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This OSP main objective was adding missing family relations to VC. It does a few tweaks on the side that are easy to pick apart.
Every lord that should have a family now has it, including kings. Some kings are related to each other through in-laws. I also changed the name of a few lords that I couldn't find any register off, corrected a few cases of sons/fathers having almost the same age or "impossible" age and fixed one or two duplicate lords that existed in more than one kingdom with the same name. The titles were also standardized between the factions so you know who you are fighting against, with the only exception being "special" lords like Alfred the Great.
The full changelog you can find here:

-Gave lords their missing family relations. They have sons, brothers, sisters and all. Kings also have a family. I should make so aunt/uncle/cousin/nephew relationship goes through mothers/"guardian" style relationship between brothers in the future, but right now I don't know how.
-Added some 6 new ladies, most to replace living characters that weren't account and that needed mothers/wives
-Replaced lords that made no sense (like King Eirikr in Norway which hated Harald) or didn't exist by historical figures. Fixed a lot of lords ages so lords that lived until later aren't too old (and over 100 when they died) or too young to have children (and their children existed sometimes).
-Fixed a few spelling mistaked and changed a few city names to use alternative, more recognizable spelling. Changed faction names to English names rather than local names. Made lord and king titles be standard (and the same) with culture, with a few rare exceptions.
-Changed how Lord personality is distributed. Before it was distributed like this:
*Each lord has a 12.5% chance of being either Martial, quarrelsome, self righteous, cunning or upstanding and a 37.5% of being debauched. Good natured lords don't exist at all.
Now it works liket his:
*Each lord has a 12.5% chance of being either debauched, good natured, quarrelsome, self righteous, cunning or upstanding and a 25% of being Martial. Good natured lords exist. This balance is closer to vanilla where martial lords are more likely.
-Re-implemented what was in the code about seeing a lord reputation.
-Fixed a missing (try_end) in #restaurar faccion chief (line 8939) of module_simple_triggers.py that might have caused some unexpected behavior.I commented the rest of the line(line 8956) "#(try_begin), #(eq, "$cheat_mode", 1)," since it didn't  seem to do anything.
-Removed a few duplicate strings.
-Added a bit more information for companions (move data to second companion screen).
-Reduced starting renown to 0.

And you can download it here: https://mega.nz/#!uVZUGahT!NRvoY1cNACkG5vvRWBXpKklrUdfYnZIdBSSgesGKN3I

What needs to be done:
Sons/brother/daughter relations now gets passed matrilineally, but not aunt/uncle/cousin relations. These relations are missing and should be in but that may go beyond my capacities. So this is done for now.

To play this just use the VC compiler on it and replace the files in your VC module folder, always remember to make backup copies though.

Feel free to integrate this on your mod, as long as you give credit for what you take. Have fun!


I don't know what a VC compiler is or how to use it, but I am interested in using this for my next playthrough, can you release a version of this that is able to be used without having to do all that.


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Verisoxy said:
Any chance of integrating this with VC Balance mod?

Zakarum contacted me a couple weeks back to ask about integrating into Balance Mod, and I remain very excited about the potential in some of his changes. In particular, I'd love to have kings have families. However, I think it needs to be tested first as its own mod, because King families aren't something warband has by default, and I want to make sure glitches don't crop up.

Balance Mod 6.0 already had added the missing family relationships except for kings (some 10-15 of them, I listed them all here: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,372884.msg8980080.html#msg8980080). 7.0 took a different approach with lord personalities (instead of changing the probabilities away from the bad personalities like Zakarum, I've instead adjusted the relationship drops, the idea being to make the average VC lord continue to be kind of a jerk, but not inevitably end up in a cycle of treachery.). 5.0 had already reduced starting renown. Finally, some other aspects of Zakarum’s mod (like standardizing all titles and changing everything to English), while I completely understand and respect his reasons, do not fit into my goals for Balance Mod, as I very much like VC’s mixed language and titles atmosophere.

But Zakarum has done some really interesting things here, and if playtesting shows no bugs, I'd love to take Zakarum up on his offer and add in his king family relationships, and probably also the matrilineal sibling relations and notes additions.
pizzaman_6 said:
I don't know what a VC compiler is or how to use it, but I am interested in using this for my next playthrough, can you release a version of this that is able to be used without having to do all that.

Furthering on from Pizzaman_6, if you cannot change the form in which the mod comes, can you at least tell us where we can attain a VC compiler an then tell us how to use it.


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If you want to learn how to compile VC/warband, here is a tutorial: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?topic=240255.0

Note this mod was made for VC 2.036, the prior version. VC 2.044 included 30-40 bug fixes, so you might want to use winmerge to update the files before using.

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