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VC_Changes v1.0    READ ME
Compiled with Viking Conquest 2036 source modified.

What?         Now there are books for all 12 party skills and they become reference books once read.
                  They give +2 to respective skill while in inventory.
                  The abbot in any monastery will sell books.
                  All books have same price, and require 10 intelligence. The names are About "Skill".
                  Books to increase intelligence, training or weapon mastery no longer exist, I plan to add  some special items to compensate
                  Because there are no books for leadership and persuasion skills, the bonus from wearing the crown is increased to +2
                  The book image changes to an open book while it's being read and to original picture otherwise.

Why?         With native books player has to wait a long time before reading some books if he wants to maximize skills, while the best would be to read them as soon as possible.
                  Now books will be useful from the beginning of the game to the very end. No need to plan ahead.
                  Even if no skill points are spent they will give the 2 + 1 bonus in party skills. With 3 skill points spent they will give 5 +2 bonus and so on.
                Monasteries were the place for books in the age the game is placed. Booksellers were a rare occurrence if at all, specially in taverns.

Install        Make a backup copy of the module to avoid changing the original. Only .txt files are changed, not necessary to backup other directories. Find the module of the game, usually "modules\Viking Conquest", there must be .txt files with the same name as the files in this compressed file, these are the files to backup. Once copied to a safe location, replace them with the extracted files.

Uninstall   Replace the .txt files with the backup copy you should have made

Future         My goal is to learn while doing something useful. There are a number of changes I want to do and eventually I want to change formations and tactics when I am more comfortable with the code. The changes will be incremental and could be interesting for someone starting a new game. Saved games probably won't be compatible

Download    https://www.4shared.com/archive/xMWruz4Pei/VC_Changes1000.html

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