(v.1.011) OnBoard Sound Card Compatibility Issue

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I have the following problem: When using my standard Soundcard (SigmaTel C-Major AC97 (Onboard)) the sound starts to become slow and rough/glitchy after some time of playing. This is definitely a compatibility issue of the game as fellow forumite Seekster, also using a SigmaTel sound chip, has the same problem (documented in http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,73129.0.html), as well as several other users.

Also, it is definitely an issue related to the sound chip, as my external USB SPU (Teratec Aureon 5.1) as well as my Trust USB 5.1 Headset work. Unfortunately, I can't take them everywhere.

PS: DxDiag is available under http://www.hanmun.de/DxDiag.txt

A fix for this issue would be appreciated!


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Your audio driver is ancient (dating back to 2004) which is potentially the source of this problem. The first thing to do is get the latest driver from Dell Drivers and Downloads (the dxdiag doesn't specify your system's model so I can't give you a more precise link, sorry). You may also be able to get an updated driver via Windows Update, but manufacturers' own drivers are preferable because they are often newer.

You should also install any and all "critical" and "recommended" Windows Updates, including Service Pack 3. You should also run the DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer to ensure you have all the optional DirectX compatibility files (it will find and download them automatically).


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Neither of these solve the problem but I appreciate your trying, It seems I will never again be able to enjoy Mount and Blade the way it was meant to be enjoyed...with working sound.