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I love the Mount & Blade series ever since I found the original M & B in an old GAME store in my local town in Wales, United Kingdom. I know the developers at Taleworlds at brilliant at doing what they do and they know exactly how to best develop their own game, however I would just like to drop some ideas that will maybe help in some way, (probably not or they are already working on better versions of any ideas I have) but nonetheless I am going to leave my ideas here on my page.

*Little disclaimer* - I know the game is in early access and most of the ideas I speak about are most likely already in the works or are not able to be implemented into the game. Despite this I am still going to talk about them. I am on current patch e1.5.2 and the date as of today is 11/10/2020.

-The clouds above the map are visible when zoomed in close to your party and jitter across the sky when moving at normal speed and I feel like this interferes with immersion.
-The edges of the map may need a fix.
-More companions please, as when "hero's can die" is enabled companions can die and I think this is excellent as it makes the player feel emotion when long time companions die, however an extended playthrough may lead to a distressingly small amount of companions left.
-(I think this is very obvious and is most likely already been discussed and worked on) larger variety of quests and quests are that are perhaps more fun based instead of quests which are more "go here and do this". (No disrespect here just honest opinion).
-More dialogue with all NPC's as this is what makes the world of Calradia feel more real and immersive. (Again I know this is very obvious and the developers are 100% way ahead of me about all of these ideas).
-The ability to move children from settlements before they are 18.
-The ability to give family and companions fiefs when you are a ruler of a kingdom.
-Funerals for dead companions or family, again just adds to immersion of the player and the narrative of each player's own story they are living in Calradia.
-The return of assassination attempts like in Warband, that only occur when a certain amount of negative relation has accumulated between player and a lord.
-Return of bandit ambush like seen in Warband.
-Return of feasts.
-Return of large, lord organised tournaments. I know there are tournaments in Bannerlord but they do not feel like the special events as they were in Warband due to the player having access to them at all times. If they are more of a rare occasion they have more intrigue and interest from players as they would not usually have access to tournaments.
-I feel like a change to the voting system for newly captured fiefs would be welcomed by the community, as the lords seem to be randomly chosen which can have a negative response from players who are not put up for the vote despite capturing the settlement single-handedly. I'm not suggesting the players should be always favourites to win the fief every time they capture a settlement without help, however they should at least be one of the three options in the vote.
-I personally like training fields as they gave more immersion to the game e.g. training your troops and if a player is fully immersed, a break from the usual Bannerlord lifestyle as a lord or warlord to train their new recruits for a day.
-More designs for capes, cloaks and hoods would be great as many players like a mysterious look in medieval fantasy games.
-Companion complaints about recent events, but remove any actual effects they have. The complaints should be there simply for immersion.
-Prison breaks. If a player is in captivity there should be an option for attempted break out from the prison they are being kept in. If they succeed they are free and if not they will remain in captivity until they get another chance to escape or are ransomed.(Each failed escape attempt means the next opportunity for a prison break will take more time to come around.
-More quests from village elders, in Warband it really felt as if you made bonds with villagers you frequently helped with quests.
-Addition of bounty hunter quests, similar to "Hunt down Fugitive" in Warband. Would be great if they were handed out by tavern keepers but the quests were quite rare to acquire (only a 5% chance a tavern keeper will have this quest when you speak to them). This will stop the quests from becoming stale and repetitive. Makes sense for tavern keepers to have this quest if the tavern keeper explains a lords party left the bounty note and to report to them when the task is finished.
-Internal political rivalries between clans would be a positive way to increase immersion and add content to Bannerlord. Rivalries should occur randomly at a low percentage but also arise from grievances over spouses and fiefs like in Warband. Intense rivalries that escalate to extreme levels of negative relations between NPC's or between NPC and player should result in events. For example, events should be arguments and brawls (like in taverns with drunks in Warband) in feasts and even duels if a lord is knocked unconscious in a brawl during a feast. This should be able to happen to both player and NPC's so if a duel does happen between NPC's the player should have the opportunity to watch. The death percentage should be upped to 25% in a duel. If a lord is killed in a duel my earlier idea of assassination attempts can arise from these circumstances as revenge from the family of the slain lord.

Again I'm sure these ideas are either not possible to add or the talented developers at Taleworlds already have their own plans and ideas they wish to bring into the game. This is simply my ideas that I hope to see in the game as I truly believe Bannerlord could be one of the games of the decade with a little more content and immersion so the players really feel as if they are in a living breathing world with real lords, companions and family members. I can go into much more fine detail and specifics on each point if needed.

Thanks for reading,
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