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I was surprised by how many videos I found for this project.  I don't really keep an eye on this stuff; I haven't made much of an effort to market the mod or anything.  Anyhow, a lot of these are neat, and I think it is cool to share this stuff with others:

My new shader test video:

RedBowlNL's nice LP series:

ClawedRebel's nice LP (I wish he was using the latest build, though, the grass was broken in that one, lol).

Callistman's awesome playthrough series.  A good trip through the process of being a Brigand.  Great music, good intros, interested to see how it ends:

Steff's awesome video-tutorial series:  how to kick ass as a Barbarian:

Tournament exhibition -

Siege Attack -

Eyecandy forestlake -

The "ultraviolence" series.  The music's totally hilarious:

Ghosty's video has hella better music than mine did:

Anyhow, please let me know via PM if there are others I should add. 

Watching this stuff, watching what other people get out of it... I feel like I've created some sort of cult classic or something  :lol:
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