[various] how to train witchcraft/wiseman, etc.

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to start with - GREAT MOD !!!

1. I only once freed a lady who taught some witchcraft. how can I progress with this shamanism ??
2. what are wiseman in towns hireable for?
3. I started the game with permanent map of Shiraz. how can I get the other ones ??

Thanks a lot for your kind words, madboy :smile:
1/ Go see neandertals, they know a lot about shamanism, it is their primary belief, actually :smile:
2/ Wisemen will regularly increase your specific knowledge points, faction-wise, until they are "depleted".
3/ feature is bugged, fixed in V0.11 (not released yet). Use cheat menu if you want to try other maps :smile:.
kind words for this kind of good work :smile: I started recently, but find this mod hugely replayable and way more fun than native.

thumbs up for creation !! and thx for reply.
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