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Sergeant at Arms

Hello erverbody, welcome to my different Works:
1. Utrehd's Music Pack  v.0.8
2. Utrehd's Castle Pack  v.0.32
3. Utrehd's Troop Pack  v.1.0

All my works are save copatible



Sergeant at Arms
(B)Utrehd's Castle Pack v.0.32
-11 New and Greater Castles


Hrus v.1.1
Knudarr v.1.1
Jeirbe v.1.1
Jamiche v.1 ( New )
-Kahnat Kehrgit-
Uhhun v.1.1
Derchios v.1.1
Allmerra v.1.1
Etrosq v.1.1
Reindi v.1.1
Tilbaut v.1.1
Weyyah v.1.1

Download Link:

Open the folder All in Pack an copy and past the sco. date in the SceneObj folder in your Favourite mod.


Sergeant at Arms
(B)Utrehd's Native Troop Pack v.1.0

For all M&B player who want the Native troops but with more upgrades.
now have every troop 5 lv befor he can get the upgrade to the next.

nord recruit I
nord recruit II
nord recruit III
nord recruit IV
nord recruit V
nord Footman I
nord Footman II
nord Fo........

Past the troop file in you mod.



Sergeant at Arms
@Idibil thx.

please tell me about your feedbacks and opinion.  I need it for more motivation.


Grandmaster Knight
I look them in game. Casttles are different i had see, and difficult to conquest hehe. You should look them, Uthred, i saw remains of others structures and buildings. Ah, i saw sarranid building in sky  in almerra casttle also hehe.

If u do any casttle of medieval (dark ages times), avised me  :grin:


Sergeant at Arms
hmm i see you haven't the new version from Allmerra ^^ and the buildings in the sky have you see it in all anorther castles?


Grandmaster Knight
Utrehd said:
hmm i see you haven't the new version from Allmerra ^^ and the buildings in the sky have you see it in all anorther castles?

Mm, i think saw it in Derchios  also, but i amnt sure.

Aeon said:
Hi Utrehd, check this tips, I hope it will be usefull thereafter.

Good commentary. Siege art is  impressive. I always wish battering ram engine or undermine at M & B


Sergeant at Arms
@Aeon i see you would like a littel bit realistic and historical ...  also i have realistic and fantasie castles for erverbody ^^ chek my old treahd with the image's

waht you think about Etrosq?

@Idibil only in Derchios?


Sergeant at Arms
ok i look of the next version.

and one guy have say i must stop my work and i would know why?


Sergeant at Arms
ok ich habe töten die Bugs in den Schlössern und ich habe ein neues Schloss addet Jamiche.

pls geben Sie mir ein Feedback!

Die Jungs, die sagen, haltet ein! pls sag mir, warum du das gesagt zu diesem treahd oder in einer PM


Sergeant Knight at Arms
Looking good and you should realise that many people will choose the "stop working" choice just to annoy, i doubt they will give you any reason.


Nice stuff you made  here , it really change siege battles and i enjoy to take them now  ^^ .

Was so boring before , didn't test all yet though

Keep up the good work and i really hope you will make some more :smile:

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