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I think i found a bug. I was at the trolls bridge  and spoke with him, then i got reown and his weapon and a black screen. Aftert a few seconds i was outside an the campain map and couldnt get back to the troll. I defeated him just with words ^^.
fasthd97 said:
Issues 1)Adventurer companions: I lost Bodo while he was in the party and I was curious if sending him off on a side mission would fix the issue. I felt I had to do something because he was getting wounded doing nothing. I like the Adventurer idea but wouldnt it be better if only some of them ran off to be adventurers?So far 4 separate characters have runoff to be adventurers. Also there is no mechanic to reset their morale so if you lose an important one like Asbjorn your screwed because he never comes back.I tried using bracelets side missions etc to keep him in the party but when he left I had to add surgery to my character since brunhild had a 1 and being pagan I ignore beda.
In the tuatha danaan quest I found  the first set of berserkers wouldnt die ever.This was on the noble factionso I thought maybe i was too weak to finish the mission but I was level 20.  My workaround was to run away until the timer went off and it said i finished the mission.I also couldnt finish the last cave part but I imported my level 30 character and finished with the cheats on.

Hi fasthd97,
First of all, are you playing with normal VC or with the RE beta (please report in,334284.0.html).

1-This is already fixed. Try the next RE patch.
2-That mission it supposed to be "unwinnable", so don't feel bad if you don't do it.
3-The last mission difficulty is being reconsidered.

In my pre reforged VC saves I cant find any longsword or champion swords anywhere even globetrotting with the cheat menu.I cant find the Dog mission anywhere and I fought some raiders who had a dialog about prisoners for a quest but nothing happened with it when i selected I brought steel. 
You should be able to find long swords they are there, I can swear you. The dog is not a mission, you should come up with how to do get one :wink:
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