Upgrading a unit that requires a warhorse can consume xp for other units

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Summary :
Upgrading a unit that requires a warhorse consumes xp for all the other units that could upgrade with a warhorse (except units that have FEWER troops ready to upgrade)

How to reproduce :
- have more than one mounted type of unit that have troops ready for upgrade requiring warhorses
(example for Khuzait : 2 raiders and 2 horsemen, each with 1 troop ready for upgrade)
- have enough warhorses in the inventory
- upgrade the troop that has the LEAST number of units ready to upgrade, or the same number
(in our example : let's say we upgrade one raider)
- leave the party screen
- open the party screen again : the unit you didn't upgrade (horsemen) has lost the ability to upgrade.

More precisely, the number of troops ready to upgrade with a warhorse all became equal to the number for the troop you just upgraded, if lower.

Detail :
If you upgrade the unit that has the MOST troops ready for upgrade, nothing wrong happens.
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