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This is the first mod i'm working on for Bannerlord and it's still heavily work in progress.
The goal is to allow companions to have more use than pure battle godly character and bring a bit more variety to the deal. That's one point i was pretty disappointed with BannerLord over Warband, in the first Mount&Blade assembling a party with complementary stats was part of the deal, making you plan more than simply leveling your character but a roaster of companions with party skills. In Bannerlord if the role aspect looked like a good idea there are many flaws in the process that makes it useless, i'll try to solve them.

So what it aims at?
First it will make companions, yours and those of the AI, earn XP when they do tasks out of fight, so it will allow them to raise their skills that they actually can never levelup in the native game.
Secondly it will add some use for party skills to deal with a situation.
Thirdly will fix/change how clans handle their characters, ranging from actually allowing children to grow up, to have other clans also hire companions. (Why the hell our clan is the only one to have 20 membrers?!)

New features :
NPC heroes can recruit companions in their party and assign them roles to use their party skills. They will stuff them depending on the culture, their build and availability of the stuff found in cities they visits. They really buy the stuff and sell the old one, making the economy alive. Nothing is popped from nothingness unlike vanilla Bannerlord.
You can manage inventory of your companions' parties by talking to them.

XP leveling :
Governors of cities and castles gains Trade (only cities), Steward, Leadership, Charm XP, the amount depends on the Town's stats. It happens every day tick and the numbers are low but happens everyday.
Caravan leaders gains Trade XP for each city they visits and each day they made profits.
Scouts gains Roguery XP depending on the number of prisoners carried by the party.
Surgeon gains Steward XP depending on the number of pack animals in the party.
Quartermasters gains Charm XP if the party moral is high.
Tournament XP rewards given to heroes and companions as it does to player.

SkillEffects :
Scout's Roguery gives a small bonus to the player when trying to sneak in a town.
QuarterMaster's Steward gives a small bonus to carry capacity of the party.
Caravan hero leader's steward gives a small bonus to carry capacity of the caravan.

Fixes :
SlipIntoShadows scout's skill is correctly implemented.
Heros generated by the quest "family feud" that stuck in a town and in your clan without ever leaving are removed every day.
Heroes generated by the quest "notable wants his daugher found" that were never removed from the game now are, one every day.
Caravans party size limit is affected by hero leader steward (Even if less than regular parties)
Caravans recruit troops when they are below their max party size. It cost some gold and grants leadership XP for each recruit.
Wanderers are dispatched on all the map and not only in cities the player visit.

Others :
Use of NoHarmony for loading.
Multi threading is supported and used to improve performances.
French and English localization.
Overrides DefaultDisguiseDetectionModel, DefaultPartySizeLimitModel and DefaultInventoryCapacityModel

The development could go really faster but i want to keep the mod as compatible as possible with other mods and Taleworlds future updates, so i try to not override models and behaviors if this is not necessary and i do not want to use Harmony for the very same reason. With those two constrains, coding require a lot more thinking and planning, which makes release slower and maybe a bit less ambitious.

Downloads last version :

On NexusMod

On Reasontech website (for beta branch)
On Reasontech website (for stable branch)
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Compatibility versions :
v0.2.5 for M&B2 ver 1.4.2.

v0.1.3 for M&B2 ver 1.3.0 only.

v0.1.3 for M&B2 ver 1.2.1 and before.

Changelogs :

  • Fixed issue with Two Faced perk.
  • Fixed crash when luring bandit boss out.
  • Fixed the party size issues for caravans.
  • Fixed prisoner number not affected by scouts roguery issue.
  • Changed how disguise chance are calculated.
  • Change in config file.
  • Upgrade NH2loader.
  • Improved Turkish translation thanks Murat Mansur Çıkıntoğlu.

  • Updated Loader to NoHarmony2 beta
  • Config file moved in doctuments\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Configs\ModSettings like many other mods and to prevent windows right issues
  • Config file is now localized
  • Added an option in config file to remove companions complains (disabled by default)
  • Added an option in config file to prevent companions from donating to garrisons (disable by default)
  • Turkish translation by Murat Mansur Çıkıntoğlu added to the game until i could bundle it as a separate mod. Thanks to him.
  • Daily engineering XP is also granted to to governor of castles at half the rate.
  • Dead wanderers are replaced by the UC generator if activated.
  • Added the version of the game UC was designed for.
  • Added more options to UC config file.
  • Fixed some localization errors.
  • Fixed some typos.
  • Fixed bug for hideouts menu when being in an army.

  • Quest fixes removed from the mod for compatibility issues.
  • Code have been cleaned.
  • Compatibility with last bannerlord version.

  • Quartermasters are given an option to manage your party food supplies automatically. talk to him to access the new menu.
  • Added localisation for all the new options.
  • Fixed an issue with localisation in hideout menus.

  • Caravan leaders gains some scouting and tactics experience.
  • The scout in a party influence the number of prisoners you can have, based on his Roguery skill.
  • Quarter master can help you recruit prisoners, based on his charm skill. Up to tier 5 with at least 50 in charm and up to tier 6 with high charm value. (Still need some balancing, feel free to leave a comment)
  • Lure hideout option is finished and allows you to use a new option on hideouts with too many bandits inside. The result is based on your Engineer skill in engineering and the Roguery skill of your scout. It can lead to having bandits wounder inside the hideout or having a party go out and engage you directly.
  • Lure hideout give a small part of the Engineering and Roguery skill earned to all heroes in the team.
  • Localisation added for the new options in french and english.

  • Wanderer's recruiting by NPC lord have been removed and will be released as a separated mod.
  • Fixed a bug with the config file.
  • Added an option to have player earn caravan trade XP from his caravans. Deactivated in config file by default.
  • Fixed a divided by 0 error in the "Lure them out" option.

  • Engineers are given options to deal with hideouts. If there are more than one party of bandits and their number is greater than 15 you have the option to lure them out. Really barebones now, can only wound a few of them and give a bit of engineer XP.
  • Some engineer XP are given to governors of city every day.
  • NPC Lords can fire companions they do not need anymore.
  • Allow configuring the mod. The first time you run the mod a XML file will be added to it's directory allowing you to configure a few aspects of the mod.
  • Multi threading model have been changed to be completely safe now and avoid the errors of collections being changed.
  • Massive rework of the engine.

  • Improved compatibility with other mods
  • Improved stability
  • Fixed a rare crash on daily tick
  • Fixed a rare random crash

  • Fixed a rare crash on weekly tick while wanderers were created.
  • Fixed a rare crash with unsynchronized tasks.
  • Slightly reduced multi threading to improve stability.
  • Improved Family Feud's bugged NPC removal.
  • Updated to NoHarmony

v0.2.2 & v0.2.3
  • Improved bugged quest's NPC removal.
  • Fixed errors on weekly tick.
  • Fixed a rare crash when NPC lords were recruiting wanderers.
  • Improved performance of weekly tick.
  • Added a new wander spawn method. It's happening every week and spawn only useful types. (The normal method is still working too). This should make recruiting easier during the first weeks of a game.
  • Added a delay before NPC lords can recruit wanderers. It's currently set on 3 weeks.

  • Added engineer and quartermaster to companion list the AI will be looking for.
  • Changed the way companions where dispatched around the map, making them move less from city to city.
  • Fixed an issue with governors at game start that were causing performance issues.
  • NPC heroes will not recruit companions for a role if their related skill is above 75.
  • NPC heroes might not recruit a companion even if it's suited for their party, many complains they were stealing companions, this should give more chance to recruit companions before AI.

  • Allow NPC heroes to recruit companions too. (only scouts and surgeons for now)
  • NPC heroes upgrade their companions' stuff and buy it to local towns.
  • Fixed heroes not giving their gold to the clan.
  • Manage clan parties' inventory. (accessed through dialogues)
  • Multi threading support for heavy tasks
  • Improved quests generated heroes removing fixes. (Specially family feud)
  • Added localization file for French and English.

  • Compatibility fix for Bannerlord 1.4.0 beta version. Be sure to grab the version for your game.
  • Removed caravan leader XP trade for successful trades. TW added it to the base game.
  • In game rrror messages made red for more visibility.

  • Compatibility fix for Bannerlord 1.2.1 stable version. Be sure to grab the version for your game.
  • Added some code to catch errors induced by other mods.
  • Added skill XP rewards for heroes (and companions) winning tournament. (But couldn't get the item sadly)
  • Small optimizations.

  • Castle governors are now handled properly (Villages governors are still excluded)
  • Caravan leader heroes earn trade XP every day they made some profits
  • Governors earn Engineering XP for every building built or upgraded
  • Various skill XP gains have been raised and rebalanced to be at the same level than the rest of the game

  • Fixes removed for compatibility issues with M&B beta branch are back.
  • Wanderers that were sometime being stacked in a city are now send into cities without any wanderer.
  • Wanderers might pop in cities the player never visited before.
  • Fixed a crash when recruiting prisoners and no quarter-master were affected.
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Currently work in progress and testing :

The governor update planned for 0.4.0
  • Organize a private tournament.
  • Organize a siege training your army against the down defenses.
  • Governor use charm to make local notables to support your clan.
  • New wanderer templates fit for being governor (Currently "the wise")
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