vassals voted for someone they hate to be their ruler... is this a bug?

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I talked about wanting to be ruler in the tread Should I assassinate My Liege? in the end I didn't have to do anything like that because the old ruler soon died of old age. the pop-up appeared to decide the next ruler and... they don't want me; not even one voted for me. instead, they unanimously voted for a Khuzait noble-woman of clan-rank 4 (my faction is Empire).
now, if it stopped there and then this would be simply be a post about how salty I am and there are enough of those already, but I decided to check out the person they voted for. turns out all of them hate the ruler! that's right, the person they voted for! I checked the encyclopedia for all the vassals and the ruler is in their enemy! WTF?! why did they vote for someone they hate? this has to be a bug in 1.5.10, right? because I've had several ruler elections in other betas and never had this happened. in fact, it honestly always felt skewed to favor the player. maybe when the devs tried to fix this they created a bug? idk, but what are your thought?
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