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Vanishing elite troops from garrisons

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So im a lord of the Khuzait and early on in the campaign I gained syratos, urikskala and vladiv castles aswell as Tyal. ive been trying to build up a reasonable garrison in all of them while i encourage prosperity but i am now at a point where troops are just vanishing. At the start i had somewhere in the region of 700 troops spread across the various garrisons which were a mishmash of sturgian, khuzait and imperial recruits mixed with a huge assortment of freed troops like aserai, battanian and caravan guards etc. i started trying to rationalise the garrisons into 50 melee and 100 archers and tried making them uniform so i could keep track of whats going on. i had 50 darkhan and 100 khuzait archers in Tyal, 100 sturgeon axemen and 50 hunters in Vladiv and 50 legionaries, 50 palatine and 50 bucilarii in syratos. i kept my personal guard of 70 khans guard and 30 lancers in Urikskala.

i recently stopped by vladiv and found that there were only 79 axemen and 23 hunters there but also 20 recruits and 7 other low level sturgeon troops. I hadnt been at war and it hadnt been attacked.

I checked all the other settlements and all of my garrisons had the same i lost some elite troops and gained some chaff. having read a few posts that suggested it was prosperity i started to check how my settlements were doing and being fully developed i found no issues with loyalty or food or prosperity.

I wanted to check that it was not them periodically running out of food and getting new recruits to replace the hunger deserters so i stayed in syratos for a few days and while i was there several elite troops just disappeared from the garrison but at no point did food go below 400. I dont have any companion parties on the map so they arnt being nabbed for that and the loyalty and prosperity are 62 and 509 respectively.

What is going on and how can i stop this?


im not sure it is that. ive just checked and all my wages are set to unlimited and even after changing it to max and then running for a few days i still lost a soldier
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