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Hello everyone,

During the last few months before Bannerlord EA release, the Australian community thought of hosting a final Persistent Kingdom/World server before moving on to Bannerlord. Sadly this did not happen. However, I did spend an obscene amount of time during the holidays into learning how to make a map scene and actually making one. The Grand City is my first ever product. If the general feedback is positive, I will likely continue making new scenes in the future for Bannerlord both multiplayer and singleplayer once the scene editor is released to the public.

I hope to receive some feedback on The Grand City from anyone who is still playing Persistent Kingdom. This scene is virgin - I haven't even test-played it hence bugs, optimisation issues and gameplay unbalance might be encountered. I do appreciate feedback from anyone interested enough to download the scene and have a look around.

Disclaimer: The Grand City resources will be open source. You can make changes to the scene and create derivatives to it. However you must keep the original name of the scene. You are free to use the scene or your derivatives in your server. Made for Persistent Kingdom 1.2.


Welcome! There are 2 main sections in this thread: Gameplay Guide & Screenshots & Map. In Gameplay Guide, due to the experimental nature of the scene, I will provide some general guide and information on the factions, economy and scene functions to help navigating the scene. Screenshots & Map is pretty self-explanatory. Though due to the large amount of details in the scene, I recommend checking it out for yourself. If there are many people interested in reading the headcannon lore I have for the city, let me know and I might add another section for the lore!

Update: V2_Angry_Siegers uploaded. See changelog for detail.
V2.01_Angry_Siegers uploaded, containing a new building, new structures to serve as a map-specific faction taxing regime and other minor updates.

Important: Make sure you set the initial target stock percentage to 50% when hosting this in a server.


The Grand City is a scene made for the mod Persistent Kingdom (PK) 1.2 for Mount and Blade: Warband 1.157.

The scene provides a rather different experience in playing PK. Usually the standard scenes describe big regions with many independent castles separated by battleplains or travel paths. The standard scenes often focus on the faction versus faction side of PK while sometimes lacking in the roleplay aspects. The Grand City instead focus more on the roleplay aspects of PK while striving to set the stage for fun city wall fights or cramped street warfare. The dynamics of the economy was built in consideration of roleplaying as a freelance trader, labourer or even city watch to protect the city inhabitants. The inspiration for The Grand City comes largely from Ark in Enderal (a mod for Skyrim) and then the Ring City in Dark Souls.

It should be noted that the scene is built with a medium server population of around 30 - 90 people in mind due to the low population nature of the Australian community. Lower than this number and the server might feel deserted while over 100 players in the scene might feel a bit claustrophobic. The scene contains a very high number of props, hence a decrease in performance will occur on lower-end systems and especially when looking at the scene from a corner (where all props are rendered due to Warband's engine). However the effect of this issue should be minimalized if you are inside the city and not having to render the props behind your view. Performance is not tested when actually having other players on the server.
  • 3 main factions vying for the control of the city, each with unique economic and warfare advantages
  • Unique 4th faction as the neutral faction meant to protect the Commoner faction
  • Unique outlaw area, in line with "shady underground city thugs" theme
  • A background story for the city's factions, the city itself and its surrounding land, shown through many details scattered in the scene
  • A dynamic economy allowing profitable trading and labouring
  • Scenic as hell
  • (V2) "Ghost factions" acting as strategic capture points for the 4 "real" factions, giving actual in-game objective of controlling the city
The map is virgin - no one have ever played on it and so bugs, optimisation issues and gameplay unbalance might be encountered. This is especially so with such a big but compact map.

For now, the economy dynamic is likely the hardest to optimise correctly and a major unfinished feature is the ladder points (currently the only mode of sieging a castle is breaking down door or backdoor through tunnel) for V2, ladder points have been added along with a new function: Ghost Factions.

I appreciate any feedback on the scene.

Important: This guide is made for V1 of the map. See changelog for details of V2 changes. The gameplay dynamics might have been changed with the new version.

There are 3 main joinable factions: Red, Yellow/Green and Blue. An extra joinable faction: Grey. The table below is a guide on the factions' feature in comparison to each other. However, these features should be apparent once you look around the scene enough. Also I will include spoilers for the militiary and economic advantages of each factions, so don't open the table if you want to explore the city first. The Outlaw faction is left to be explored by you.

Culture & castle themeSwadian, Fortified Stone Keep, Militiary focusRhodok, Rich Merchant Quarter, Trading focus Nordic, Old Wooden Keep, balance between Trade and MilitiaryCity Guard, A Headquarter House
Militiary descriptionHeavy shock infantry, heavy crossbowmen, lack all shield or horse unitsLightly armored infantry, armored cavalry, lack all range unitsArmored shield infantry, heavy archers, lack all horse unitsMedium infantry and crossbowmen, no access to heavy militiary classes
Militiary uniqueAccess to the best heavy armor, 2h swords and crossbows, morningstarAccess to the best lances, incl. great lances, and heavy armored horsesUnique access to axes, round shield and access to heaviest bowsNone
Economy descriptionAccess to 98% of iron ores on the map; most disadvantageous access- furthest from linen and salt Access to 100% of farming land on the map; most advantageous- closest access to linen and salt Access to 98% of cuttable trees; medium travel length to linen and salt"Govern" 100% of resource stockpile and item stockpile outside of the main factions' area; "govern" linen and salt
Economy uniqueRed can sell ore to other faction via their public stockpile or manual trading; iron ore and iron bars price are adjusted to make smithing much more challenging to make a profit but also much more rewarding once you know the howYellow/Green can sell food, leather and horses to other faction via their public stockpile or manual trading; food, leather and horses stockpile are adjusted to make these items much more expensive to acquire for other factionsBlue can sell wood to other faction via their public stockpile or manual trading; wood and its refined derivatives price are adjusted to make smithing more challengeing but also more rewarding like Red's iron price adjustment.

Blue has the unique potential to gain leather and food production through hunting & herding the animals in their forest.
Gain free gold from 75% of economic activities in the city due to their ownership of the public stockpiles; however their headquarter is exposed to raiding and thievery

Important: This guide is made for V1 of the map. See changelog for details of V2 changes. The scene functions, especially the trading hubs, are COMPLETEDLY ALTERED with the new version.

There are 4 main "unique" functions of the map. In order of appearance in the scene as you join as a player, these functions are: the beginning sequence; the trading hubs; factional exports; and the underground tunnel system. The table below describe each functions. There are some spoilers of location so don't open the table if you want to explore them for yourself in the scene.
Beginning sequenceTrading hubsFactional exportsUnderground tunnel
DescriptionThe beginning sequence provides direct teleport to each of the 3 main factions castle (as a commoner) in case of leaving the faction due to war but wanting to teleport back to the castle; a normal commoner teleport option is also provided.

The beginning sequence set the mood for the secrets of the scene:gilded city with a dark and mysterious history.
Outside of the stockpiles governed by the main factions (and locked behind faction's door) are public trading hubs. Currently, these include 3 taverns and 1 central hub in the middle.

The price of item and resource stockpiles in each trading hubs are adjusted in consideration to the overall scene's economy so you will find no same price of an item in two different hubs.

Outside each of the 3 main faction's castle, there is a wooden stand containing the faction's respective resource stockpile. These stockpile have unlimited stock count and a medium price tag. These stockpile are meant to be a way for the factions to earn gold through selling their excess resource.
The underground tunnel system connects the main factions castle and exits into their backdoor (bypass their front gate). However there is no going back in for the Blue's tunnel exit.

The tunnel also is an "undercity" where you can find the outlaw training area, a cult house and various gruesome scenes describing life in a slum underneath a city.
WalkthroughAs you spawn in, look for the respective flag above wooden doors. Red flag take you to Red's castle, Blue flag to Blue castle and Yellow flag to Yellow/Green castle. The commoner start is the one with a Swadian rebel's flag.

As you spawn in, Red's teleport is to your left, Yellow's and commoner teleports are to your right and Blue's teleport is behind you.
Check the feature map for the location of the trading hubs.

Farmer's Tavern: cheap food and beer; nearby access to farm, beer production and fishing. 100% taxed by Yellow.

Sarranid's Corner: moderate food and wine; come with an indoor smithy selling a range of light to heavy Sarranid's equipment. 100% taxed by Grey.

Main Tavern: moderate food and expensive drink; come with plenty of beds for sleeping. 100% taxed by Grey.

Central Hub: includes 2 clothing shop and 3 mercenary camps on ground level; 2 smithy shops on level 1; and an exclusive smithy shop on rooftop level. There is an "elevator" on the side of the tower. 100% taxed by Grey.
The incentive for exporting is that the factions' own stockpiles of their respective resources have a low stock limit and cheap price tag.

Otherwise, resource trading between factions can also be done by the players manually such as negotiating with each other.
Check the feature map for the location of the main entrance to the tunnel system.

Tunnel direction spoiler:
Bolden to view, spoil the exploration of the tunnel
As you spawn in the tunnel, right turn is a scene (dead end); left turn lead to outlaw base and exits to Red's and Yellow's; going straight lead to cult house and Blue's exit.r:

Important: This map is made for V1 of the map. See changelog for details of V2 changes. The gameplay dynamics might have been changed with the new version.





+ 3 Trading hubs are now transferred to become 3 "Ghost factions"- factions with capturable point, money chest but no accessible training poles. The item and resource stockpiles previously belong to the trading hubs are now belong to their ghost factions equivalent. This means any of the 4 "real" factions can capture these ghost factions and receive tax from trading occurring at the ghost faction's store or access to better gear behind locked doors. Ghost faction capture points spoiler: Farmer Tavern - Pretty easy to spot, just to the right of the tavern; Sarranid Corner - A top the "castle" building, you need to build ladders to access this capture point; Central Trading Tower 1: A top the "watchtower" behind the central tavern, you need to build a ladder from inside the tavern to access this - this ghost faction controls the first level and the tavern's tax; Central Trading tower 2: On the top level of the trading tower, placed on the map on the table - this ghost faction controls the second level and the top level's tax.
+ The Grey faction instead of governing 100% of trade in the shared area, now only INITIALLY govern all three ghost factions by controlling the ghost factions' money chests. Money chest location spoiler: These chests can be accessed via a door in the enterable building behind Grey faction's armory/ main house.
+ Added siege defense and offense options as buildable ladder and siege shields for ghost factions.
+ Added siege offense options as buildable ladders for the three main factions.
+ Added signpost displaying notable location names.
+ The city walls (the outer big walls) are now 100% traversable. It used to be only aesthetic before.
+ Added 2 new secret/point of exploration places to the scene, for a total of 5.
+ Updated the "Scene Functions" table to include the faction resource export function.

+ Added the Bluvard Bank - A roleplay focused bank house near the church quarter. The four locked faction chests located in the bank serve as drop-off points for quests where factions have to deliver items to a drop-off point. The bank also serves as a luxury items shop.
+ Added buildable defense around each of the 3 main factions' public export stores. These defense are meant to be the prerequisite for factions to be able to tax players. This means, due to the cramped nature of the map, the factions SHOULD NOT tax other players as per common PK server rule (having 3 faction members and 1 banner, and only tax around the castle area). But they COULD tax other players once they have built the defense around their public export stores. Taxable players should include all players who wish to travel through the paved road or players who want to buy from the export store.
+ Added 4 new secret/point of exploration places to the scene, for a total of 9.
+ Other minor map fixes.

To Draco425, for giving me inspiration from his scene making, helping me get into PW-PK and being a good friend! I did steal a bunch of his more creative scene ideas such as cult house, tunnel or telling backstory through environmental design. Also helped with initial polishing of the map, helped with adding in vegetation.

To Xaime, for giving me the ghost factions idea in V2 of the map and help bug testing.

For those who are interested but don't know how to edit a scene yet, here is a guide I used for learning scene making:
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