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Punkbuster 2.0
The first part of the revival update has been released.
(Sebastian) Fixed players that join local hosted servers cant use the faction troops and are forced to use the online character.
(Sebastian) Added a new loading screen image.
(Sebastian) Implemented a visual effect when loosing health.
(Sebastian) Disabled bleeding sounds in order to reduce network traffic.
(Sebastian) Implemented a hud for surgeons which displays icons on bleeding team mates.
(Sebastian) Removed unused game content in order to increase performance and to reduce loading times.
(Sebastian) Improved performance by optimizing collision meshes.
(Sebastian) Optimized thousands of 3D meshes for better performance.
(Sebastian) Enhanced allmost all normal maps.
(Sebastian) Rewrote allmost all shaders from scratch and removed unused shaders, improved the shader performance while enhancing their visual quality alot.
(Sebastian) Implemented a wind system with dynamic wind strength and wind direction.
(Sebastian) Improved the scene lighting system, it now takes atmospheric rayleigh scattering into account which results in way more realistic global illumination.
(Sebastian) Implemented Screen Space Ambient Occlusion as a default effect for high graphic settings.
(Sebastian) Implemented Parallax Mapping.
(Sebastian) Reworked the thunderstorm system.
(Sebastian) Faction troops are now playable by default.
(Sebastian) Added surgeons, engineers and gunners to the default troop selection.
(Sebastian) Implemented deployable ladders which can be carried by everyone.
(Sebastian) “Toggle Walk/Run” has been remapped to key “C” by default.
(Sebastian) Changed kinetic-energy/damage relation from ⅓ to ¼.
(Sebastian) Removed additional damage reduction system.
(GuiKa, Sebastian) Merged Offhand bonuses with Power Strike.
(GuiKa, Sebastian) Reactivated Ironflesh and changed base health from 50 to 30.
(Sebastian) Reworked many specular maps.
(_666_, Sebastian) Implemented throwable firepots.
(Gothic Knight) Modified quiver/bag meshes of throwing weapons to match the new ammo values.
(Sebastian) Implemented explosive gunpowder barrels.
(Sebastian) Added 8 new hats.
(Sebastian) Added an option to the admin panel that adds all items to the players inventories.
(Sebastian) Implemented new thunder sounds and lightning particle effects.
(Sebastian) Reworked all outer terrain borders.
(Sebastian) Fixed online chars are not playable.
(Sebastian) Fixed windmil fans stop turning forever once the wind speed reaches 0.
(Sebastian) Added an option to the admin panel to enable/disable online chars and/or faction troops.
(Sebastian) Fixed players sometimes spawn without any equipment.
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