turkey, but the rest of these languages are not!


Large Visual Mods
3) Dark Age Graphic Mod Pack is a lighter version of the graphical overhaul designed for use with VC Balance Mod through a compatibility patch (updated to 13.0) maintained at Discord. Note: the standard version of Dark Age has not yet been updated to VC 2.054.

Dark Age submod version and graphics pack (lighter version) are no longer supported and are not available for download.
Dark Age 867AD updated to VC version 2.054 (released 23/10/2020)
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