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Suspicious Pilgrim said:
Eragon91 said:
However, i find that 99% of all chests are just filled with bull**** anyways. Rusty Swords, Hats etc,

I know, right? Who keeps placing random crap everywhere?



Sergeant Knight
well in the case of a spammed chest I have, depending on the running rp, either to clap my hands for a servant or dump all the rusty crap myself :roll:


Sergeant at Arms
On united you were just slaying people putting trash to your chest, but as we are on VBV... Take three people and tell the man to clear ALL the chest.


Grandmaster Knight
It's pretty simple to clear the chests - put your armour in, take out the peasant clothing, discard it until none is left, requip your armour, take useless weapons, drop them all. Get an archer and a crossbowman to remove crude bolts etc too.


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I would like to know if there is still any interest for our v3.5 server. If 1 person posts here, saying he/she would like me to continue hosting it, I will. If not, I will close it down.


Sergeant Knight at Arms
I really really really really do - but im in switzerland atm and going to france in a few days - i ptobably wont have my computer back for a number of weeks so i cant really play :S
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