Resolved Vassal Prisioners, moving them around gives me charmskill.

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No, I didn't use any mods.


Hello, noticed something that seems off.
First, I am quite happy that you get Charmskill for donating captured enemy vassals to your faction. However I noticed something during my recent play.
I took captured lord from say Dunglanys, and put them in Pen Cannoc, now I havent caputred these lords but donating them to the dungeon I gain a massive amount of Charmskill, from 37 to now 80 (there were 6-8 of them). I kept doing this and yeah...

This isnt how it´s suppose to work right?

Edit: also noticed that when I went in and out of the dungeon I gain charmskil for the lords I have donated in there.
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No I am not. I am quite sure there was some bug that made me able to move them out. As well as the exiting and entering dungeon over and over again. This does not happend in the current version.
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