using same items for civilian as battlegear (1 item in 2 slots)

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there are some things, weapons, clothes, that are worn in battle, but could also be worn as civvie-gear, but atm you need to have 2 of the items, 1 for each slot.

here is what i propose: if you have an item on your battlegear that would also work as civvie, then if the civvie slot is empty an icon should appear next to the battlegear item which would enable you to lock it to the empty civvie slot as well, allowing 1 item to fill 2 slots. it could possibly work in reverse too, where a civvie item could be used to fill an empty battlegear slot (seeing as all civvie gear can be used as battlegear too).

i just figured it doesn't make sense to buy 2 of something if you already own 1!
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