Víkingr Shieldwall Event (3/11/13)

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Shieldwall Event

When?:Sunday 3/11/13 & 6.30pm BST
Where?: Shieldwall_Event_Server
TeamSpeak IP?: * make sure to use the Port when joining
Itinerary: Itinerary for events
Game Mode: Meat Grinder

Mod Version


This is the proposed itinerary for this Sunday's event:

6.30pm GMT - Participants should be on the TeamSpeak in the Team 1 channel under the Hildileikr spacer, though are encouraged to be on much earlier than this.

6.45pm-6.55 GMT - Participants will be given the password of the server and told to join the TeamSpeak channel and Team they wish to play as.

6.55-7.00pm GMT - Balancing will be looked at and changed if needed. People will be asked or forcebly moved to the weaker side, Clans/Groups who have Team-stacked will be picked on first, and within that Clan or Group recognizable persons will be asked.

7.00-7.10pm GMT - Rules will be quickly reminded to the participants and any questions about Classes and who is to play certain Classes etc will be done and answered and the Event will start. Three rounds will be played then a 10 minutes break will be had then another 3 rounds, depending on time and pace of the Event this will be subject to change. If participants are not back in time for the resuming of the Event, tough.

This ofcourse comes with some degree of grace-time allowed, but we aim to keep to this schedule as much as possible.​


This reminds me, I haven't played M&B in over 2 years. Talewords - come for the game, stay for the off-topic.


What's the rationale for posting it here?
Everyone who has any real interest will check out the sub forum every now and then.

By posting here all you'll end up with is a bunch of hate, a circle wank born out of some misplaced pride and maybe a stupid argument about feminism or women in the army.

Havoc said:
This reminds me, I haven't played M&B in over 2 years. Talewords - come for the game, stay for the off-topic.
I used to be able to say the same, but then I started getting relapses because of Brytenwalda :c


taleworlds off topic should secede from the unholy union that is actually taleworlds  :razz:

this is undeniably the best forum I've been on and also the oddest in that all the big-names and active posters aren't too tied to the purpose of the actual forum
That's because the size of a forum's off-topic board is directly proportional to the size of its metaphorical soap bar.

And TW has a mighty big bar o' soap.
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