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I have started this mod, and i'm totally stunned of the extreme realism of the battle scenes: sometimes i have difficulty to remember that i'm not really in the year of grace 1460...

The battle scenes are incredibly realistic, they remember to me movies and books of the past, like "the Black Arrow", or various remebrances of Jeanne dArc movies.

Damn, tis really GOOD!

I have also some  whinnings complaints to do:

some writes remind to Calradia and Calradian states: you must find these mistakes and correct;
the Npc's and pretenders are remained the same: new faces, new images, but when asked, they tell the usual old story. I have found a Valois parent in Reims that told me to be....The Pearled One! hahah!
Can you adjust these little mistakes?

For all the rest, well, nothing to whinning complaint, all super-beautiful, all historical a lot.

I have also started an AAR about my own character, an italian merchant's son became a Valois mercenary leader because loss of chances in his own country, in Year of Grace 1460: i loved translate, but i know only a few Elizabethian and no ancient French at all.
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