[Viking Conquest] Lista mods aggiornate all'ultima patch 2.054 (11/07/2020)

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...Posto qui, perche' in sezione mod ci sono gia un sacco di liste mod per tutti i titoli della serie ed aggiungerne un'altra credo crei solo della confusione...

...in pratica, ho trovato questo link dove un modder @Tingyun , ha realizzato una lista di mod aggiornate all'ultima versione 2.054 per VC:...

...utile per chi cerca una mod e non vuole cercare in un mucchio insieme a quelle vecchie...

VC 2.054 compatible mods

Large Mods
1) Blood Eagle 4.1 Blood Eagle is a graphical overhaul including landscapes and scenes, and includes VC Balance Mod 12.0 for balancing and gameplay. Blood Eagle is one of the most popular VC mods, with version 4 having over 4,000 downloads on ModDB as of the writing of this post.
2) Dark Age 3.4 Dark Age is a graphical overhaul combined with an interesting set of gameplay changes. Dark Age too is extremely popular, with Version 3.4 having around 4,000 downloads on ModDB and Nexus as of the writing of this post.
3) VC Balance Mod 12.0 VC Balance Mod is a comprehensive balancing and gameplay mod. Version 12.0 has approximately 8,000 downloads on ModDB and Nexus as of the writing of this post.

Combining Large Mods
1) Dark Age/VC Balance Mod Linked is the Compatibility patch, follow the included installation instructions to download and install the compatibility Lite version of Dark Age and the current version of Balance Mod.
2) Blood Eagle/VC Balance Mod Blood Eagle 4.0+ includes VC Balance Mod 12.0 by default, no extra steps are required.
3) Dark Age/Blood Eagle These are not possible to combine, but my understanding is they have a similar approach (ie, a 'darker' look than Vanilla VC), so best to simply try both and see whether you like one or the other, or instead prefer the Vanilla VC aesthetic.

Modding Tools
1) VC Tweaks Tool 1.2 Tweaks Tool is an amazing resource. It was first created some 4 years ago, and since then has achieved around 45,000 downloads across versions. On a personal note, I learned modding from using Tweaks Tool, and Balance Mod would not exist in its current form without the wonderful tool, and all that Kalarhan has done to support VC modding.
Note: Tweaks Tool 1.2 is built from VC 2.036, so using it will revert many of the fixes made in the latest VC patches. However, you can merge the VC fixes in yourself by comparing the module files from versions 2.036 and 2.054, or as an alternative, Balance Mod offers an optional download of its source code compatible with Tweaks Tool, and installing that will also update Tweaks Tool to 2.054.

Small Visual Mods
1) Enhanced Shield Patterns A wonderful small mod, this makes shield patterns look more weathered and realistic.
2) Rustic Items Retexture In a similar vein to above, this mod retextures some items to give a more weathered look.
3) Ui Neill Banner Switches the banners between the Ui Neill and Uladh factions.

Small Gameplay Mods
1) Realistic Troops and Items Reworked A set of troop and item tweaks.
2) Viking Conquest Improved A few tweaks to game rules.

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