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Greetings, wanderer! I can see that you have been on a long journey across Calradia and beyond. Your voyages have brought you to the most beautiful places of the world known to mankind. They have bestowed you with solemn friendships, great memories, noteworthy moments of glory and so forth. You were there when you embarked on a trip to far-off lands, faraway isles, distant valleys, remote deserts and so on. You were there when you ventured into rich countries, independent city-states, ravaged farmlands while seeking for fortune and happiness. If you think that you have seen and experienced everything - you are wrong! The best is upon you! Welcome to Varena, to a place where you will fulfill what has not been yet fulfilled.


I would like to invite everyone reading this thread to a new Deathmatch server for Warband Native (augmented with NeoGK). Its name is Varena with two asterisks on both sides and it can be accessed normally in-game when using Native. Name "Varena" is comprised of first letter of my name and word "Arena", which implies that server aims to become main one of its kind. It will be equal-to-none in terms of quality of gameplay, scenes used, server configuration and overall balance. As far as the current state of affairs is concerned, there are no remarkable servers in Native at the moment. They are either unbalanced, boring, stale, plainly bad or just lacking some new features and scenes. I believe that currently no server provides players with superior experience and therefore, no entity will ever compete with the above-presented one set up and nurtured by only one person, that is, me. I have invested a great deal of resources, both material and creative, in order to satisfy players, so I hope - if the circumstances allow - that my labor of love will prove to be the driving force behind Warband's longevity. See you on my server!
Quick server information:
  • name - **Varena**
  • number of slots - 50 (will soon be expanded above this threshold to 64 or even more if there is a sufficient amount of players joining the server)
  • location - Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • module - Native (augmented with NeoGK)
  • mode - Deathmatch
Advantages of Varena (see later post for their respective explanations):
  • no spawning blackpowder pistols
  • Swadia is the main faction to be chosen during every round
  • no Invasion mode items from chests
  • no spawning clusters of items restoring health
  • every healing area is outlined with visible borders
  • no spawning weapons constituting major game-changers
  • (crucial!) no armored horses to be chosen for one's mount as a cavalry warrior (in effect on the new server and modified a little bit, but with accordance to the principle)
  • no cluttering barricades (balanced terrain)
  • (crucial!) fresh rotation of balanced and painstakingly-tailored scenes brought to players by only one person
  • no annoying polls disabled by default
  • no possibility of glitching (with barricades; horses are still problematic)
  • possibility of enabling server-wide mute when disputes get out of hand (to be implemented in full)
  • ... and many more to be experienced on the server, so make it favorite!

Server-wide configuration and settings:
  • starting gold - 280%
  • bonus gold - 90%
  • control block direction - by mouse movement
  • combat speed - medium
  • forcing minimum armor - disabled (players can spawn half-naked)
  • spectator camera - free
  • polls - disabled (regardless of their type)
  • scene time limit - 30 minutes
  • allowing individual banners - enabled
  • respawn time - 5 seconds
Contact and community:
Owner of Varena is Veledentell[a/us]. The server owner may be contacted via:
  1. TaleWorlds forum
  2. Steam Community (https://steamcommunity.com/id/Veledentella)
  3. Discord [Veledentella#5606] {in order to reach out to me, one must be a member of Varena's channel (https://discord.gg/hcecPRp)}
  4. Warband itself while I am in-game
  1. TaleWorlds forum thread might be used to have a conversation about Varena
  2. Steam group might be set up if it will be needed by players
  3. naturally, the server itself and its players
  4. Discord channel (https://discord.gg/hcecPRp)

To be reworked to credit everyone whose work was used to enhance Varena's module (01.01.2021)

Discord server rules:
1. do not post any derogatory, insulting content. No exceptions. This place must be free from it,
2. do not spam,
3. do not post offensive material, like messages or media and so on. The content must not contain hateful or vulgar phrases directed towards any racial or ethnic group, any sexual orientation, any religious group, any age, sex or gender and so forth,
4. do not post any gore, porn or otherwise sexually-explicit and indecent materials,
5. do not harass anyone by constantly mentioning them via @Someone or in any other way,
6. respect others,
7. do not name yourself in a vulgar or insulting manner,
8. do not impersonate others,
9. better talk about some meaningful topics in a different chatroom.

Punishments are executed at my discretion. They are ranging from content removal to mutes, kicks and bans.

Game server rules:
1. do not glitch and kill shortly thereafter. If barricade building and stray horses vanishing options are enabled, then glitching is allowed only to explore the scene,
2. during events do not teamwound, do not retaliate on purpose after being teamhit, do not advertently open gates/ doors/ drawbridges, do not break your team's own siege equipment or barricades and so forth,
3. do not attack through solid gates or doors,
4. do not impersonate others or bear tag of a clan you are not a member of,
5. better talk about some meaningful topics in a different place,
6. do not spam,
7. do not name yourself in an overtly vulgar or insulting manner. There is a room for freedom of speech in conversations in-game, but severely offensive names are to be treated with no mercy,
8. respect others by abiding by the server-wide rules,
9. do not harass anyone by constantly mentioning them via the chat,
10. limit yourself when it comes to interacting with others in a derogatory or otherwise insulting manner. There is a relative freedom of speech and a room for mild insults, but the margin of tolerance is different for everyone,
11. commenting and talking about other clans or servers is allowed, but constant and relentless advertising is forbidden,
12. do not spoil plot of a film, series, game, novel or else,
13. do not occupy the server slot for a long period of time, especially when the server is full,
14. do not intentionally harm your own team or other players in a manner not common to the gameplay,
15. do not prevent admins from enforcing rules,
16. amended,
17. amended,
18. do not excessively team up with others (the only mitigation for player is a teleport to the spawn),
19. do not cheat and advertise or share cracks/ cheats/ hacking tools,
20. do not circumvent your punishment by acquiring another key.

Punishments are executed at my discretion. They are ranging from teleports, forcing to spectator, kills, mutes, kicks, bans (temporary and permanent).

If you want to appeal your punishment, write to me. If you want to have someone punished for breaking the above-mentioned rules, contact me the same way as described above.

Idea to create this server was born in June 2020. Varena definitively started operating on a daily basis on the 23rd day of July of 2020.
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Advantages of Varena and their respective explanations. Varena's main theme is balance and fair chances to anyone:
  • no spawning blackpowder pistols
    It is a medieval game, so any firearm might easily do much harm to even a well-armored warrior. None spawns on any scene, therefore no pistol will ruin a balanced brawl
  • Swadia is the main faction to be chosen during every round
    Players like Swadia because she is a basis of the medieval combat and her gear is close to the average warfare equipment of the Middle Ages. Swadia might be always chosen
  • no Invasion mode items from chests
    Let's keep Invasion mode items in Invasion mode. Pretty self-explanatory as such items ruin the balance
  • no spawning clusters of items restoring health
    Some scenes on other servers have masses of items regenerating health that spawn close to each other. When there is a fight nearby, it is more of an eating fest which ruins the balance and provides advantage to one closer to such a cluster. No such event will ever transpire on Varena
  • every healing area is outlined with visible borders
    See above. Every health-restoring entity is balanced and inclusive since it can be accessed by many players at the same time
  • no spawning weapons constituting major game-changers
    Tired of some powerful items always spawning in same places that can wreak havoc to everyone nearby? There are none on my server, so it is balanced to even a greater extent
  • (crucial!) no armored horses to be chosen for one's mount as a cavalry warrior (in effect on the new server and modified a little bit, but with accordance to the principle)
    Cavalry in Native is extremely unbalanced and awful. They can move quickly and gather more kills per minute just by picking off unmounted troops. Armored horses are hard to kill with melee weapons to a hellish extent. Cavalry warriors' shields and their hitboxes are obnoxiously-crafted, so that they cover and protect too much of one's body. Module the server is running has armored horses modified out of the game, so Varena will be really balanced in addition to other minor tweaks
  • no cluttering barricades (balanced terrain)
    All scenes are well-made, meticulously-crafted and balanced. Since they are like that, there are no open space areas needed to be filled with player-spawned barricades. No such entities will clutter the battleground and terrain will be balanced for everyone
  • (crucial!) fresh rotation of balanced and painstakingly-tailored scenes brought to players by only one person
    All scenes have been made and hand-picked by me, and I know what constitutes a good Deathmatch one. I am supervising quality of scenes by default. All scenes on my server are masterworks, state-of-art fine entities which bring balance and aesthetics altogether. Rotation of them will be always fresh and boredom non-existent
  • no annoying polls disabled by default
    Since there always will be one main and beloved faction, as described above, and fresh scenes, there will be no need to poll anything. Therefore, no annoying poll will ever spring out of nowhere
  • no possibility of glitching (with barricades; horses are still problematic)
    No one will take your fun by killing you from normally-inaccessible places and taking advantage of glitching with barricades and vanishing horses
  • possibility of enabling server-wide mute when disputes get out of hand (to be implemented in full)
    Sometimes disputes get out of hand, so that they make up the entire feed. With that feature being ready to be deployed, order will be restored
  • ... and many more to be experienced on the server, so make it favorite!
    Check it all out yourself
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The first scene was loaded into the module Varena is running. It is a welcoming one which will constitute a warm-up before the server leaves "Early Access". Varena will do so when most scenes are optimized and ready to be put on the server. I am to prepare everything and then, change the server-wide rotation.

Welcome to Varena by Veledentella



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Reserved. Rotation of scenes.
Scene rotation (since 15.01.2021 until the end of Varena's reign) - running from first one to last one; numbers indicate scenes' order - each one is enumerated
  • Farewell to Varena by Veledentella
Waiting list (since 15.01.2021 until the end of Varena's reign) - scenes that are already uploaded to the server, but cannot be added to the rotation at the moment, as they are too large and unsuitable for tiny amounts of players; they are likely to be included in an ordinary roster of scenes soon
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The first scene suitable for gamemode was added to rotation today. It is second in total but first stand-alone one for Deathmatch. Circle of Power brings players to a stone-cold keep where the mighty ones make their policies. Darkness is mixed with rays of light as power blends with strength of the realm and its solemn interests. Warriors may enter the circle of power in order to discuss some significant matters of the kingdom or be surrounded with attributes of power. They are ranging from items like manuscripts of knowledge to treasury chest or ink-filled potlamps which supply with liquid utilized for writing important records.

Note from the author and server owner: see the post below.

Circle of Power by Veledentella




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Questions and answers regarding the server's future and current state of affairs.
  1. Why are there not many maps on Varena if you claim to possess many?
    Well, it is a bit of trouble because I have prepared more than fifteen maps in total, but all of them are not suitable for a server with fewer than ten players at peak. I have to create more maps for tiny amounts of players, but the advantage is that such maps can be created very quickly, as they cannot be large.
  2. What is the point of keeping Welcome to Varena (the so-called "lobby") on your server?
    Lobby is a tiny welcoming map designed in order to make players aware of the server, its name and date of foundation (Varena 2020) and its owner (me). In my humble opinion it was a good idea to make a lobby (welcoming map) first and upload it to the server instead of commencing a heavy-duty fight for players with large maps. The idea is that maps must be growing with the increasing amount of players, so that gameplay is balanced, fast-paced and the server is able to contain few players and keep them occupied.
  3. What is your stance on detailed maps, as you claim to create such?
    As far as maps' decoration is concerned, not only does it have to do with performance, but primarily with an artist's skill, talent and ability. Making maps is art too. Writing code is art too, for instance. All of my maps are very detailed, innovative, aesthetic and well-crafted in terms of balance. You will experience them first-hand. You might later compare them with ones made by the other authors; you will see the difference, to say the least...
  4. Will the lobby be removed from Varena's rotation?
    Lobby will be removed from rotation when there are more players and maps able to contain larger amounts of warriors. It is meant to showcase my server and constitute a sample of my skills. Beginnings are always humble and the server will be accomodated for more players. After all, it is still a testing phase. Population is increasing, more players join Varena, as the server already hosted its first guests.
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The second scene tailored for Deathmatch mode was uploaded to the server today. It follows case of the scene added yesterday, as it was designed for rather tiny amounts of players, that is, ranging from one to approximately ten. Chamber of Secrets introduces its guests to chamber of a castle situated in the desert. Heat can be felt by visitors, as smoke from rings of fire dissipates high above their heads. Warriors may immerse themselves in this peculiar place which serves as a guild of wizards' testing area. Amid this very scenery, players may oversee some of magic experiments taking place. Portals bringing precious commodities from different dimensions are open, so that it is possible to gain some material wealth by appropriating some materials. Rings of fire are cast. Wealth of knowledge materialized into manuscripts is floating in mid-air. Now it is high time to summon people!

Chamber of Secrets by Veledentella





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Looks like a lot of effort was put into this, best of luck.

Indeed, a great deal of work has been put by me in order to make this entity come true. All I would like to recommend to fellow users of this forum is to tune in to Varena's waves, so that they may follow the project more closely. More scenes are to be added to the server and I can guarantee that they will be of superior quality.
The fourth and last indoor scene was added to the server today. It is third in total in terms of works conceived to constitute a valid Deathmatch battleground. It also was designed to entertain rather tiny amounts of players, as Varena is still growing. Before the following day will mark whole week of the server running, Varena has gotten a whole rotation of small scenes, therefore it is now complete and can now host its guests in glory. On a side note I must mention that said scene is also very detailed, beautiful, creative and innovative. Varena's guests might practice their throwing skills by propelling darts into the air in order to score high in a mini-game. Tavern Brawl leads warriors to an eponymous tavern in which some form of fighting has occured. Messy brawls transpiring in smoke-filled inns are an effect of visitors' alcohol consumption, as it is an all-time high during these arduous times. Players can experience the aftermath of such brawl first-hand, as they tread on the floor being a resting place for many unfortunate items. As fumes have filled the room, it is high time to clean up this mess.

Tavern Brawl by Veledentella





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I am away on vacation, but will probably pop into once I am back

I wish you merry vacations! When you come back, I can guarantee that you will arrive at many of Varena's fine battlegrounds which have not been added yet to the server. They will emerge in glory just in time of your arrival, so that you might enjoy them freely. Also, there will be weekly events organized by me on my server, so make sure that you will not miss on any! Have a nice day.
New medium-sized scene was added to Varena today. It is first outdoor place which may be freely visited by warriors, as previous scenes uploaded to the server were located indoors. Its two variations may provide battleground to Deathmatch and Battle. The former version is to be used normally, whereas the latter one will be animated on special occasions, like events. Having made few tiny scenes, I channeled my creative forces to bigger projects and by creating this masterwork, I ushered in a new era in the history of my own server. This state-of-art scene differs from the rest of its server companions, as it is situated fully under the dome of sky. It also constitutes a major shift from my previous work, as I commenced to accomodate the server for larger amounts of players. Beacon Isle Fort is a materialization of mastery of scene creation since it is a pinnacle of scening execution. It is a septagonal fort consisting of seven parts, as the adjective implies. Each fraction (one-seventh) is effectively identical to adjacent ones and they all make up for a fortified naval redoubt. This marine outpost belongs to Swadia, as it was built to protect that kingdom's trade routes and interests. This geometrical facility allows the Swadian realm to control waters vital to its security and well-being. The eponymous beacon may aid sailors in navigation. Their ships can also be guided to Swadian ports, where merchants awaiting profits are located. Not only is commercial activity safeguarded, but also stable and prone to yield much higher profits than initially anticipated before the fort's construction. No enemy fleet may trouble the area, as the base is heavily protected. It can prevent foes from approaching the site. In addition to civilian activity, this place may also serve as a fortification utilized for regrouping of Swadian forces before venturing further into hostile lands. Swadia uses Beacon Isle Fort as a primary source of income since it enables her to achieve better results in trade. All those funds may later fund her military power. Warriors may rest from scurvy and step ashore after many days of voyage. They can navigate quickly in the area, even though the scene is very sophisticated in its simplicity. Since any part of the fort is similar to each other and none may be told from another one, warriors may roam around buildings and feel like they are situated in a real fortification site. Players may also try to hold the beacon hill which can be accessed from every side.

Beacon Isle Fort by Veledentella










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Varena gained recently another medium-sized scene suitable for larger amounts of players. Said battleground is also located outdoors and it may contain more players than average scene in the rotation at the moment. Server's growth might soon expand, so that players would be in need of larger scenes. Here is one unit to aid Varena in hosting more blood-thirsty warriors. This work-of-art was dedicated to RubbingMyAxe, as he helped me with mollifying some server-side issues. Axe Rubbers scene was named after him and a version suitable for Team Deathmatch mode was also created along with one for ordinary Deathmatch. The former one can be found on another server and on special occasions on Varena, like events, whereas the latter one is to host players in its full beauty on my own server. This masterwork is set in a light fantasy environment and a geometrical figure of great detail in the middle leads players to another dimension. The town, in which warriors may fight, is a home for the eponymous guild of axemen. They have a proclivity to rub their weapons in order to channel energy to said instruments of destruction, so that axemen may lay waste to their foes with full power. When a ring of might is cast, each member of the guild must connect to each other on a spiritual level, so that they may charge their axes with energy. After the above-mentioned ritual is performed, every axeman can sow destruction to their enemies. Players may witness this peculiar event and experience some magic forces dwelling within the very place. They might also realize that power's might, as they traverse through energetical channels. There is also a room in another dimension where energy cannot form a constelation of existence, so that each connection is lacking order and power cannot fulfill warriors' souls. Apart from all of the above, people can sightsee the scene and spot items of common life, trade, fighting practice and more. From detailed and creatively crafted carrots, through stables and siege engines to sawing devices - life is ordinary besides that realm of magic. Let everyone come to the town in order to rub their axes!

Axe Rubbers by Veledentella












Another new scene debuted on Varena today. It is of medium size and it can contain more players than any other indoor scene usually found on my server. Its creation constitutes a departure from making smaller works, as it foreshadows a new era on Varena in terms of scenes' size. Mellow kind of yellow is a description of the surroundings, their tone and color palette. Scene is located in the Sarranid desert, as yellow makes up for the most prevalent color therein. Sky is the only ceiling beneath which warriors might breathe, but they have to protect their throats from dangerous dust. Tiny particles of sand can damage people's respiratory system, so wearing protective wear during the dust storm is necessary. As wind creates dunes and propels sand into the air, people hide in their homes. But the weather might not prevent warriors from fighting! They might do so freely in addition to traversing the fortified town in search of brawls. Players can sightsee the scene located in one of many inhabited Sarranid settlements. Said place, next to other village, is walled, so that it is protected from bandits and other perilous parties belonging to Sultanate's enemies and their respective forces. Local fugitive warlords warring with each other are a danger too which jeopardizes the region's security. People there might engage in practicing their combat skills, farming plants, assembling siege weapons or keeping their horses in addition to resting. These activities can be performed in the outer ring of the hamlet, whereas the inner ring serves as a tiny town. There is a market, a gathering place, a resting place (for the living), a fountain and a Vaegir trade facility within the walls. Merchant outpost belonging to Vaegirs is operating on a daily basis there, so that commerce might flourish for mutual benefits. Furs, textiles and hides, as well as their derivative commodities are sought after in the desert, because it is cold there during nights. In exchange, Vaegirs get precious dyes, raw materials and other goods to be later sold somewhere else. Players can experience it all and witness this place, made with heart and soul with regard to detail and aesthetics. It is high time to finally visit Varena if one has not done so yet!

Mellow kind of yellow by Veledentella














Another scene premiered on Varena today. It is also medium-sized like its predecessors added lately to the server. Junction of Ahmerrad is an elite district within the previously-mentioned city's boundaries. Said place took name from the junction of four main roads of Ahmerrad leading to its center. As its name implies, it is a place where those four roads meet in a very beautiful scenery, amid Ahmerrad's refined edifices. These buildings are companions to an eponymous district, which is walled and isolated from its surroundings meant to be inhabited by ordinary city dwellers. This neighborhood is much more quiet than any other part of Ahmerrad, as it is well-protected by elite guards that prevent commoners from entering the district. Time flies slowly here, as life is usually paced by many hardships encountered on its way. As the poor struggle to earn their living in fast-paced life, the mighty ones do not have such problems and their life flows like water in a quiet tributary. There is a solar clock placed exactly in the area's center that displays current time and is a material corroboration of the fact that time really passes slowly and with no haste. Geometry is a basis of urban planning and it also made its way to Junction of Ahmerrad. The crossroad connects roads in right angles and each quarter of the district is adjacent to two cobbled paths. Warriors may fight in the territory and sightsee quarter of the nobility's keeps. One-half of Junction of Ahmerrad is reserved for wealthy merchants' and city dwellers' houses; elite guards' barracks make up for one-fourth. Players can roam around the district and spot many detailed entities like stables, a marketplace, a fletcher's tent, an armorer's tent and more. Setting sun provides lighting to Junction of Ahmerrad, as it constitutes an addition to the already-pretty place.

Junction of Ahmerrad by Veledentella
















I am pleased to announce that Varena has gotten a new record of people playing concurrently on it! Varena finally sprang above the threshold of fewer than ten warriors playing at the same time on said server. Today my own labor of love amassed as high as eleven people spending their time on many of Varena's fine battlegrounds, so that we could all enjoy our companionship and fight with each other. I am zealous to see Varena expanding even more, so that more people will witness that ground-breaking entity.


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I am happy to proclaim that - unbeknownst to me - Varena has gotten a new record of players spending their time on it (concurrently)! Another milestone of having more than twenty warriors on Varena at the same time has been achieved and I am eager to witness more. As new scenes had been added, more people ultimately visited my own server, so that it became more known amongst them. There has been a steady influx of new players taking place, although this vivid stream is yet to become stronger in the future, I presume. I did not expect that information to emerge when I checked the statistics. After noticing the surprising spike in player count, my heart suddenly sprang as I felt excitement and fear. I dreaded the possibility of having had the server play smaller scenes, so that it could not contain many warriors. In order to be assured that it had not taken place, I checked the logs only to find that larger battlegrounds were utilized during that temporary heyday (in terms of people connected to Varena). Even more scenes are to be added to the server, so stay in touch with me via this thread, in order to become acquainted with variety of Varena's fine battlegrounds and its community.

I am thrilled to announce that Varena has attained one of its ultimate goals! Let this big achievement help my own server in gaining momentum, so that Varena will surpass other ones of its kind in terms of popularity. As far as said event is concerned, yesterday - on 30.08.2020 - more than 100 unique players joined the server and fought for glory. Once people stepped onto soil of many of Varena's battlegrounds, they learned instantly of that server's quality and value. They would subsequently stay there and batlle with others, as the gameplay turned out to be exceptional and satisfied warriors. On this occasion, I would like to commemorate the milestone and unveil a Varena's new mascot. Her name is Veli and she truly is a guiding beacon of all wanderers that have come to Varena. She also is an overseer of that server and no event will ever be overlooked on her watch. She is an embodiment of vigilance; any prospective administrator of Varena will have to act like Veli. I - along with her - am zealous to see Varena growing more, so if you have not contributed to that growth yet, do so now! New experience awaits you!

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