viking conquest and AMD FX CPUs

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So I had to down size and get rid of my more modern gaming PC, I'm a avid retro gamer and chose to keep my older system that can still run XP for EXA and game port support. That and ms-dos support support since I can put a SB live in the system witch supports dos. I play blood and mechwarrior2 a lot and dos-box does not like those 2 game at higher screen res.

Amway I know viking conquest has far higher system requirements then warband but I was wondering how a AMD FX CPU handed the game? I know a gtx 580 can play the game rather fine as I had one years ago in a x58 system.
Id try the game and find out but I'm waiting on a better GPU for the system as it had a old GF7 card in it.

System specs.
990fx motherboard.
FX 4350 at 4.5ghz.
2 GTX 580 3gb in sli
32gb DDR3 2133mhz.
2 sata SSDs in raid-0.
MS-Dos, winXP, win7, and linux quad boot.
1600x1200 screen res.

I'm moving the water cooling system from my modern gaming PC into the FX system so I should be able to hit closer to 5ghz on the CPU, I was going to get a FX-8530 or better down the road after I sell my modern system.

From my experience, Viking Conquest doesn't need much more than Warband. Of course, it's a bigger game, but I think the only issue could be the bad optimization of the game code, as you can lose fps just in huge battles.
You can only find out while playing, as always in these cases you can't tell if the game works fine with your GPU or CPU until you're right in the battlefield.
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