BL Coding [via XML] How to ragdoll Enemys with a throwing Axe?

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I was once(1.3.0) able to let Enemys ragdoll over 10m, when they got hit by my custom created Twohanded Axe. (CraftedItem Mod)
Now its not possible anymore, doesnt matter what i tried.
I lost my files somehow due to wrong deleting of files by myself and cant recreate this effect for my new Project: Mjolnir.

Does anyone have an idea which value or string etc. is able to do this?
Or did the Devs changed something, so its not possible anymore?
Please help, i'm lost..
thrust_speed="1000" >
CanKnockDown="true" />

This seems to knock things around a bit for arrows, though it isn't quite as comical as I'd like and I'm not sure that thrust speed is actually having an effect. If anyone else has ideas on the subject it would be nice to have a C# example for sending enemies flying from a simple punch.
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I know you're looking for an XML solution but I was poking around in C# and came across:

It will ragdoll an agent but if called while they're in the middle of an attack animation they freeze. I haven't found how to deactivate ragdoll yet so calling it on an agent immediately drops them to the ground and any agent that was attacking them stays locked onto them. It's not a solution but it may help someone if they're digging around looking for a way to Asterix/Obelix punch empire soldiers into the stratosphere.

If anyone figures out how to do this, please share.
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