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Utfred said:
If feasible more battle events : when the ennemy sallys out in sieges it would be great for example to actually play a small battle with a massive battle disadvantage but no real consequences if you lose (except casualties of course), instead of having a cpu calculated battle.
That would be indeed a great improvement, the marriage thing also make sense.
kalarhan said:
Favourite personal feature: manpower

Manpower feature for player and AI.
    TLDR: number of people is limited. If you kill too many soldiers from the enemy, they should not be able to just get more and more. Destroy the land too!
              inspired by Paradox games and 1257AD Lances.
  - every faction lord has a manpower slot that saves the available number of troops that it can recruit
  - it increases every week depending on: fiefs (village/castle/town) prosperity
  - every lord gets a free amount of troops (30 ish) so they can at least fight bandits
  - troops also cost money, so a poor lord wont be able to raise more than 30 man

  -> Why:
      - economic wars. If you attack a enemy faction fiefs it will destroy theirs economy. They will get less and less manpower every week. So once you defeat their armies in the field, they wont be able to come back at you over and over.
      - several enemies: you could attack the fiefs while another faction takes your enemy armies down.
      - it gives a new balance to the world.
          -> lords without fief will be capped at 30 troops. So a faction with more lords than territory wont be able to field huge armies
      - player is under the same rules. So you better protect your fiefs, and help your vassals/same faction lords too.

  - recruiting volunteers should decrease prosperity (less people to work).
  - slaves could be used to increase prosperity and/or cash flow

... more stuff to think about it


Has any warband mod ever achieved to do this? Sounds like an awesome idea to me!!
mike56 said:
Has any warband mod ever achieved to do this? Sounds like an awesome idea to me!!

1257AD lance system has some of those ideas implemented. On the tech side it is easy to implement, nothing that would require workarounds.

But please remember this thread is not for discussion on other people suggestions, we want a clean thread for ideas, so anyone can share them  :smile:

Important: This is about ideas/suggestions, not about feedback on the game itself. Keep it clean please =), no discussions about other players ideas.

Anyone that wants to discuss a idea/feature further can create a new thread for that.

When I play sandbox, something bothers me: It's not a viking conquest anymore because Northymbre is weak and surrounded by many factions. Usualy they have weak lords because they never stop fighting, so they never conquier anything.

My idea: giving them a regular army (sort of very trong patrol) of 500 men that tries to besiege castles. Maybe wessex can also get one, because they are still a strong state, but that one would be defensive.

Something similar exists in Fire and sword: a big patroll called the "swedish army" I believe.

I did a thread about that idea.

l love how u can build your own camp and build  few things but I what id love is if you could build that camp into a village, town, city with of course permission from the kings land you build in, same with having your own merchant there. Love how you can build your dock, I would I love to build your camp with what you want and what you specialize in trading in your designated area :grin: say mayby breed and train your own horses that are good quality like the the champion coursers you used to get or even breed goats, sheep, cows, chick, pigs and sell them as live trade rather then cooked meat like you do with the cattle at villages, also have it so that say for example a lively pig that's killed gives you 4 meat and unwell pig gives 1 meat basically the quality of the animal gives you better meat and more meat compared to the ones that aren't looked after in your town. having that your town requires and upkeepof produce to the stables/farms to upkeep these animals say 5 bags of grain a week gives you great animals where as 1 bag of grain will on you give you crap animals, you can make a living of this, also then u can grow your own crop/ veg, just like having your Farmstead but you can have more than one and decide how much you want to produce. this I would love to see and add to the Vikings  :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
Been looking at the history of the Viking Era due to this DLC. Surprised there is so little info on the Viking activity in the continent. So I guess I would love to see the Saxons and Lotharingia in the game. Saxons at this time were already Christians, but a couple of decades earlier there was a pagan uprising. I would be great you could revive paganism in Saxony and fight off the Christians.
Submod: Celtic Pagans

Feature: Reintroducing Celtic Paganism like in Brytenwalda. Should be as simple as copying the current pagan files and replacing all Norse with Celtic  (particularly Irish for now) gods and terms. Maybe change Gothi to Druid as well. I would do it myself if I were a coder
--> Bugs:

* The bug enemies rotating half body back ( for example, the beta version of Viking conquest by attacking ruffians these , twisting his body) even sige appearing in some instances, for example, in a battle against a small northmen group, would be great to be definitely solved!

*When a boat battle begins , sometimes , they turn to one side and begin to recede (rather than advance that it would be correct ), Would be good that the problem was solved.

* When we go into any large town or village , wait for a while until cargen options ( go to the market , traveling to another port, etc. ) , the problem does not happen in the other Mount & Blade , it would be convenient to solve this greater problem for fluides


-I would like that had chainmail skins.

-more faces

..Thank You!
Being able to pay groups of bandits/masterless men to raid pillage specific villages. Maybe you could also hire them to hunt traders or even villagers for a certain amount of in-game days.

There would be a chance for them to outright decline. Having bad relation with them wouldn't make them necessarily refuse, but would make bargaining for a price harder.

Depending on how strong their group is, how your relation with the bandits is, and how persuasive your character is, they could either ask for you to pay them before they would agree to do anything or they could also ask for 50% of their pay upfront. They could even accept do the job before getting paid if your persuasion is really good and if they are scared of your party. If you pay them upfront, there would be a fairly high chance that they would just go their way with your money. There would still be a chance for them to decide not to do whatever it is you asked them to do if you only gave them 50% in advance or even if you didn't give them a single penning, but it would be a lot less likely.

If they are successful, there would only be a really really small chance of the faction you sent them after to learn that they were hired by you (15% for example). The reason behind this is that it would be a lot less likely that they could have captured one of the bandits alive to interrogate him in such a scenario. Also, if you didn't pay them upfront, then the bandits come back to you and ask for the their money, at which point you can either pay them or turn on them and kill them. Killing them could net you not only their gear, but also some of the plunders that they got from pillaging. Paying them would improve your relation with them and would also open the option for you to recruit them and lose a bit less moral then your normally would when doing so. If you pay them upfront, then the bandits wouldn't even bother to show up after doing their dirty task. Also, when they come back, if they feel like your party is weak, they could even try to turn on YOU. The chances of that happening would be lower if your relation with them is better.

If on the other hand they get defeated, it would be a LOT more likely for them to learn about it and to lose relation with said faction. These numbers are just for the sake of the suggestion : 75% chance of them finding out and being very upset at you. 13% chance of them killing all the bandits which insures that they won't know that you were involved in the attacks. 10% chance of them blaming someone who they are already at war with (which yes, could turn out to be you if they are war with your faction), if they are not at war with anyone, then they would blame Pagans if they are Christians or Christians if they are Pagans. 2% chance of them capturing one who gives them a false lead who would then escape, find your party and tell you all about it, giving you the opportunity to give him a compensation for his loyalty and to recruit him in your party (which may still make you lose relation with said faction because of guilt by association), to kill him, to send him away with a bit of money (which would give you reputation but could have a small chance of backfiring and him talking when drunk later on for example) or to just straight up to tell him to leave (which will most liekly make him very upset and make him spill the beans.)

I realize this is somewhat complicated, just had this idea in mind and wanted to share it! I could also definitely see this in the outlaws submod.
(1)player should b able to create trap fields on world map where he can lure big parties or armies for ambush; greater the animosity of party towards player,longer the chase so greater the chance of successfully running into trap field.
trap fields ---may contain covered trenches with or without spikes based on engineering skill,Hidden makeshift watchtowers for marksman,Collapsible trees to decimate cavalry and so on.
focus should not be on brute strength but tactics so that if player has 50 elite against 300 army,he can squash them to 100 via raids,skirmishes,trap fields and then get bloody.
(2)while on world map player should get news only about that region through which he is passing,not the world news like he is carrying a satellite tv. for example
near bandits group which village they recently harrassed or planning to;;
near villages abt nearest towns,lords or country ;;
only near towns he should get cross-country and in the taverns ,tavern keeper can keep kingdom wise/lord wise/date wise version of game log,,thus increasing the role of taverns.
for players,who don't like it they can build messengers post on point of interests (or can tick check boxes for un modded rumor system,if provided)though there wil b a chance of messangers getting killed on-route abt which player can query at taverns..

(3)customizable presets of tactical command plan specific for each unit type that can b changed in battle (battle should pause while using view or edit order function----interpretation--protagonist is such a mastermind of strategy that time seems slow when he starts to think????),like----
-------marksman should target elite first on priority basis
-------archers should target lowest health enemy on priority
-------lowest level infantry works as guard for archers
-------highest level infantry works as vanguard

troop types can go specific training centres to unlock more tactical options but player can choose only few due to limited tactical slots based on tactics(can b increased later).
so no special armor,weapon or ability just training and tactics like real life......
(4) Combo damage--enemy morale + enemy formation--- - if player and marksman take out enemy lords and certain no. of elites within a time limit;enemies break their formation and if morale damage reaches below threshold,,certain no. of their troops flee even before the fight actually begins..
interpretation-- enemy formation orders were never properly dispatched because their lords and elites got killed b4 that.
would b nice to have a portrait if not animation where enemy troops r fleeing before protagonist while he is laughing.....????
Game on the late stages becomes more strategy, than RPG. It would be nice to make battles smaller (make perties much smaller).
I want to suggest some additions to the game (items, mostly).
Celtic big oval shields (or hexagonal, or rectangular ). It’s quite boring to have almost exclusively round shields in the game.
Throwing axes - must demand less Power Throw than javelins (0 or 1), more speed, less distance, causes cutting damage.
Leather (or rawhide) helmet reinforced with thin iron stripes. It must be considered light armor (around 25-30 armor).
Helmets with figurines of wolf or boar on the top.
Any helmets without cheekpieces and/or face masks must not give penalties to power throwing and power drawing.
Gaelic belted plaids - kind of light armor. Belted plaids were used by Gaelic (Irish and Scotch) people from 700s until 1700s. Plaids were worn without any trousers, of couse (in ancient times even without shirt - just plaid and nothing more).
Leather clothings for Northmen sailors (shirt and trousers). Leather cap (about 15 armor).
Historical accurate two-handed Danish Axe (I have found information about such mod, but the link didn’t work).
I wonder if kite shields were in existence then (such shield could be nice addition to the game). They say in 11 century kite shields already existed.
Please forgive my poor English).
The one thing i've wanted above all else since I got VC was some decent face and body textures/meshes. In vanilla VC everybody looks so dead and pasty, and the women have absurdly huge necks.
sweetest said:
I would really like to see a feature added that lets you permanently kill enemy lords, as this was in brytenwalda

This. Again. I don't know why this wasn't included in VC like it was in Brytenwalda, they're basically the same thing except one has more polish.
I was instructed by kalarhan to move my modding idea to this place. The according relevant post is as following.


Realm stances and conditions (incl. some very few scripted events) at the start

1) All pagan/heathen realms would be somehow friendly, quasi allied, aka do not attack each other too early on ie. until year 871 AD or so, but maybe the game-mechanics will force that anyway. They would also have quite some startmoney due to yearslong raiding and better/bigger armies and especially more capable ships at the start.

1a) Danish/Norse raiders, small raids with capable units, they are okay already in vanilla imo., no change.

2) Irish realms are very poor and rather fight each other and get attacked by Norwegian Viking realms. While their warriors (medium to higher tier units) are pretty capable and very high morale, but also more expensive in comparison (here could be the only necessary unit modding impact, as i guess the other faction units are quite okay balancing-wise as is).

3) Same as 2) for the Pictish/Scotish realms.

4) Welsh/Cornish the same as 2) + 3). While at least for the Welsh and Pictish, one should avoid distinction, so ie. their maincenters should be very strong. The british factions ideally would fight for existence, just do not expand, but also do not disappear from the game (as in VC vanilla observable by me for the Welsh factions, annoying imo.)

4a) And the Irish perhaps likely ally some day to hunt the Norse invaders from the isle, some of the latter which press then as well into Mercia and Northumbria (incl. conflict Danish and Norse Vikings).

5) East-Engla, they should start out very very poor (money) and less armies etc., and likely fall to the Danish realm (as in history, the Angle king Eadmund died as hero around 869 AD, iirc.).

6) Mercien, constantly under pressing attack from heathen Northumbria and other pagan realms, falls into pieces. The Mercien king exiled to the Frankish and a puppet king is installed around 870 AD. Not sure, if possible under VC scripting. But start situation should be similar to East-Engla (they will make it longer anyway, as for the many many centers in-game).

7) Wessex, the Last Kingdom. In history they already long had Domnonia/Cornwall under control at 868 AD (iirc. from what i have read, there was only a wild area still under control by Cornish clan leaders in the south of Cornwall). However, for VC the both factions might start at war with each other to keep them busy. Just latest at 870/871 AD (for the game that should be latest 869, perhaps it is possible to script a forced truce until that year ? ... heathen realms attack Wessex with strong and big armies. You know, the "Great Heathen Army" and the still bigger "Summer Army" as reinforcements from the continent fall also into Wessex. Rest Cornwall leaders would ideally ally with the Vikings. While ideally rest Welsh leaders would ally with Wessex, at least the Hywel guy.


It would be something like a Wessex history player mod.
One could start as usually, ie. as free-lancing adventurer (building-up enterprises etc.). Perhaps trying to help Mercien, if possible, but mainly friendly/supportive with Wessex*, becoming someday a Vassal called by Aethelred (as happened in my current Sandbox play within 868 AD). If possible, scripting Aethelred's death at 871 AD, and Alfred takes over, who restructures and fights back (just under the players help, who might be already very powerful at that date, ie. one could try to become the Marshall). If the scripting impacts as described are too timeconsuming to do (if overall possible), then just tweaked startconditions could also help for the idea direction, while of course only such script impacts would enable a quasi historical play.

* of course, other player decisions/directions would be possible anyway (fe. support the pagan realms as pagan player)

Just an idea-description.
I did similar historical balance modding of exactly the period for other games (earlier Total War, there many many other periods, recently modded CK2 again for the Viking Age start the 'Big Heathen Army' etc. related codes which is quite easy to do). But as said in the other threads, my hardcore modding days are over, so maybe you would have fun to make a quick and dirty tweak-impact mod like that? Guessing at least, it wouldn't take huge time for you? If not, i might put my hands on it though, although i wanted to avoid such undertakings with VC, just planned ease gaming :wink:

So, what should i do in which file, or tool application, to realise at least the more simple parts for a changed start situation as above mentioned?
(speaking here solely of the general Sandbox startsituation)

Start money and faction stances would be my first and primary goals.
And if easy possible to change also starting troops of according lords, their numbers and types.

a) I went already through the Q&A of modfolder creation, so that's clear ... what i would like to know are the according steps: Files (names), or are those tweaks possible with the M&B Warband tool?
b) I modded Brytenwalda prior to VC release, so it's ages ago. Iirc., i applied the Warband tool (but i can't even remember that).
c) I'm a modder of diverse games, rather i was in the past, with public releases. Todays, i'm mere glad if i don't have to mod a game. Still modding games, if i see it as "necessary", which i play for personal usage. For simple files editing i'm using Notepad++

Any help to bring me into the right direction appreciated.


Writing here the changes for faction stances and start conditions, as short points, relevance high to lower:
(ignoring here possible VC vanilla start stances, as already ally or war etc.)

a) East-Engla
At war with: Northumbria, Denmark, Frisia.
Reducing the startmoney of the lords. Reducing the startarmies of the lords.

b) Mercia
At war with: Northumbria, Denmark, Frisia.
Reducing the startmoney of the lords. Reducing the startarmies of the lords.

c) Wessex
At war with: Cornubia.
Truce with: Northumbria, Denmark, Frisia until 869 AD, and neighboring Welsh factions.

d) Northumbria, Denmark, Frisia allied.

e) Norse/Norwegian Viking factions
Allied with each other.
Friendly to: The above Viking factions under d).
At war with: North and East Irish factions, and Alban.

That's it for a starting history player mod along my imagination.

P.S. Now i'll go and look into the files, if i can find the according codes myself.
DaVincix said:
P.S. Now i'll go and look into the files, if i can find the according codes myself.

interesting design. If you want help/feedback on the project itself you can create a thread on the main VC forum. That is, if you really want to create it (for personal or public use). You can add things like download links, screenshots, features details, project progress, recruiting positions, banner for signature, etc.

If you release it the moderator will then move that thread to the modding section (where players can find it and download it).

this thread is for the idea (not discussion/feedback/help on how to do it).

I'd love to see a mod that added a displayed total by group type in the army tab, so I could quickly see how many archers/inf/spears/cav I have and maybe what tier they are. When you have lots of troops from different places it can be a pain to try and keep a balanced army. Maybe even % breakdown of my army comp.
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