Vanilla SoD vs Warband SoD

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This was asked a year ago but in case anyone else reads it:

It depends on the experience you're looking for.

Warband SoD is slower paced - you can take as long as you want to create your empire and of course it benefits from the newer engine. Other differences include the ability to improve any weapons/armour at the blacksmith (using denars/tools/iron), a cool duelling system (in and outside of battles) and a MASSIVE map. Every time i play warlords I know that im never gonna play long enough to conquer the map.

The M&B version is better for me. I like knowing that in around 1 game year a big ass army is coming to fight me. The map is a decent size. There's lots of features and awesome factions. There's even an "undead army" variant.


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The original SoD is fine until the invasion ( aside from the badboy system being bugged ) but then **** hits the fan. Lords AI is pretty bad as well and it ends up being frustrating to play rather than fun.

I suggest warlord or if your patient enough wait until Computica comes out with his new version of it ( redone from the ground up from the looks of it ) which should be around the end of this month or the next one.


I forgot, but was there some (easy) way to just remove the badboy modifier from universities so you get at least some badboy decrease over time? Not that it really matters much, the natives tend to hate me anyway


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From what i know Computica knows how but hes too busy atm to work on this mod ( he took over to port it to warband ) We will just have to hope can make a quickfix for the small things in this mod eventually.

I had problems with that as well, when it was going down it only went down by 1 per week which paralyzed things quite a bit and when i got 3 town well.... i had to turn the badboy gain off although other nations will still declare war on you. When the 81 parties from the legion showed up well that sealed the deal lol. 


M&B version keeps crashing on my unfortunately so I'm thinking about getting the Warband version.
Is it still being developed?


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Computica is working on a new version of warlords build from the ground up , hes a bit busy with Real life atm but it should give you a general idea of whats to come.
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