Vassals not putting units into their Castles....

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Ok, So I've finally broken away and formed my own kingdom, convinced a couple of lords to join me, and captured & given them each a castle.

However, they don't seem to like the idea of garrisoning their own units in their castles, so the end result is their castles are sieged the whole time and I have to go defend it for them :sad:

How do I make them fix this?


That's stupid, yeah. Only way to go around it is to put some of your own troops in the garrison before rewarding it to anybody. Don't know about current versions, but in some older ones you couldn't even put troops in it after you gave it to a vassal.


When I gave a castle to a companion it took a few days before he/she actually gave it a garrison, but it didnt take too long (the castle didnt get sieged or anything)


Yeah I really think something about this should be changed. I usually tell my accompanying lords to stay in a castle once I take it as a temporary garrison, but even after it's assigned it sometimes takes forever for them to garrison it, and sometimes they give it like 20 guys and it gets sieged again in a day. And don't even get me started on what happens when King Harlaus gives something to himself...might as well not even have captured it.


Kinda sorta Tizz.
On capture there is a garrison put in place, like the mod that some of us were using before then.
The thing is it isn't consistent, sometimes I have seen a good large garrison put in and other times just a token force.
This also only applies to the 6 factions.
Once you start your own kingdom it is your problem.

Now if you assign a castle or city to a lord he will eventually garrison it but as others have noted sometimes they garrison it well almost immediately and other times it takes them weeks. I suspect it may have to do with their own finances and troop situation. So dude that just got his ass raped and is holed up somewhere cause he only has 20 men in his party isn't going to get around to building up that garrison for a bit.


when i recruited that bathuster guy or whatever is name is i made him a lord and gave him a castle, in his dialog he said he would contact his brothers and tell them of his cause, the next day his garrison was FULL of kergit troops, which was strange seeing his castle was haringoth castle, a million miles away from kerg villages.
i did some testing (with cheats) and i can't find out how to make my lords have more than ~75-85 troops, i have given them 10 leadership, i have given them like 1 castle and 8 villages, the only way is to physically GIVE them troops.
i think this all relates to garrison, because they must have a set minimum of troops they must have, anything over that minimum and they will garrison in their respective castles.


10 leadership gets them 60 troops max I think, the rest come from renown at 1 per 25.

I suspect the companions get troops based on their home city (where they go spy).

These I know for sure because I have made them lords, and it does match their cities:
Baheshtur - Khergit
Rolf, Firentis - Swadian
Alayen - Vaegir

If you make Arti a lord and he gets Sarranid troops that would make it definite (provided you are on current patch)


do i have to send them on spy missions before they get those troops?
because sometime they dont have them straight off the bat.


No, it takes them time, just like a lord who was defeated in battle takes a few days to showup back home.
And then he recruits troops gradually.
You can also directly give them any troops you would like (from any faction or even mercs) which will help make them battle ready faster.
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