Use Prisoners & Garrison to "fuel" Construction

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Currently, Construction is gated horribly. Gold boosting is very insignificant and most of the higher-levels of construction rely on hard-to-get (for companions) Governor Perks and maintaining very high Loyalty.

While Gold Boosting should be doubled if not quadrupled another way to boost Construction can be using Prisoners. I got the idea from the "Village Needs Manual Laborers" Issue. If the peasants in my land are having me round up bandits to use as indentured servants it would be great to be able to use them myself as well as the Garrison.

It can be a sliding scale of a construction point per troop per tier. Double for prisoners. Since holding them doesn't make a lot of sense - it would be great if I could either have them contribute indirectly (by the virtue of being in the prison) or contribute directly by "trading" the Prisoners for a very large boost. Think of it as a "Work Release" program. Maybe that could even be a Policy that unlocks this behavior.

Gives a little bit more RP, a little bit more use to keeping prisoners, and helps speed up Construction which can take years to fully furnish a town. This may also help stabilize economy and rebellions if us and the AI can get things like Granaries, Orchards, Fairgrounds and Forums built a lot quicker.
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