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Punkbuster 2.0
Yet another update.
(Sebastian) Fixed stamina recover limit issues.
(Sebastian) Start gold, tick- and score-gold bonuses are now changeable via server commands.
(Sebastian) Forcing players to use troop specific items only can now also be done with a server command.
(Sebastian) Stamina consumption has been increased by 50% when sprinting and decreased by 33% when running.
(Sebastian) Disabled all http requests to our old abandoned web service by default.
(Sebastian) Fixed clan chat not sending to other players using the same banner.
(Sebastian) Fixed clan chat broadcasts to players in a different team.
(Marko) Implemented “Flodden Field” battle event map.
(Marko) Implemented “River Fort” siege event map.
(Marko) Altered english and scottish faction troops and added more selectable items to them.
(Sebastian) Reduced plate and mail armour values by 33%.
(Sebastian) Tweaked prices of several items.
(Sebastian) Fixed round starting gold is only applied for the first round/spawn, it can now never go below the defined staring gold minimum.
(Sebastian) Changed default tick gold bonus from 150 to 100.
(Sebastian) Added 9 new clan banners.
(Marko) Took away churburg armours from infantry, added equipment to support classes and crossbowmen.
(Marko) Sped up the bill by 2 points, increased pike damage by 8. Increased engineer build material from 30 to 60.
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