Vanilla damage model is just so bad

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Actually, coloring books is a true passion for a lot of persons and different levels exist.
At some point it needs a lot of patience, concentration and dexterity...
But i guess it is not what you actually meant with your very kind post...

Okay. Let me be more specific - a children's coloring book, designed for humans 3-6 years old.
what a stupid response: "Im GoOd aT dOiNg BatTLES" - LOL. This doesn't speak to the criticism made by the OP, its literally just a knee jerk fanboy response that doesn't even make any sense.

Saying you're good at battles in Bannerlord is like saying your good at children's coloring books. I just don't understand the brains of people who post garbage like this.
I just want to make sure you (and everyone else) knows I'm very very GOOD at doing battles and I have the same issues with the damage calculations and related issues as the OP and many others. I aim for near zero units downed always but I would much rather have a better armor/damage balance so I could take down 1k instead of just 500 with zero losses.

I mean how could I not be really really good at battles after 2.5K + hours of Bannerlord! :party: :party: :party:


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whilst all using their sugar-coated mods to escape them from the reality that is the state of this game.

I bet you for everyone that is the above, they couldn't even put 1/5 of the time they play if there wasn't any mods.

if mods are needed to actually enjoy and fix the core gameplay, then that is not the appraisal of Taleworld's, it's the appraisal of the modder. a game is NOT good if it needs MOD's to be GOOD.
Your suggestion is correct, however implementation would require making entire combat system bit more complex (for example at least more direction of cuts just like IRL or in Jedi Academy or Kingdom Come). Again I support that aswell because I find Mount and Blade very symplistic and just servicable, however this already would cause uproar with conservative WB inherited playerbase. Once this is done, hitboxes for stuff like face, armpits etc could be added, however hitboxes would have to be reworked because currently they are inflated bubbles that overlap which makes stuff like angle based armor bouncing impossible (we know this because we attempted this) and sometimes puts hitboxes on wrong places (just try to find neck hitbox by shooting your soldiers, its much lower than you expect).

All of this would require company that is not afraid of "complex" and that welcome challange. Which if you spent some time on this forum, you already know is not the case of TW.
sadly i agree with everything you said
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