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[V4.5] Golden Age of Yore [MAP]

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Azrayel said:
Anyway, ya dun bretty gud  :fruity:

Archipelago of Yore is a loved map by HCRP fans, but many agree it could be better. I decided to take it up to the next level. All credit goes to Azrayel for the original masterpiece. https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?topic=231278.0

The map has been updated to PW 4.5 with all of its new features, including a few of the buildings being replaced with some of the new enterable variants. A few notorious bugs with the map have been fixed, and some areas like Old Port have been completely redesigned. There is also a completely new new monastery faction, and a new village. Durifell has been re-balanced so it stands a better chance in battle. Spawning has been improved with a teleport room, allowing players to choose their starting location. Lockpicking  rooms have been added for every faction, and castles have been redesigned with thieves in mind. Boats are very important now, because there is no way to travel from one island to the other without them. The economy has been changed, with resources more scattered to encourage trade. Finally, the bug-ridden ferry has been removed, and replaced with a new swampland that is fully fish-able.


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-ANDREI- said:
Ramaraunt with new account trying to make his fifth version of Yore?




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As flattering as this is, y'all could really just make your own all-new maps--in my experience it's kind of easier?  And you could implement entire landscapes more to your vision, rather than shoehorning old purpose-built elements into new positions.

Anyway, ya dun bretty gud  :fruity:  as long as you make it clear this isn't the original version of AoY, iDon't see any reason to get pissy over it.  (My advice, though, would be to ax the spawn room)


Hmmm water= broken gameplay.... Too bad theres no casual server that has events that happen like a timeline than maybe there can be some rp to it. I would love to see aserver full of good admins that can stage like plays for the audience like a king going mad and that would lead to the first in game event of rebels vs empire all monitored by admins. Best of both worlds, you have the role playing done by admins to set the stage and than you have the common people choose a side and set an event/ battle date for the main battle... And say the empire city loses the scene maker can make an update to the map and show some destruction to the city... Its what i used to do for lonely hearts server, it was like the passing of time


I'm using this map in my mod: Native Alternate Expansion! You will be able to travel by boat to the arch of yore, and walk around and do stuff. Will be quests, merchants, etc.
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