SP Dark Ages [VC] [Submod] Viking Conquest: Shieldmaiden Edition (in development)

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REQUIRES: Viking Conquest DLC

Viking Conquest Reforged Edition is pretty badass, props to the devs for making the Brytenwalda-inspired gameplay more accessible. Nothing beats traversing the high seas in your fully manned warship bristling with haggard warriors lusting for fame and fortune. However, with just 3 female companions, its a bit lacking for female gamers like myself who want to suspend disbelief\stretch the limits of historical accuracy and go to war with an all-female band of wailing pirates baying for the blood of their enemies.

I'm very new to modding, and think it'll be a fun experience, though with a steep learning curve that may at times result in me mashing my face against the keyboard in frustration!

I was originally going to make this my own private submod, but hopefully its something that others will want to get behind and support

My goals for this mod:

12 new female warrior companions, 2 from each ethnicity (Irish, Picts, Britons, Angles, Saxons, Norse) each with her own unique backstory and character.



Æthelthryth (lordly)



Ælfgifu (lordly)


Eurwyn (lordly)


Thorhild (lordly)
Ragnhild (lordly)


Eimear (lordly)


Ligach (lordly)

Shieldmaidens will deal with you different depending on your player gender (unique dialogue trees). They probably won't get on well with the collection of sexist jerks, creeps and bible-thumpers that make up the male companions. That doesn't mean they all necessarily like each other either.

Many of the shieldmaidens are already mighty warriors will come with far superior armour and stats to the native VC companions, however there'll be a high initial recruitment cost to offset\balance this. Some of them will be weaker but skilled in other ways.

6 new unique troop trees of female warriors (1 for each ethnicity)

One option would be to create a new option in village menus which would allow one to recruit women specifically, perhaps with a lower chance\number of potential recruits.

Another would be to create a specially scripted location and scene where one could recruit such troops.

Some unique questlines for female players

One idea was to include Scathach https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scathach as an extremely strong NPC warrior who the player could duel at the end of a questline in order to recruit her. She should be a master trainer of course!

Porting the scarred and tattooed face types from the male character to female characters

A female warrior-queen with a tattooed face or a missing eye? Cool, right?

Same-sex romance and marriage for player

Serious girl-love. Because why not?

Expanded vocalisations for female troops
Using Mortal Women Sound Pack (by Mortal). Replacing the generic wailing sound and the eerie silent victory celebration.

Hopefully this idea can blossom and grow as more people get excited about it. I'll need all the help I can get as I'm a modding n00b.
VC: Shieldmaiden Edition v0.1a expected release date: 25/06/17

Will include:

12 new companions with their own unique personalities, dialog trees etc.
6 new unique troop trees, available via a new recruitment system
Mortal Women Sound Pack by mortal to be implemented, to replace that single wailing sound currently for female troops.
I'm afraid I've suspended work on this project at the moment as I have to find somewhere new to live and am working 2 jobs presently. Its a shame, but maybe I'll get back to it at some point. Thanks for your interest everyone.
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