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It's a problem with a lot of weapons in game, for example, the Vlandian mace versus Empire mace, or the Eastern Throwing Spear being the best melee spear with such high dmg compared to the other spears.
Throwing spears in general are much better than normal spears for some reason unknown to me


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Imo the Varyag looks really ugly at the moment. The biggest thing bothering me is the awkward helmet. I would bring back the goggled and veiled Nord helmet, and maybe have them use the plated armor (same as either Shock troops or Veteran warriors in sp, can't remember) with the improved armor perk. The return to a more nordic look would be really justified since they're literally called "Vikings" (Varyag, varangian = Viking).


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When chain attacking in 2h mode,the bastard axe is ridicolously quick.
Now this might have been fine BUT if you compare it to other weapons like bastard swords the difference is evident.
I mean i can't say i've ever swung a sword but shouldn't it be quicker than an axe?
On the other hand when the weapon is in 1h mode it's quite slow.Honestly it's fine if it's slower than other 1h weapons, i'd just tweak it a little to make it a bit faster than now, reduce the speed on the 2h chaining and it could become a good perk.