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Perisno - Version 0.772 Released!

Go Here to find download links:,284936.0.html

- [Fixed] Knockdown Bug
- [Fixed] Drachen Sword not showing in scabbard
- [Fixed] Rotten Wolf Meat still gives morale bonus
- [Fixed] Double Recruits
- [Fixed] Helms that were poking out of heads
- [Fixed] Retreat Issue didn't let you retreat from battles
- [Fixed] Issues with Grund
- [Fixed] Flag Meshes when starting a battle
- [Added] Dodge toggle on/off

- [Added] Hunted meats to the list of things that can go rotten
- [Changed] Zann warning day in case player has changed Zann invasion date in game settings
- [Changed] Zann faction value on Zann invasion day to correct number (was previously out of range)
- [Changed] Trigger for Lords that were exiled so they can return if correct setting is chosen in game settings menu
- [Fixed] AI Patrols
- [Fixed] Double Bodyguard Spawns
- [Fixed]  Manhunters unable to spawn at cities higher than 22, so 5 more cities get manhunters
- [Changed] Kingdom spawn for parties

- [Changed] PBOD v92beta  Pre Battle Orders & Deployment displace the previous Formations and formations AI code.
- [Changed] re-assign out of ammunition archers, crossbow, and throwing weapons troops to infantry or any other group you define.
- [Changed] spears or polearm weapons can be braced to do extra damage to mounts
- [Added] unhorsed cavalry and horse archers can be automatically re-assigned to infantry or some other group you define
- [Changed] Foraging has been enhanced, especially near towns and villages
- [Changed] You can now make more food with foraging
- [Changed] Princess marriage test: the routine where the two princesses decide if they will agree to your marriage proposal has always
    given red messages and conflicting signals to the player.  We've decided to close the princesses leggings and give each of them
    some pride.
- [Changed] Bows do 18% more damage (Bows did 20% less damage in 0.76)
- [Fixed] Some dialogs are fixed where there were gender mistakes
- [Added] Options toggles chiefly to allow disable of Combat Enhancements

- [FIXED] Hakkon heavy footman and legionnaire are no longer sorted as archers
- [ADDED] New Murdenholl Scene
- [FIXED] Issues with some dwarf armor/helmets
- [FIXED] General Iolach Crash
- [FIXED] Troops Wearing wrong helms
- [CHANGED] Item Sorting
- [CHANGED] Items are adjusted by stats
- [CHANGED] Encumbrance is now meaningful
- [CHANGED] Troop stats increased about 10% except archers, who are about 10% less power draw
- [CHANGED] Module.ini adjusted to increase armor soak values
- [CHANGED] Diplomacy Settings to fit more factions
- [ADDED] Combat Enhancements
- [CHANGED] Crossbows reload slightly faster if agility is > 8, per point of added agility
- [ADDED] Troops will slow down as they are injured
- [ADDED] troops may sprint up to 8 seconds under AI control
- [ADDED] New, Better Looking Troop Tree viewer
- [Added] Items viewer
- [CHANGED] Some skills are modified
- [CHANGED] Taxes and rents are less profitable
- [CHANGED] Lowered Enterprise costs
- [CHANGED] More things can go rotten than before
- [ADDED] Ability to smoke meats from camp menu under actions
- [CHANGED] New food types added that are NOT able to go rotten
- [ADDED] Formations!
- [ADDED] Battle Cries
- [CHANGED] Troops definitions are modified according to Mel's Perisno but with some editing

[BUFFED]      Nox of Zephili has a larger minimum party size than before (300 troops)
[BUFFED]      Dwarf Armour Buffs from MelsPerisno
[BUFFED]      Dwarf troops now have a little more Ironflesh than other factions
[BUFFED]      Zann are much more numerous
[BUFFED]      Constables train more garrison units and to higher levels

[NERFED]      Selling prisoners to anyone other than ransom brokers will earn you 10% less gold (including Ramun the Slave Trader)

[FIXED]        Valahir, Falcon, and Kaikoth villages had the wrong scenes and village elders
[FIXED]        Diplomacy Horse Speed setting being inverted (now defaults to disabled as it should be)
[FIXED]        Falcon Faction will no longer declare war on other factions, unless it is due to treaties
[FIXED]        You can now always recruit your chancellor (fixes a bug where he disappears)
[FIXED]        Scouts/Patrols/Minor Nobles use player kingdom culture (Cultural Parties)
[FIXED]        Disabled some meshes that don't actually exist (banner-related, e.g. arms mesh)
[FIXED]        Drinking consumables (Wine, Ale, Whiskey, Water, Beer) now give morale
[FIXED]        Gold & Gems are now proper trade goods
[FIXED]        Selling slaves to tavern keeper
[FIXED]        Infinite numbers of player kingdom scouts
[FIXED]        Player kingdom culture not working
[FIXED]        Replaced "scillingas" with "aurums"
[FIXED]        Recruiting villages from a village owned by a new faction will now recruit the proper troops (only showed the correct name before)
[FIXED]        Ramun the Slave Trader in Forde now buys prisoners for the proper price

[CHANGED]  Domestic policy can now be changed every 7 days on average (instead of 30)
[CHANGED]  Tavern actions are now timed based on towns
                    6 hours between gambling
                    24 hours between buying a round of drinks
                    168 hours between selling prisoners
[CHANGED]  Rents gained have now been increased by 4x
[CHANGED]  Enterprises have been adjusted in cost and profit on average
                    Name - Purchase Cost - Profit Per Week
                    Bakery - 4k - 1k
                    Brewery - 6k - 1.5k
                    Tannery - 8k - 2k
                    Wine press - 14k - 3.5k
                    Oil press - 16k - 4k
                    Ironworks - 18k - 4.5k
                    Dyeworks - 20k - 5k
                    Wool Weave - 10k - 2.5k
                    Linen Weave - 12k - 3k
[CHANGED]  Improvements cost and time have been changed, time is now a lot less
[CHANGED]  Enabled Perisno Development Cheats to the public (no reason to disable it)
[CHANGED]  Diplomacy AI & Economic changes default to Medium
[CHANGED]  Acres now generate 8x as much profit, and every week instead of 2 weeks
[CHANGED]  Message from adviser about kingdom patrols now specifies which party was organised
[CHANGED]  Training Grounds are now hidden if Fog of War is enabled
[CHANGED]  1 Minor Noble per town, 2 Patrols per town, 3 Scouts per town, +1 scout per castle
[CHANGED]  Doubled price of consumables
[CHANGED]  Doubled weight of consumables
[CHANGED]  Tripled amount of consumables
[CHANGED]  Merged most of the dialogue from MelsPerisno (Thanks Mel!)
[CHANGED]  Changing culture is usually not free
                    Default price is 100k aurums
                    Reduced by 40k if player was previously a vassal of that faction
                    Reduced by 20k if the player started in a town of that faction
                    Reduced by 20k if the player owns a town from that faction
                    Reduced by 20k if the player has a vassal from that faction
                    Multiplied by 1.5 if the culture is Falcon or Valahir
                    Multiplied by 3 if the culture is Redwood or Kaikoth
                    Multiplied by 6 if the culture is Zann (Must have invaded)
                    Multiplied by 5 if the original cultures faction has been destroyed
                    Perisno culture is free
                    No culture is free
[CHANGED]  When changing kingdom culture to "Favour None", a message is now displayed
[CHANGED]  Slightly less lag due to timing of simple triggers being changed
[CHANGED]  Bread, Fruit, and Butter can now become rotten
[CHANGED]  Deathcam updated to v1.4 (Rotate with numpad, invert Y-Rotation)

[ADDED]      You can tell patrols recruited via the constable to follow you, like a lord
[ADDED]      New Valahir Village "Brial", near Grindr
[ADDED]      Option to specify how many hours you will spend when waiting at a village or town
[ADDED]      Option to set zann invasion date
[ADDED]      No Inheritance when creating a character
[ADDED]      Option to change reinforcement wave ammount
[ADDED]      Option to change reinforcement threshold multiplier
[ADDED]      Option to change reinforcement troop multiplier
[ADDED]      Option to change rest multiplier when camping/in town up to 168 hours (1 week)
[ADDED]      Option to charge when dead
[ADDED]      Option to sort troops in parties automatically
[ADDED]      Option to sort all troops in player party automatically
[ADDED]      Option to sort all troops in player garrisons automatically
[ADDED]      Unloot Village Cheat

[REMOVED]  Players selling specific prisoners to tavern keeper (most now sell all prisoners)
[REMOVED]  Diplomacy options camp menu
[REMOVED]  Disabled wyvern quest due to buggyness

- [Added] Levelcap at 50 for troops to improve slow leveling
- [Added] Light Armor for Desouk Slave Girls
- [Added] slight adjustments to certain heraldic armours to make smoother progressions
- [Added] specific facecodes to Ankars and Female Slaves to match "skinny" armor
- [Added] civilian clothes to Zann and Falcons for town scenes
- [Buffed] Tolrania by giving infantry higher definitions
- [Buffed] Female Assassins Armor
- [Added] 3% Dodge per athletics point and Iron Flesh damage soak
- [Added] more variety to court ladies hairstyles for most kingdoms
- [Changed] Tolranian Troops to wear Heraldic Armor
- [Changed] Slave-to-Gladiator lines (both male and female) to reflect a Roman style
- [Changed] the ever-popular Princess Linthradil to be prettier
- [Changed] Perisno male pilgrims to shield-wall infantry
- [Changed] name of Legion Archers to Sagittarii and names of slave-gladiator line to match Gladiatrixes
- [Changed] Desouk Male Slaves to upgrade to Sagitarii
- [Changed] Player Bows in merchandise slightly
- [Changed] Drastically nerfed troop numbers of post invasion Zann spawns
- [Changed] mercenaries wages to 150% instead of 166%
- [Changed] Cities now have more food
- [Changed] Increased fish at fishing villages
- [Changed] Increased number of items for sale at villages
- [Changed] Slightly lowered merchant money and added 1 pathfinding
- [Changed] Routed enemies do not force second battle
- [Changed] Bluewood Rangers now on Blue Warhorses
- [Changed] Wolf Knights and Wolf Constables now ride wolfs
- [Changed] Ankars Rangers and Virago Heroines now ride white tigers
- [Changed] Party now consuming 2/3 of previous food amount daily
- [Changed] Where correct betrothal takes to elope or "Perhaps I can pursuade your husband" choice,
player is sent straight to the wedding cutscene
- [Changed] Marriage no longer forces elope in certain situations
- [Changed] Fighting minor factions and bandits now reduces player relations to those
- [Changed] Waiting time now passes slower
- [Changed] Perisno male troop line to not switch so much from foot to horse to foot
- [Changed] some weapons that were too short for cavalry
- [Changed] Adjusted looting to reduce loss to troop size and boost personal shares
- [Improved] Princess Marriage
- [Improved] Dwarf armours, helms and shields slightly (+2 pts. for armour, 20 hit points for shields)
- [Improved] Tigers, Wolfs, Camels, Twilight Horse and Yumi Bows
- [Improved] Athletics skill for infantry
- [Removed] Adjusted inheritances: removed flamebringer, replaced rhino with armored tur
- [Fixed] Fountain Hall Siege scene fixed
- [Fixed] wpex for T2 & T3 female Pilgrims (they use polearms)
- [Fixed] Dialogs with parties the player helped, now should no longer display the enemy's statement
- [Fixed] Baibars Hakkon remembered how to ride
- [Fixed] Elvarie Guardian changed to spear infantry default
- [Fixed] Hakkon Legionnaires changed to infantry default
- [Fixed] Perisno Female Pilgrims, Gladiatrix and Gladiators changed to infantry default
- [Fixed] Grain is now taken correctly from players inventory after completion of the "deliver grain" quest
- [Fixed] scout parties bug
- [Fixed] "bald hairstyle" bug
- [Fixed] Companion Dialogs
- [Fixed] Peasant Rebels dialog
- [Fixed] Bluewood quest dialog
- [Fixed] wpex of Mercenary Stalker to archer
- [Fixed] Ridable Rhinos to make you sit on them rather than in them
- [Fixed] Floating Helsing BoltsNote: Might include more and might get completed later in case something else comes to our mind that has been forgotten.
- [Added]      Unique Balancing System for troop stats
- [Added]      Inheritances
- [Added]      Secret Chest to Fountain Hall
- [Added]      Fountain Hall Scene
- [Added]      2nd Female Trooptree for Perisno troops
- [Added]      Gladiatrixes (Female Slave Rebels)
- [Added]      Perisno Darkforest Cavalry now upgrades to Runed Knight
- [Added]      Faith Templar now upgrades to Faith Paladin
- [Added]      Perisno Pioneers are now upgradable
- [Added]      Bluewood Noble now upgrades to Bluewood Duke
- [Added]      Bluewood Foot Knight now upgrades to Bluewood Forest Warden
- [Added]      Lymbard Dismounted Squires and Knights replacing the Sellswords
- [Added]      Freelancer Swordsmaster now upgrades to Dismounted Knight
- [Added]      Ankars are now upgradable
- [Changed]  Large Bounty Quests in taverns
- [Changed]  Selling Prisoners to tavern keeper
- [Changed]  Ransom Broker now also sells female slaves
- [Changed]  Falcon Relations lowered to prevent war declarations at beginning,
                    due to enforced alliances and defense pacts
- [Changed]  Some weapons with "crush through" to make them crush through.
- [Changed]  Arrows inconsistent with pricing system
- [Changed]  Outlaw Spawns, adding Advanced Bandits and Female troops for more challenge
- [Changed]  Eagle Knights and Demon Worshippers now have lords again
- [Changed]  Payment Requests for Companions, adjusted to their equip (still pretty favorable)
- [Changed]  Ankars
- [Changed]  Bluewood Trooptree
- [Changed]  Freelancer Trooptree
- [Changed]  Glory Seeking Men&Bandit Destroyers now spawn with their advanced tiers
- [Changed]  Horses by retexturing them. Thanks to Lor Dric
- [Removed] Some armors for now, reviewing their meshes for 0.8
- [Removed] Wolf Knights now have more Pages instead of Sellswords
- [Removed] Unfinished Leuven Scene   
- [Removed] Huntable Rhinos that were bugged
- [Removed] Escort from Recruiter as it counted to recruits and had been added to garrison upon return
- [Removed] Second entry for Eagle Knights in the troopfile which created 2 different stacks and made
                    them available as mercenaries, which they aren't supposed to be
- [Fixed]      Freelancer Infantry now levels correctly
- [Fixed]      Mosoru War Rider now rides a horse and even has shoes
- [Fixed]      Khul Vara Siege Scene
- [Fixed]      CTD when attacking Demon Marshal Ialoch (not 100% certain)
- [Fixed]      Spiked Hammer
- [Fixed]      Oversized Pike
- [Fixed]      Perisno Twilight Horse and Imperial Charger
- [Fixed]      Elven females are very short compared to all males
- [Fixed]      "The White Face Glitch" - aka "The Curse" :lol:
- [Fixed]      Drachen Knappe now has shoes
- [Fixed]      Mosoru Maiden Riders and Cavalry now have power draw
- [Fixed]      Steel Bolts and Axebow Axes adjusted
- [Fixed]      Kaikoth Mountain Keeper now keeps the helm whith the upgrade

Note: Might include more and might get completed later in case something else comes to our mind that
          has been forgotten.

Now to our promised! :lol:

Unfixed or still persisting bugs due to our lack of coders and time:
- [Persisting] Dialogues with friendlies after winning a battle still identical with enemy dialogue
- [Persisting] Grain remains in inventory after completing villager quest
- [Persisting] Culture Bug: When selecting faction culture in the kingdom management screen, your lords respect
                    your culture choice, but your villages still only allow you to recruit Perisno recruits.
- [Persisting] Infinite scout creation bug for player kingdoms and (unconfirmed) ignorance towards neutral hostiles
- [Persisting] Concerning the Bluewood quest, the answer "The blue elves already disgust me." doesn't stop the
                    conversation and proceeds with the dialogue instead.
- [Persisting] Issue with rescue prisoner quest. In case a sister gives it, it might be cancelled immediately after.
- [Persisting] Nobility issue with banners
- [Persisting] Companion Dialogues are still not finished, some minor stuff in others isn't as well
- [Persisting] Lyre of Yralis quest needs Info in the quest log
- [Persisting] The menu "Visit landlords and moneylenders" refers to "scillingas" as money instead of aurums
- [Persisting] Due to the implemented Diplomacy mod, Falcon still declare war at beginning of game which
                    they are supposed to not do at all
- [Unfixed]    Helsing Bolts float slightly above their victims bodies
- [Unfixed]    Helsing Crossbow seems to phase through my character model when sheathed
- [Unfixed]    Our major quests are still bugged. This includes the "Wyvvern Quest","Missing Portraits" and the
                    "Royal Scribe Dialogue"(last is unconfirmed)

Note: We apologize for this. We hope to get these fixed for 0.8. We have done and will do our best.
                                      ---Join us in hope or join us to help if you can!---

- [Fixed] Princess ages not consistent
- [Fixed] Kingdom Ladies cannot be courted "no one is available in our family for wedding"
- [Fixed] leakage of ladies across borders when building families
- [Fixed] Princesses (and Kingdom Ladies) with incorrect or not assigned personality types
- [Fixed] cleared Princesses from receiving love interests at start of game
- [Removed] tavern brawl music
- [Fixed] Queen Arlina is now Elf instead of human
- [Fixed] Drahara Elephant Riders do ride on elephants again
- [Fixed] Demon Marshal Ialoch horse is bugged, causes a crash
- [Added] New Ridable Animal
- [Fixed] Zann Troop Tree
- [Fixed] Dreaded One Crash
- [Fixed] Tolrania Kingsman will now spawn with helmets
- [Removed Buggy Formations]
- [changed]  Kingdom ladies and the families at start.  There are more of them, in more complex families, and most of them are marryable if not married and have either a father or brother listed in their family tree.  This had a small tweak for less spillover across borders for small kingdoms.
- [added] Queen Arlina is an elf now
- [fixed] Rulers and some lords now look slightly less aged.
- [fixed] Asking if a (male) player character can join a lord's family by marriage when that lord has an available daughter
        no longer returns a "no women in our family are available" response.
- [fixed, really this time!]  Princesses Linthrandil and Bergit have their suitors list cleared and skipped getting girlfriends, even though they are "lords"
- WIP    Orphans (ladies with no father or brother) can be found at court, and courted at feasts but they can't (yet) be married, as normally you have to ask their father or guardian, and even eloping has a check for that.  Thus it's a "work in progress"
- [fixed] temperaments of ladies broken in .71, fixed in .72, allowing courting to resume (poetry etc work again)
- [fixed, I hope]  Marriage cut scene often flipped roles if you were a male player marrying either of the two female princesses.  The game sees they are of type "lord" and presumed you MUST be a female, so wanted to honor you with a beautiful wedding dress.  Much hilarity ensued... Hopefully its a little better now.

{other changes}
[fixed/added]  Crossbows brought up to be more in line with skilled bows in terms of tactical value to solve Elf domination
[adjusted] troops slightly changed to better balance factions.
[fixed] Draharan Elephant mercenaries ride elephants again.
[fixed]  banners available to all races IF your father was an "impoverished noble"
[removed] Did we mention formations are now back to native?  Too many people got stuck with old formations.
[fixed] a few stray gender lines missed last time (38 dialog snippets?  And .71 was  > 1000)
[added] debug information in cheat menu for relationships debug.  If you really must skip the sweet talk...
[added] New Grund scene
[added] New Karnoth scene
[added] Gave a free "Merchant's Ledger" to everyone at start of game, regardless of how your back story was.
This is to help track prices at different towns, and sometimes is useful for other things.  I you get two, just sell the second one.  They share the same content.

- [Removed] Fire Bow
- [Fixed] No nobility status
- [Fixed] Perisno Ruins typo
- [Fixed] Dreaded One recruiting prisoners mechanic
- [Fixed] Overpowered Bow
- [Fixed] Dwallnor, Karnoth and Fountain Hall Siege walls
- [Added] Mosuru Minor Faction
- [Fixed] Gender issues, where non human races were messed up
- [Added] Families of Kingdom Lords and Ladies are now more frequent and sometimes more complex
- [Fixed] Ladies from both Elf and Dwarf kingdoms now with their respected races
- [Fixed] You can now marry Dwarf and Falcon ladies
- [Added] Some ladies accompany the Zann.
- [Added] Ladies showing as belonging to a king and his faction have a chance to show at feasts even if they have no father or guardian assigned.
- [Fixed] The 2 Princesses and Queen Trisna no longer are assigned female love interests at start of game, which should make for less competition for players seeking to court them.
- [Changed] Player enterprises no longer have a 7 day timer before being available to contribute to paydays.
- [Changed] Village improvements cost is lowered; your peasants can now make caltrops, ditches, and other improvements at less cost, in line with their smaller size and income compared to cities and castles.
- [Fixed] Dread One no longer steals prisoners at midnight.
- [Fixed] All three player races (Human, Elf, Dwarf) can make female characters.
- [Fixed] Perisno Ruins can be entered and left again
- [Added] Some outlaw parties are voiced
- [Added] Ridable Tiger
- [Fixed] Zann Troop Tree
- [Updated] Some Map Textures

- [Added] 4 more unique spawns (more to come)
- [Added] New Female Faces
- [Added] New Female Sounds
- [Added] 1 new random event (more to come)
- [Fixed] Some glowing shields, horses, and helmets
- [Added] Dreaded One turns prisoners into Dreaded Fallen
- [Added] New Male Faces
- [Added] Bluewood Troops can now be upgraded
- [Added] Bodyguards when in taverns/cities/villages
- [Added] Forage skill
- [Fixed] Various Menus (faction colors, Faction Relation)
- [Removed] A lot of worthless armor
- [Changed] All Game Menus
- [Added] More Items
- [Added] Bridge Battles
- [Fixed] Shadow Gauntlets won't cause missing arms
- [Added] Town lord's mesh to the menu
- [Added] More Banners
- [Lowered] Weight of Imperial Captain Armor
- [Added] Hunting Mod
- [Added] Village Militia Quest
- [Added] Sprinting
- [Added] New Map Icons
- [Added] Banking System
- [Changed] Npcs will now keep gear when becoming vassals
- [Added] Recruiter now gets a few personal guards
- [Done] Most of the armor is Feminized
- [Added] Realm of The Falcon
- [Added] Elven Race
- [Added] Tavern Animations
- [Removed] Female Peasants and Lady head coverings
- [Added] Dwarf Race & Faction

List for features and things to do that will/should make 0.7
- [100%] Feminize all armors
- [100%] Dreaded One recruiting prisoners script
- [100%] Foragers
- [100%] Add Falcon faction
- [100%] Dwarven Race
- [100%] Elven Race
- [100%] New Female Faces, Sounds
- [100%] New Male Faces
- [100%] Give Praetorian Cavalry the empire cavalry sword/spatha
- [100%] Bugfixing
- [100%] Adding Certain Features for MelsPerisno

Features <overall list>
[0%] Adding Different Game Start
- [5%] New Galwe Features
- [0%] Add more kingdom management options
- [0%] Prisoner trains
- [0%] Raider parties
- [0%] War parties
- [0%] More mercenary companies to hire
- [0%] Faction outposts/forts that can be attacked for unique loot
- [35%] Add 3 houses factions 
- [20%] Add rumor system
- [0%] More, larger food items (military rations, supply wagon)
- [85%] Bandits taking castles 
- [0%] Scripted Events for 0.7
    - [0%] Maccavian civil war
    - [0%] The Valahir invasion of mainland (into Reich and Maccavia)
    - [10%] Jin Invasion
    - [0%] Tolrania-Redwood war 
- [0%] Random Events
- [0%] 0.7 Quests
    - [0%] Hakkon Inquisition
    - [0%] New/Old Gods quests
    - [0%] A lot of Adventurer's Guild quests
    - [0%] Demon Worshipper Quests
    - [0%] Companion quests
- [40%] Jin Troops
- [10%] Perisnoan Ruins
    - [0%] Quest NPC, merchant NPC, troop NPC
    - [0%] Roman equipment is Third Legion merchant specific
- [30%] More unique spawns and better unique spawning system 
- [0%] Riderless mounts/spawns that spawn in parties around Perisno
- [0%] Blood HUD
- [0%] Religion

Bugs/smaller features:
- [0%] Make the liquer have moral value
- [5%] More, larger food items (military rations, supply wagon)



>New unique spawns
We will be adding many more interesting unique spawns in 0.7. It is up to you to find out who they are and what their story is. All of them will be formidable but will yield great rewards.
Unique spawn 1:
Queen Aegea is the Queen of the Amazons.
She is very young, and has only recently been crowned, after her mother died a few years ago. She has had a very deep hatred of Tolranians ever since her close friend was captured and killed by one of their lords. However, she is friendly with the Redwood Elvarie and considers them as allies, ever since she was saved by Queen Arlina in a battle against Tolranians. As a result, she wears an Elvarie helm and so does all of her guards, as a gesture of respect towards the Redwood Nation. Queen Aegea is a skilled warrior in both the bow and the blade and it is said that even the Redwood Queen herself cannot match her in archery. Her army is composed of elite Amazon warriors and her guard troop, the Amazon Queen's guard, are almost as formidable as she is.
>New questlines and places to visit
Places like the Perisnoan ruins can be visited and there will be more questlines. These questlines will be much better than the previous ones, like the Illican ones, and the Illican questline may be polished up as well.

>The Great Library of Galwe
The Center of Learning, the town of Galwe, will have its own unique scene and many features to go along with it. There will be a unique menu in the town of Galwe that leads to the library, where the player can become a scholar! There will be options to buy books there, meet scholars and level up your intelligence, do some interesting quests, and much more.
Galwe also gives +5 renown every 2 weeks to the owner of the town and attracts people to it from all over the world. You will find travelers, adventurers, and scholars alike in there who will be willing to share their tales with you.
Galwe will have a unique town troop called the Galwe Kingsmen. These are some of the most elite troops in the kingdom of Tolrania, and all of them are more than capable in killing anyone who will dare attack their beloved city. The good news is, the Galwe guard will support you, the player, provided that you do nothing to harm their library.

>New Kingdom Management features and more AI kingdom depth
We are going to add a lot of new kingdom management features, and the player will need to rely on the Highmarshal more and more in the future. Via the highmarshal, the player can hire war parties, special mercenary parties, etc. It is also planned for factions to have prisoner trains, war parties, and their own mercenary companies. Their existing parties will be polished up too.

>Blood HUD
Self Explanatory

>New city, Village, castle and town scenes (Not all)
- Self Explanatory. We have some new sceners on the team, so they will help us a lot in this area of modding.

>New Opening Quest

>Better Looking overland map > Map icons, textures, polising, expanded, better looking

>Riderless Mounts/Riderless spawns on the map
This feature might not be implemented but it is currently planned. There will be Rogue Wyvern parties, Rogue Dragons, Rogue Rhinos/Wolf Packs, etc. for the player to hunt down and kill. The Drachen will utilize these creatures to full effect as well.

>Scripted Events
In 0.7, we are planning on making a few "scripted events" to spice up early, middle, and late game a bit. Here are some of the scripted events we are planning - feel free to suggest some of your own ideas.
- Maccavian Civil War
Maccavia has been leaning towards a civil war for a long time, and now it is on the brink of war. The followers of the New Gods and Old Gods no longer can tolerate each other. The Old Gods Worshippers have repeatedly bullied the New Gods followers - first by casting out one of their leaders, Dietrich, then by killing their men and assassinating their priests. Now, with the civilians of Maccavia - who follow the New Gods - rioting and the nobility urging them on, Agathor Krex may be forced to take drastic measures to secure his rule. A civil war in Maccavia is close ... and it may erupt anyday.
- Valahir invasion of the mainland
The Valahir in 0.611 are not a very aggressive faction and usually just capture one or two castles and stop. In 0.7, they will become aggressive and rampage lands across Maccavia and the Reich. The Reich and Maccavia may be forced to put down their swords and ally to fight this new, terrifying threat.
- Jin Dynasty Invasion
The Jin will invade after the Zann, and the two dynasties will bring their feud from the continent of Khergia to the continent of Perisno.
- Massive Redwood-Tolranian War
More info on this later.

>Bandits taking Castles
This was originally supposed to be in 0.6, but didn't have time with all the features. This feature will most likely be in 0.7 now.

>5 New Factions!
We are adding 5 new factions to the game - these will most likely be the last ones although there are plans for a few more.
- The Realm of the Falcon
Read about their immense lore here:,287568.msg7006080.html#msg7006080
Silberfalke has done a great job in creating them.
- The Jin Dynasty
The Jin Dynasty will invade in 0.7 now, after the Zann have conquered at least 4 towns. The Jin are the enemies of the Zann, and they will follow the Zann to Perisno. They have a whole new troop tree but with similarly themed units. More information will come later. Currently they are a more cavalry and archer focused faction, opposed to the Zann who are more infantry and mounted archer centric.
- The House of Elintor, the House of Gelder, and the House of Onyx
In the beginning, there was only one Kingdom, called the Kingdom of Savarifell. The Kingdom of Savarifell was a sprawling, united kingdom ruled by generous and wise kings. This all changed after an event called "The Great Collapse." The rulers of Svarifell were unaware of the corruption that had spread deep into the kingdom's roots, and the three most powerful houses, the House of Gelder, Elintor, and Onyx had a civil war. The result was the House of Onyx being the losers, and the House of Elintor and Gelder ending up at a stalemate. The House of Onyx went into hiding, and are rumored to still be out there.
House of Elintor: 
The House of Elintor is a chivalrous faction, led by Lord Elintor, who rules through justice and kindness. The House of Elintor's main troop focus is cavalry and they can match the best of the Reich Dragoners.
House of Gelder:
The House of Gelder is led by Lord Gelder, a man who is known for his common sense and unbiasedness when judging matters. He took the title as House Lord after his father almost lost the civil war, and has slowly rebuilt the Gelder forces.  The House of Gelder focus on pikeman and infantry to counter the cavalry of Elintor.
House of Onyx:
The House of Onyx went into hiding after they lost the war, and rumors say that they are dealing with the Demon Worshippers. Their leader, Lord Onyx, has become vengeful and delusional. He wants nothing but the destruction of his enemies, the Houses of Gelder and Elintor.
These 3 houses are 3 new factions that will be added in 0.7, although there will be only 2 of them in the beginning of the game. What happens is that the last house, the House of Onyx, will "emerge." Every day or so, the House of Onyx will influence the other two houses, and the first house to become corrupt will become a part of the House of Onyx - a puppet.  Once this happens, the other house will be most likely doomed ...unless the player can help out. The Onyx will emerge with their ruler and a few vassals, and they will take over a few of the faction's fiefs. They will also control the faction they've corrupted and have a permanent alliance with them. We will provide more information about this when we have made progress in it.
>Minor Features
- Zann outpost will become town upon invading
- Companions will have their own quests
- There will be expanded religion systems
- Expanded Rumor system
- Item balancing
- Additional troop balancing
- Minor faction troop trees expanded

The Perisno Dev Team
New Male Faces:

New Female Faces:

New Scenes:

New Unique Spawns:


Realm of the Falcon Faction:

Redwood Elves:

A Realm Of The Falcon Update!

Troop Tree

Troops & Battle shots
Rabbie86 said:
Some ambitious planned changes, good luck guys, you have a long road ahead. Hope it all works out :smile:
Aim big :wink: 
But thanks, we will do out best.

LunarNight said:
Wow, that is a lot of factions... Hope it can all fit on the map fairly.
They will fit into the map, no problem. I will upload screenshots when I can.
looks awesome, may I suggest something here? I think u gonna like it:

I am very inclined into writing a quest for the Perisno Pilgrims, where you'll take the role of the Chosen One as long as you do the quest before they chose another, if that happens the current spawn of the Chosen One will occur and he will carry the legendary weapon with him. But if you go donw the path of the Chosen One before that, he will never spawn and you'll take on the task of retrieving the legendary weapon belonging to the chosen one and will become the new leader of Perisno Pilgrims.
After the quest is finished a new quest will pop where u'll have to revive the Ancient capital of Perisno with the power imbued in the weapon, my idea regarding this would be to make reference to King Arthur, thus completing this quest would make a completely invisible town pop from no-where with it's own respective villages, the location would be in an island in the middle of one of the lakes near Galwe. When the quest is finished there would be eventual pilgrimages of Perisno Pilgrims and related factions to this town, and each time they reach the town there would prompt a message where u would take them as soldiers or simply allow them to live in the area.

(technical talk: 1257 AD features the possibility of building your own castle and upgrading it, so it shouldn't be a problem to pop a prop town and villages that have an fix location, thus avoiding bugs and glitches that accompany 1257 AD with that feature. Simple villager travel triggers are all over the place, so making an variable + trigger with the same function shouldn't be hard, it's almost an copy/paste, only thing is that the spawn rates of these pilgrims should be slow, and they should be shunned by all factions up til they reach the town, so the player could intervene if they wanted the pilgrims to reach their destinations, or simply ignore them and let natural selection take place.)

after conquering Forniron for Sidhethon a one time dialogue will pop on him for right after u finish the quest if you are an independent kingdom, he will offer you the bow, or, he will tell you the tale of the Bluewood Elves and offer you to take upon the quest of the Blue hero, if you do so, you'll instantly earn 15 elite bluewood knights and Sidherthon will become your vassal, thus creating the Bluewood faction. This will make it a quest to conquer all Redwood original territory, and when finished you'll be awarded a full unique bluewood gear plus an equivalent to the original reward bow, only difference is that it will carry the Bluewood title on it and will come in golden+blue color.

(technical talk: this would require constant checks whenever you go talk to Sidherthorn after he becomes your vassal, also it will require a revamp of the bluewood gear and troops, the already existent -1k relation with redwood will still kick in, also you'll only earn access to Bluewood troops if you do this quest, so it would need a trigger for recruitment with "constable??" so ppl who don't do the quest can't select it as his factions culture. This will also require the making of a few new items.)

That's what I've thought as so far, but I also have ideas for the Drachen(or is it Drechen?) and Valahir, I don't know the lore of other factions enough yet, so I'm not going to give ideas about them just yet....
This is awesome. I like how Galwe is going to be a specifically powerful town. I hope there will be more extended lore into Galwe. Also what would happen if the Zann does not manage to conquer 4 towns? Or are you going to make them super OP that they are sure to conquer 4 towns?

Also, with the train update are you going to improve the recruit-from-prisoner dialogue? I find that it's very powerful because you could virtually recruit anybody but the only con is that it's very slow since you could only recruit 1 guy per dialogue.

Hurray for all-Calvary faction! I was anticipating whether calvary would get into the spotlight like the Redwood all-archers or Valahir all-infantry.

Good luck guys. I played pretty much more than 50 mods and I have to say, this one is the most awesome mod I've ever played.

and as xdj1nn also said I really wish the own Player Faction could be improved (pilgrims, more troops etc)
Is "Player Custom Household Troops " based on the PoP costum knighthoods? It works beautifully in PoP and I'd love to see something similar here.
sounds great guys, though I hope you won't be afraid to make smaller releases before 0.7, just to test stuff out (6.5 is a nice number :smile:. Else we will have to wait a long while :sad:
ttgg said:
sounds great guys, though I hope you won't be afraid to make smaller releases before 0.7, just to test stuff out (6.5 is a nice number :smile:. Else we will have to wait a long while :sad:
For now, we have nothing planned for a smaller release before 0.7
It wouldn't be a good idea anyway because you'd have to start a new game every time, because I for one know how much some people like keeping their save game in tacked. Obliviously this is not the only reason but since we are not at 1.0 yet, our main focus is getting from 0.6 to 0.7 to 0.8, etc. We release patches when we feel that the mod is not playable enough so we fix some bugs.
razgon said:
Is "Player Custom Household Troops " based on the PoP costum knighthoods? It works beautifully in PoP and I'd love to see something similar here.
No, it will not be based on POP. In fact it will be somewhat different. More details will come once I actually begin coding it in.
We have the first update. Let us know what you think.

Female Faces:

xdj1nn said:
I think those are awesome ideas! especially the bluewood one, since i think bluewoods are so much cooler than the redwoods.
anyway, wasn't expecting to see so many new things being developed and worked on for the next patch, keep up the awesome work!  :grin:
i would love to help in development but at the moment i'm only a beginner in programming and don't really have a clue how to make a M&B mod.
Something unusual said:
razgon said:
Is "Player Custom Household Troops " based on the PoP costum knighthoods? It works beautifully in PoP and I'd love to see something similar here.
No, it will not be based on POP. In fact it will be somewhat different. More details will come once I actually begin coding it in.

Very interesting. I'm continually amazed at what you coders can do within the scope of the engine! Great work so far and thanks for the efforts!
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